Sight 07/21/1991 (1991)

Telecast №72084, 1 part, duration: 1:31:10
Production: VID
Anchor:Lyubimov Aleksandr, Politkovskij Aleksandr

Reel №1

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A look from the underground.

The plot of the election of the chairman of the Russian parliament.

A woman with a broom sweeps the asphalt, the Kremlin wall, the passage through the Kutafia tower, there are barrages.

The policeman checks the documents from the incoming.

The Kremlin Palace of Congresses, the hall, is preparing the meeting.

Deputies drink in the foyer.

Entrance to the CDS, are the guards.

Shevardnadze Eduard shakes hands with Ruythel Arnold.

Chairman of the Estonian Armed Forces.

Rüütel Arnold talks about Boris Yeltsin's inauguration.

The general plan of the hall, the deputies listen to the speaker.

Yeltsin Boris takes the oath of the president.

Alexy II blesses Yeltsin for the presidency.

Mikhail Gorbachev congratulates Yeltsin Boris.

Fedorov Svyatoslav talks about the coming to power of Yeltsin Boris.

Women carry baskets of flowers from the scene.

Deputies in the foyer.

The Cossack ataman speaks about the receipt of power by the Cossacks in the Rostov region.

Chebotarevsky Ravkat speaks to Yeltsin Boris.

Ruslan Khasbulatov talks about his future appointment.

Sergey Baburin speaks about the nomination of his candidacy.

Deputies come to the meeting room.

People's Deputy of the RSFSR A. Sokolovo speaks about the election of the chairman of the government.

Journalists with photo cameras, a meeting of parliament, deputies.

Deputy Tarasov speaks about political struggle.

Deputies leave the courtroom.

Khasbulatov Ruslan talks about the congress of deputies.

Musical pause.

The plot of the city of Krivoy Rog.

On the road there are trucks, smoke factory pipes, stone crushers, vegetable gardens against the background of smoking pipes.

Head of the Law and Order Department of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the city of Krivoy Rog says

Child mortality, alcoholism and juvenile delinquency.

Monument to the city workers and factory pipes.

People stand on the street.

Chronicle, b / w.

The tree trunk is sawed.

Running young people with sticks, a fight.

Vocal and instrumental ensemble - teenagers play and sing.

Fragments from the movie "Bomb for a friend."

Teenagers are fighting on the dance floor. _

Teenagers tell us how they cut and how they fought in the street.

Chief physician of the psychoneurological dispensary Krivoy Rog A. Khmelenko, a mentally ill generation.

Homemade cuts, sharpenings lie on the table.

Correspondent of the city newspaper "Youth Tribune" T. Petkova speaks about drunkenness and murder of children in Krivoy Rog.

Smoke factory pipes

The plot of the exhibition of paintings by American artist Peter Max.

Portraits of Gorbachev, Reagan, Monroe.

The Chronicle, ch.

The locomotive wheel.

The Spasskaya Tower.

Domes of the Kremlin cathedrals.

A man with a cigarette sweeps a small street, the building of the Bolshoi Theater, people go.

Pioneers are the miners.

Old truck.

The guard is the regulator.

The Kremlin is a general plan.

Modern Moscow is part of the Kremlin wall, a barge is sailing.

Summer, soldiers are running along the embankment.

Red Square, demonstration.

The Chronicle, ch.

Red Square, the troops go to the front.

Modern tanks at the parade on Red Square.

The Chronicle, ch.

Athletes carry banners.

Stalin at the Mausoleum.

Modern shots - people chant "Down with"!

And Gorbachev leaves the Mausoleum.

The Kremlin wall with the burials of the leaders of the state.

Busts of Kalinin and Stalin.

The Chronicle, ch.


Modern shots - Changing of the guard at the Mausoleum.

Mausoleum and Spassky Tower (general plan)

Gorbachev at the Mausoleum.

Yeltsin, Popov and others at the Mausoleum.

The Chronicle, ch.

The Mausoleum and the Cathedral of St.

Basil the Blessed.

Modern staff - the Lenin Museum (general plan).

Ruby star on the Kremlin tower.

Lawyer Ernest Ametistov talks about human rights and the prohibition of political strikes.

The performance of the "Kino" group is sung by Viktor Tsoy.

The plot from Turkmenistan, the area of ​​the village of Takhta-Bazar, border guards go to an armored personnel carrier to neutralize mines.

