Sight 01/26/1996 (1996)

Telecast №71181, 1 part, duration: 0:46:08
Production: VID
Director:Sergej Kuraikn
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov
Camera operators:Sergej Pluzhnikov, Igorj Mihajlov, Aleksandr Zhukovskij, Konstantin Kryakov
Other authors:Aleksandr Kuprin, Aleksej Kosuljnikov, Vasilina Dracheva, Sergej Holodnij, Vadim Hulanhov, Iljyas Bogatirev,

Reel №1

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Video chronicles 20-23 January 1996: the return of the Novosibirsk OMON soldiers from captivity, their meeting with relatives of the ferry in Sochi.

The journalist Ilyas Bogatyrev keeps in touch with Pervomaysky, behind the scenes, Major Zhivotov's radio address to the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Major Zhivotov said the flight of the commander of the Novosibirsk OMON from the war zone and the causes and details of the fighting clash near the village of Pervomaiskoye and their prospects of being in captivity (synchronously).

Bus with hostages at the checkpoint near the village May Day 10 January 1996.

Fragment of the "Vzglyad" program of January 19, 1996: the wife of a fighter from the Novosibirsk OMON, Bakhturov, does not believe in the death of her husband.

Sergeant Sergei Khomyakov says that Bakhturov is alive.

Alexander Lyubimov names the hostages who are in captivity in Chechnya.

Video chronicle of 1994-1995: the commander of the Moscow SOBR of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrey Krestyaninov with his subordinates in Chechnya.

The guest of the program Colonel MVD Leonid Petrov talks about his comrade Andrei Krestianinov, about his service, personal qualities, about the help of his family from the state and his colleagues.

Petrov speaks about the incorrect tactics of the command in using the Moscow SOBR in the operation near Pervomaisky and the reasons for the irrational use of available forces and means in the fight against crime and terrorism.

Interview with driver Rafik Petrosyan, who are in a hostage for the second time, after the events in Budyonnovsk.

Petrosyan talks about being in captivity.

Video chronicle of January 10, 1996: hostage Grigory Gordienko about the anti-nationality of the Russian government.

The funeral of Grigory Gordienko in Kizlyar on January 22, 1996.

The sons of the hostages talk about the attempts they made to save their fathers and about the Chechens' help in their search.

The chief of the militia Khasavyurt Saliev read out the list of released hostages on January 23, 1996 (synchronously).

An interview with the wife of the hostage Vanieva about her attempts to free her husband.

Meeting hostages with relatives in Khasavyurt on January 24, 1996.

Former hostage Vaniev about staying in captivity, and the shelling of Russian helicopters (synchronously).

The guest of the program Anatoly Chubais speaks about the reasons for his resignation from the post of vice-premier of the Russian government, the catastrophic state of the economy in 1995, about measures taken to improve the situation.

Chubais talks about the current military spending in connection with the war in Chechnya.

Video chronicle of 1989: Commander of the 40th Army, General Boris Gromov on the Soviet-Afghan border after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

The military column is moving across the bridge.

Russian paratroopers were captured in Chechnya in December 1994.

Meeting in Chechnya, former co-workers in Afghanistan, Alexander Morozov and field commander Ali.

Meeting of captured Russian soldiers with their parents in Chechnya.

Alexander Morozov tells about the bombing at the place of location of the Russian prisoners.

Transferring prisoners to Girzelskom bridge in January 1995.

The prisoners and their relatives get into the trucks, Morozov bids farewell to Ali.


Gromov Boris Vsevolodovich - politician, military leader Chubais Anatoly Borisovich - political and economic figure

Calendar: 01/26/1996

Locations: Moscow [820]

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