The Meeting On The Volga River. (1972)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Katanyan V.

Script writers: Gurnov B.

Operators: Maksimov L., Sher B.


The film tells the story of Soviet-French meeting of veterans of the war, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad.

World War II | Foreign policy

History | Policy

Reel №1

Volgograd View from the river.

French veteran R.Gi feeding pigeons in the square.

Panoramas of Volgograd.

Soviet and French veterans.

French general and Soviet General Gombez Porodko.

General P.I.Batov with brother and French guests.

General G.N.Zaharov.

French generals and Valen Puyyat.

Soviet general I.M.Chistyakov and French Colonel R.Marke.

View of the obelisk at the end of the alley, in the foreground blooming flower bed.

Veterans are wreaths.

View of the procession from the obelisks.

French wreath.

French veterans from the regimental banner.

Soldiers salute, a moment of silence.

Eternal Fire, lie next to wreaths.

Mamayev Hill, the monument "The Motherland".

The procession moved to the monument.

Fragments of the memorial.

The eternal flame in the Hall of Fame.

Soviet and French veterans standing around the Eternal Flame.

The man wipes his tears.

The names of the victims on the wall.

Veterans are held in the hall.

View of the Mamayev Kurgan.

Veterans at the meeting of Friendship Societies of France and the USSR. The meeting opens a deputy chairman of the Presidium of the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship Ivanov.

Colonel General N.A.Lomov delivers a report. A.P.Maresev.

The view from the room to the podium.

Speaker P.I.Batov.

Chronicle of the Second World War: In the field are tanks.

The soldiers look through binoculars.

View the city from the floor of the destroyed building, a soldier with binoculars.

German fighters.

Drop the bomb.

The explosion, the collapse of a residential building.

A fire in a house in the foreground lights.

Sculptural group in the area around the burning houses.

Evacuation of the population.

Leaning Tower.

Collapsing house.

People are pushing cars.

Children with things.

People on the street.

Crying soldiers.

Crying children.

German planes.

Aiming anti-aircraft gun.


Drop the stricken plane.

View of the ruined city from the Volga.

Attacking soldiers.

The soldiers throw grenades.


Performs general Gombez.

Alternating: the audience in the hall, people stand on the podium.

French partisans R.Penishon.

Veterans at a monument to Lenin in Volgograd.

V.Alekseenko with comrades.

Veterans consider old maps.

Chronicle of the Second World War: A group of French partisans sent on a mission.

Wheels train.

Railroad tracks.

Partizan with a rifle.

The man leads an explosive device.

The explosion of the bridge.

The explosions on the railway.

Soviet airplanes fly.

The squadron "Normandy - Neman" soldiers of transmitting a message over the radio.

A soldier sits in the cockpit.

A soldier wears a helmet.

Aircraft engine starts.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Alternation: fighters in the sky, the soldier looks up.

Performs general Valen.

Valen and R.Marke visiting Colonel Dobrushina.

Soviet and French caps.


PI Baht - Soviet military leader, General of the Army, Hero of the Soviet Union. GN Zakharov - Fighter pilot, Air Force Major General, Hero of the Soviet Union. IM Chistyakov - Soviet military leader, Colonel-General, Hero of the Soviet Union. Maresiev AP - Fighter pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, 1st Deputy Chairman of the Soviet Committee of War Veterans.




Volgograd USSR France


Summer [824]

Reel №2

I.Afanasev Ya.F.Pavlov and talk with people about the defense of Pavlov House (House of Soldier of Glory).

Pavlov's House at the gate.

Chronicle of the Second World War:

Soldiers climb the stairs.

The soldiers fired from the windows.

The inscriptions on the wall.

Ruined house.

Pavlov's House.

The Deputy Mayor of Lyon M.River V.E.Maslyaev and walk around the city.

The chronicle of the war years: The architects draw a map.

People are standing on the steps of the ruined house.

Architects are on the street.

The ruins of houses.

Children at their desks in a dilapidated school.

Taking the city from an airplane.

Types of Volgograd.

Tractor Plant, a new technology park in the yard.

Reservoir and dam of the Volga hydroelectric power station.

Watering installation on the lawn next to the bridge.

View of the Volga River is the ship.

People in the park's walkway. M.River and V.E.Maslyaev approach a pedestrian crossing. V.E.Maslyaev speaking at a meeting of veterans.

Veterans in the audience.

On the podium of the French veteran M.Pol.

Speaker A.P.Maresev.

Chronicle of the Second World War: the United attack of tanks and infantry.

Attack aircraft.

Man with binoculars.

Firing artillery batteries.

Meeting of troops on the battlefield.

A column of German prisoners of war.

German troops marching through Paris.

View of Paris from the top.

A column of German prisoners of war at Stalingrad.

Panorama of Paris.

Parisians build barricades in the streets.

View home at the intersection.

People are shot with automatic weapons.

The soldiers ran across the street.

Parisians greet Soviet tanks.

The troops on the battlefield.

Soldiers hug.

Veterans standing ovation.

French veterans handed the land to the Mamayev Kurgan.

The French handed Soviet veterans medal.

Alternating applause veterans medal at the museum.

At the microphone R.Gi.

A fragment of an interview with R.Marke.

Recalls R.Shmitlen.

Mill Gerhardt.

Soviet and French Youth delegates meeting in Volgograd.

The building of the mill.

Youth on the construction of the Museum of Military Glory.

Residents and visitors on the streets of Volgograd.

View of the central streets.

Panorama of Mamayev Kurgan.


YF Pavlov - The hero of the Battle of Stalingrad, Hero of the Soviet Union. Maslyaev VE - People's Architect of the USSR, the chief architect of Volgograd. Maresiev AP - Fighter pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, 1st Deputy Chairman of the Soviet Committee of War Veterans.


1972 1939-1945


Volgograd USSR France


Summer [824] Winter [823]