Sight 01/20/1989 (1989)

Telecast №71180, 1 part, duration: 1:48:17
Director:Maksim Ivannikov, Aleksandr Golovinskij, Stepan Besembaev
Anchor:Sergej Lomakin, Anvar Mamraimov, Irina Kacieva
Camera operators:Vitalij Popov, Yurij Vazhnov, Yurij Barsukov, Igorj Malihin, Eduard Chernyaev, Vladimir Brezhnev, Aleksandr Maklakov, Igorj Horev, Nikolaj Chetvergov, Aleksej Kirillov
Other authors:Vladimir Nazaryan

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Psychological questionnaire for those wishing to find a life partner.

The plot of the environmental situation at Ekibastuz GRES.

Smoke pipes of GRES.

Director of Ekibastuz GRES-1 A. Grigoriev, Chief State Sanitary Doctor Ekibastuz A. Lesovoi, Deputy Chairman of Pavlodar Regional Committee for Nature Protection T. Iskakov talk about the complex environmental situation around the GRES and emissions exceeding the norm.

Report from the bank of the river ILOT.

Professor P.U. Marikovsky talks about the rock paintings on the coastal stones, says about the loss of human connection with nature and the need to protect and protect nature (synchronously).

Types of rock carvings, images of people and gods.

Coastal landscapes.

Fragments of the ancient building in Pavlodar, where the literary museum is located.

Employees talk about the progress and difficulties of internal renovation of the building.

Continuation of the interview with Professor Marikovsky.

Marikovsky speaks about the need for environmental literacy of people to preserve nature in a difficult economic situation.

A guest of the program, A. Kulenov, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, speaks about the problems of harmful industries in the country, creating an environmentally safe environment on them.

The guest of the program is a candidate for deputies from the Komsomol L. Veyser talks about his election platform and program regarding the development of public education in rural areas.

A guest of the program, the Leningrad poet Viktor Fedorov, performs a song of his own composition under a guitar.

A resident of Leninakan Troshchenkova gives interviews about the situation and natural phenomena on the eve of the earthquake.

The road to bioseismog polygon in the vicinity of Alma-Ata, delivery of the next batch of equipment.

The chief of the seismological expedition of the Institute of Seismology of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR O. Sergeev speaks of the low quality of the techniques and technical equipment of the seismological station (synchronously).

Types of stations, equipment, station staff at work.

Videorecording: Leninakan after the earthquake.

A cat among the ruins of a house.

Animals in the Yerevan Zoo.

Demolition of unfit for housing buildings in Leninakan after the earthquake.

Director of the Yerevan Zoo D. Stepanyan and zoologist L. Shahidzhanyan talk about the behavior of animals before the earthquake (synchronously).

Types of the Yerevan Zoo, animals and reptiles in open-air cages.

Talk in the studio about the deplorable state of the Institute of Seismology in Alma-Ata.

Interview with buyers in the clothing market in Alma-Ata about the assortment of goods.

The master of making Kazakh national souvenirs speaks about difficulties in his work.

The art critic speaks of the loss of the secret of Kazakh folk crafts.

Chests on the market in Alma-Ata.

Types of products of Kazakh folk crafts: bracelets, carpets.

Horsemen gallop across the steppe.

The former prisoner of the Karaganda camp of the NKVD (Karlag), D. Usov, talks about his stay in the camp, the management of land reclamation, and the camp itself.

Videorecording: journalist V. Dick speaks about the history of the camp (synchronously).

Types of buildings of the camp management in Dolinka.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Dolinsky Soviet Council V. Shirokov recalls the work of the camp, represents the secretary of the party organization, colonel in retirement of M. Volkov, who worked in Karlag (synchronously).

Volkov recalls his service in the camp.

Barbed wire.

Former security officer of the camp Morozov talks about the conditions of detention in the camp of convicts.

Journalist V. Dick talks about the scientist Chizhevsky AL, who wrote books in the camp.

Barbed wire.

Sergei Lomakin in the studio talks about the guards of the Karaganda camp, where his grandfather was sitting.

The plot of the attitude towards the disabled.

Chairman of the Republican Federation "Sport for the Disabled", captain in retirement "S. Khokhlov speaks about the plight of disabled people, their desire to play sports.

Senior instructor of the All-Union Trade Union of Trade Unions of the Kazakh SSR A. Abdukadyrova talks about the problems in allocating a room for a sports club for disabled people.

Volleyball match between teams of disabled people in the sports hall of the school № 6.

The director of the school R. Sher speaks about the allocation of the school gymnasium for the disabled (synchronously).

Video chronicle: sellers and buyers in the market answer the question: "What do you miss in life?".

The plot of the housing cooperative "Otrar" in Alma-Ata.

People enter a new house.

The deputy chairman of the cooperative, Shadgynbaev, talks about the celebration of the settlement of the house.

The plot of virgin land.

Internal view of the All-Union Research Institute of Grain Economy.

Director of the Institute M.K. Suleimenov speaks about new directions in the research work of the institute on the introduction of various methods of agriculture.

Video chronicle: holding a competition in Moscow for technical novelties "Eureka".

Samples of technical novelties submitted for the competition.

Nurali Latypov talks about one of the technical proposals of the contest, other suggested ideas.

One of the winners of the contest speaks about the application of the monetary prize received by him.

Participants of the contest tell about the ideas they offered.

The plot of the opening of the cultural center of Kazakhstan in Moscow near the metro station "Kirovskaya".

The Permanent Representative of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR in Moscow speaks about the rapid resolution of the issue of opening the cultural center of Kazakhstan in Moscow, the purposes and main directions of the Center's work, the building of the Center (synchronously).

Kinds of a building intended for accommodation of the Kazakh cultural center.

Fragment of the television film "Letters of a living person" about the historian-Pushkinist Nikolai Raevsky.

Interview with Rayevsky about Pushkin, the beginning of his work on the study of Pushkin's work.

Types of Prague, behind the scenes are Pushkin's verses.

Leaders in the studio talk about the beauty contest, elections to government bodies, the Guinness Book of Records.

Calendar: 01/20/1989

Locations: Moscow [820] Kazakhstan [114]

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