Sight 07/04/1997 (1997)

Telecast №71112, 1 part, duration: 0:42:06
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov

Reel №1

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Shooting on June 3, 1997 in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation: an interview with Valentin Kovalev on release from his post.

Comments on the case of the origin of compromising materials.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, April 28, 1997 in the courtroom teacher Galina Zhukovets shot a murderer of her daughter.

Children talk about the murder of 14-year-old schoolgirl Karina Khangeldyan on June 23, 1996.

Interview with the mother about the murder and about the court sessions.

Investigator Sergei Aksamentov on the progress of the proceedings.

The mother visits the cemetery on her daughter's birthday.

Karina's classmates speak out about the common right to revenge.

Investigator Sergei Gavrilov on petitions in defense of GA Zhukovets.

Chairman of the regional court Gennady Cheremnov on telephone appeals in support of the mother.

The problems of justice and justice in the modern world.

On a visit to Alexander Lyubimov, General Director of JSC "Tyumentransgaz" Grigory Polyakov.

From the archive "Tyumentransgaz": clip "Yugorsk" with the participation of Nikolai Karachentsov.

A conversation about the construction and development of Yugorsk.

Ugra romanticists: Evgeny Bunin and Boris Denisenko, employees of the gas cooling station 3 km from the Arctic Circle.

Amateur video shooting November 28, 1990: drawings of colleagues.

Men read poems at the level of the Arctic Circle and talk about their work.

Singing to the guitar at the fire.

G.N. Polyakov on the reasons for moving to Moscow.

The romance of old Soviet movies is true or fiction.

What the North attracts and keeps people.

Khabarovsk businessman Vadim Mantulov established the award of his name and hands it to the outstanding inhabitants of the region.

Farmer Sergei Morozov feeds free military units, two schools and a kindergarten.

Retired Antonina Dmitrieva raised funds for the restoration of monuments to Alexander Pushkin and NN Muraviev-Amur.

Father Sergius opened a hospital for the poor in the parish.

The artist Vladimir Baburov makes breastplates for the prize winners.

Comments of journalist Lyudmila Rumyantseva about public opinion.

V.Mantulov on the need to live and act.

Beloyarsky is a dancing city.

The family of Marina and Sergei Kutuzov dances on the street.

Doctor Lilia Alekseeva learns dance with colleagues.

The computer operator Galina Starkova and the turbine engine engineer Yevgeny Bezverkhov are dancing in the engine room.

Deputy head of the administration Yuri Boykov dances with studio head Lyubov Urbin-Vasilieva.

Studio dance in the Palace of Culture, fragments of rehearsals.

LN Urbin-Vasiliev about his work.

Alexander Lyubimov announces the upcoming opening of the Grushinsky Festival.


Kovalev V.A. - Doctor of Law, Professor, State and Politician, Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation (1995-1997). Polyakov G.N. - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Honored Worker of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of the Gas Industry of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Technological Sciences and the Mining Academy. Urbin-Vasilyeva L.N. - choreographer, teacher, Honored worker of culture of the Russian Federation, Honored worker of culture of KhMAO.

Locations: Kamchatka Krai [760] Khabarovsk Krai [766] Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra [817]

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