Sight 08/08/1995 (1995)

Telecast №71136, 1 part, duration: 0:49:15
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov, Aelita Efimova

Reel №1

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Special issue of the program "The Kremlin Night 1993-1995".

VGTRK "Ostankino" highlights the course of elections to the State Duma.

Political scientist Roman Pugachev: a map of Russia's political map with comments on the nature of voters' activity.

Clinic of plastic surgery.

Professor Igor Wolfe talks about how and why you can change the person's face.

Computer modeling of appearance with the use of photographs of politicians.

Importance of appearance in public and political activities.

Grigory Yavlinsky: what people will say about the elections.

Projections of the development of events.

Possibilities and tasks of the State Duma.

Shooting November 22, 1994: election of deputies of the legislative assembly in the Krasnodar Territory, counting votes manually and on the computer.

Pros and cons of the electronic voting system.

Programmers Igor Gorokhov and Andrey Shelomanov about the device of the computer and access to it for the purpose of changing or stealing data.

Ivan Rybkin, "Left block": the main priorities of the party.

Details about the block program.

Banker Sergei Zverev: why banks hide the names of politicians who are being funded.

Society for the protection of animals, the newspaper "Zov".

Interview with Vera Maksimova about a reception with Yegor Gaidar on financial support for the organization "Salvation of animals."

Instead of help, the newspaper received a letter with a request to transfer money to the electoral campaign.

Yegor Gaidar on the draft law on the protection of animals.

Financial costs in the election process.

Electoral strategies and disagreements with the executive branch.

Yuri Sizov, "Our House - Russia", about the readiness to support the professional achievements of the executive power in the economic and social spheres.

Cooperation with other parties and public organizations.

Association of representatives of agricultural unions.

Krolikovod Vladimir Chechetkin: regardless of the outcome of the elections, everything must be done by oneself, without hoping for help from outside.

Alexander Lyubimov sums up the reports and finishes the program.


Zhirinovsky VV - Doctor of Philosophy, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, public and political figure. Zyuganov G.A. - Doctor of Philosophy, teacher, statesman and politician. Chubais A.B. - Russian political, state and economic figure, candidate of economic sciences. Shifrin E.Z. - entertainer, actor, director, creator and leader of "Shifrin-Theater." Tabakov OP - actor and director of the theater and cinema, teacher, People's Artist of the USSR, artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater named after AP Chekhov, founder of the theater "Tabakerka". Wulf IA - plastic surgeon, professor, honorary surgeon of the Institute of Beauty in Moscow, member of the Order of Medical Surgeons of Italy. Yavlinsky G.A. - politician, doctor of economic sciences, writer and publicist. Rybkin I.P. - Candidate of Technical Sciences, state and political figure. Gaydar E.T. - Doctor of Economic Sciences, state and political figure.

Calendar: 11/22/1994 1995

Locations: Moscow [820] Krasnodar region [761]

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