Sight 04/29/1988 (1988)

Telecast №71135, 1 part, duration: 1:37:44
Production: VID
Anchor:Vladislav Listjev, Dmitrij Zaharov

Reel №1

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Vladimir Spivakov and the Moscow Virtuosi Orchestra.

Journalist Valery Penchev with details of the directions of work of Bulgarian colleagues.

The Bulgarian newspaper "Poglyad".

V.Penchev on the preparation of a joint Russian-Bulgarian space program.

Fragments of a documentary film about the astro-physical complex "Rozhen".

Bulgarian singer Vasil Naydenov, the song "There is no time."

Video news:

Week of protection of laboratory animals in the United States.

Opening of the fashion theater in West Berlin.

At the auction Sotheby sold a diamond 85.91 carats.

Methods of fighting smoking in China.

World London charity marathon.

In Peru recreate the reed ship of the Indians.

Group "Culture club", the clip "War is foolishness".

Plot D. Zakharov on the events of 1953: the subscribers of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia were ordered to remove from the 5th volume of the page about LP Beria.

A report in the newspaper Pravda from July 10, 1953 on the removal of LP Beria from ministerial posts.

Interview with Gennady Terekhov, investigator in the case of LP Beria, on the progress of the proceedings.

A scene from V.Gavrilin's ballet "Anyuta".

Vladislav Listyev about the article "What kind of youth went" in the Leningrad newspaper "Smena".

The authors of the article, sociologists Nikolai Kofyrin and Vyacheslav Afanasyev, are visiting the program.

Discussion of the problems of youth.

The organization of leisure as a way of combating asocial behavior.

The plot from Novy Oskol: the first secretary of the district committee of the Komsomol Ivan Bogachev and teacher O. Sukhin talk about working with young people.

Fragments of interviews with teenagers about the motorcycle club, about preparing for a horse ride, about life in Novy Oskol, about work with Ivan Bogachev.

Group "Alice", clip "We are together."

Photos from albums by Yuri Rost.

Yu.M.Rost about the creative works and the project "Vzglyad".

Interview of Yu.M.Rost and VNListiev with professor of surgery V.I.Frantsev about his family.

The way to the profession and science.

Reflections on work and on the soul.

D. Zakharov reads a news bulletin on the teletype:

Brest's men gave the club of young sailors a real ship.

On April 29, participants from the international conference of women-supporters of the world went from Greece to the Cruise of the World.

In Germany, neo-Nazis and anti-fascists are preparing their meetings and protests by May 1.

Joint Soviet-British operation of customs services to seize a consignment of drugs.

In the State Museum of the Arts of the Peoples of the East, the exhibition "Forgotten Canvases" was opened.

In Hawaii successfully landed a passenger aircraft that suffered an accident.

The San Diego zoo is waiting for the birth of a chick chick.

Group "Time Machine", the song "Old Friends".

VNListiev about the meeting of Mikhail Gorbachev and Patriarch Pimen.

The plot of the Moscow Seventh-day Adventist community.

A fragment of the divine service.

Video recording of interviews with parishioners about their faith and aspirations.

Igor Balakhontsev, head of the propaganda department of the Zaoksky RK CPSU, about ideological and social differences of people.

The construction of the spiritual center of Adventists.

A conversation between Vladislav Flarikovsky and Eduard Filimonov about a new generation of believers and their worldview.

Vladimir Vysotsky, "Send me, Lord, the second."

Video news:

Honored Scientist of the BSSR, Professor VA Radkevich on the silkworms bred in Byelorussia.

Equestrian Theater "Stuntman", fragment of rehearsal.

Advertising of the Central Board of Tourism.

Advertising camera "Zenith".

Fragments of the performance of GITIS graduates "Poezoklip-88": "Autumn in Russia".

Impressions of Evgeny Evtushenko about the play.

Actor Vladimir Andreev and director-teacher Natella Britaeva about poetry and poetic beginning in the theater.

Conversation leading with Edvard Radzinsky on the theater.

Personnel chronicles: Vadim Sidur in the studio.

Widow Julia Sidur about the nature and strength of her husband's will.

Paintings and sculptures.

Y. Sidur about her husband's work abroad.

Leaders and guests of the program answer the questions of viewers.

Alexander Malinin and David Pomeranz, a clip for the duo "Faraway Lands".


Spivakov V.T. - violinist, conductor, teacher, People's Artist of the USSR, public figure. Terekhov G.A. - Honored Lawyer of the RSFSR, investigator for particularly important cases. Kinchev K.E. - rock musician, songwriter, leader of the group "Alisa". Growth Yu.M. - Russian writer, actor, journalist, photographer, member of the board of trustees of the charitable foundation "Sozidanie". Makarevich A.V. - musical and public figure, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of Russia. V.V. Flyalkovsky. - journalist, TV presenter, member of the public council of the Russian Jewish Congress. Filimonov E.G. - Doctor of Philosophy, professor of religious studies, specialist in Protestantism, religious sectarianism and religious extremism, director of the Institute of Scientific Atheism of the AON under the CPSU Central Committee. Vysotsky V.S. - actor of theater and cinema, composer, poet, prose writer. Evtushenko E.A. - poet, novelist, director, screenwriter, actor, publicist. Andreev V.A. - Soviet actor of theater and cinema, theater director, teacher, People's Artist of the RSFSR and the USSR, Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Radzinsky E.S. - writer, playwright, screenwriter, TV presenter. Sidur V.A. - Soviet artist, sculptor, avant-gardist, veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Malinin A.N. - pop singer, composer, actor, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of Russia. Pomerants D. - American singer, composer, public figure.

Locations: USA [851] Germany [84] England [67] China [46] Peru [174] Belgorod region [770] Tula region [808]

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