Sight 02/02/1996 (1996)

Telecast №71182, 1 part, duration: 0:43:33
Production: VID
Director:Sergej Kurakin
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov
Camera operators:Sergej Pluzhnikov, Igorj Mihajlov, Konstantin Kryakov
Other authors:Aleksandr Kuprin, Aleksej Kosuljnikov, Iljyas Bogatirev

Reel №1

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The guest of the program, the former head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Filatov, speaks of the beginning of joint work with Yeltsin BN, about the nomination of his candidacy for the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Fragment of the interview of the former Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation of October 6, 1995 Alexei Kazannik on the course of Yeltsin's election to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Sergei Filatov continues to talk about the promotion of Yeltsin to the Supreme Council, on strengthening his authority and the results of his activities as President of the Russian Federation and in the international arena.

Fragment of the interview of journalist Sergei Parkhomenko of May 19, 1995 on freedom of speech.

Sergei Filatov talks about the need to preserve Yeltsin as President to continue reforms, the reasons for the fall in his rating and the need for the end of the war in Chechnya.

Record of the interview of the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region Boris Nemtsov on collecting signatures against the war in Chechnya, the reasons for the beginning of this action, the futility of power decisions on the part of the authorities.

A guest of the program, a teacher from Zaporozhye, Ivanuk says about collecting signatures in the wars in Chechnya, calls on the Russian authorities to end the war in Chechnya and provide Independence, justifies Basayev's actions in Budyonnovsk, speaks about the problem of the Crimean Tatars in the Crimea.

The plot of the sect of Father Vissarion of Minusinsk.

Video chronicle: members of the sect with children before the next meeting.

Texts of newspaper publications criticized the sect of Father Vissarion.

Singer Svetlana Vladimirskaya speaks about the reasons for her coming to the sect, the aims of the sect to create a new society.

Vladimirskaya shows the film crew her house in a village near Minusinsk and a bathhouse where she gave birth to a baby.

The collective prayer of members of the sect under the direction of Father Vissarion, behind the scenes the story of the creation of the sect sounds.

The head of the sect, Father Vissarion (Sergey Torop), speaks about the realization of each person's own world.

A member of the sect Gennady takes members of the sect in the country chapel.

Members of the sect build their own temple on Dry Mountain.

Former opera singer Anna Budko talks about the reasons for joining the sect.

Budko conducts a chorus of sectarians during the rehearsal.

The director of Minusinsk's art gallery, Vasily Krupsky, talks about his attitude to the Vissarionov sect.

Video chronicle January 1, 1995: fighting in Chechnya episodes of fighting in Grozny.

Interrogation of the captured Russian officer Victor Mychko.

Amateur video chronicle: the wedding of Victor and Olga Mychko after returning from captivity, a wedding in the church.

Victor Mychko at home tells how he was captured, about providing him medical care.

Victor's wife Olga talks about the first meeting with her future husband in the hospital.


Kazannik Alexey Ivanovich - politician, lawyer Nemtsov Boris Efimovich - statesman and politician Filatov Sergey Aleksandrovich - statesman and politician

Calendar: 02/02/1996

Locations: Moscow [820]

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