The officer commands the frontier unit, the collection for an operation to locate and neutralize the mine.

The reconnaissance and search group of border guards is working.


Border guards get off the armored troop carrier and inspect weapons.

Border dog (shepherd) is looking for mines.

Behind her with the mine detector is a border guard.

An armored troop-carrier is riding along the steppe, frontier guards meet with probes.

Lieutenant-Colonel P. Perepada, the chief Takhta-Bazar speaks about the terrorists laying down mines.

The thermometer shows 50 degrees in the shade.

Border guard talks on the radio, the rest with probes looking for mines.

Detected antitank mine (large), the mine is rendered harmless and detonated.

Explosion of a mine, smoke.

Lieutenant-Colonel P. Perepada speaks about the activation of terrorists from Afghanistan.

The pioneer reads poems about Beria LP.

The house on Kachalova Street, 28, where Beria lived LP.

Interview - an elderly woman recalls how she was visiting Beria LP.

The Chronicle, ch.

Portraits of Voroshilov, Kalinin, Mikoyan.

The plot from Riga, Latvia, people walk the streets.

The Chronicle, ch.

Latvia, 1940. Soviet tanks in the city.

Men ride horses in a wagon and carry a portrait of Lenin.

In the bags weigh the flour.

The woman is a Latvian, the candidate of historical sciences speaks about the establishment of Soviet power in Latvia and about the lists of deportees.

The Chronicle, ch.

Peasants mow in the field, a metallurgical plant plays a violinist, people dance, an orchestra, girls in national costumes, an apple tree blooms, people build new houses.

Administrative buildings in Latvia, Riga, the building of the Communist Party of Latvia, the Press House and the Institute for Social and Political Studies.

Lyubimov Alexander and Politkovskiy Alexander read letters from the audience.

The plot from Vilnius about people speaking in Russian.

Vilnius, people are walking along the streets.

The Lithuanian flag.

There is a bus.

People walk.

Streets of Vilnius, the tower.

Interview - Galina Kubetskaya Director of the Department for Nationalities.


Streets and buildings.

Young people rest on benches.

The newspaper stand has people.

Teenagers sell newspapers.

Interview - T.Esinsky head of the Russian cultural center.

Panorama of city roofs.

Columns of the city theater

People are walking in the park, resting.

Continuation of the interview with Yessinskaya.

Two buses stand on the building (television) On the asphalt is barbed wire.

Flag of Lithuania.

Interview - Driving at the TV center V.Loginov about support

New Lithuanian authorities.

The city, young people are sitting by the small fire.

Fence-grid, the sign "Passage forbidden"

Interview - V. Yarmolen, deputy of the Parliament of Kaunas.

Deputies at a meeting of the parliament.

Interview - G.Kubetskaya - about national conflicts.

Children's drawing "There is no war".

A fallen bench in the street.

The windows are sealed with paper.

A musical pause, the Lithuanian singer Arina sings.

Ruby Kremlin star.

Summer, hotel «Moscow» Chronicle, h / b.

Photos of the hotel "Moscow".

Passages by car at the hotel 40's.

Modern frames of the hotel "Moscow".

Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky.

Monument to Dzerzhinsky and "Children's World".

Correspondent M.Markelov approaches the monument and lays flowers.

Hotel «Russia».

Monument to Minin and Pozharsky.

Summer, there are two militiamen.

Shop, empty counters.



Department store "Moscow" - on the hangers hang coats, there are shoes.

Department for Servicing Civil War Participants.

Interview with the seller.

The Chronicle, ch.

Moscow - the 40s, the Kremlin Towers, the Tsar Cannon.

Kazan Gate at the Red Square.

Exploding old mansions.

People are coming.

Gorky Street, cars are coming.

The Lenin Library, next to it are homeless dogs.

The trolleybus is going by.

Entrance to the Kremlin.

Inscription on the building Lenin Library.

Readers, file cabinet.

The main staircase of the library.

Reading room.

Bust of Pushkin.

Collapsed, wet ceilings in the library.

The repository of books - on the shelves are volumes and folios.

Shelves with selected books for library readers.

The Lenin Library in the scaffolding.

A.Volik director GBL speaks about the reconstruction of the building.


Readers in the hall.

Chandelier reading room.

Half-empty reading room.

Continuation of the interview with the director of the library A. Volik.

A picture depicting the Lenin Library.

Overall plan

Buildings allocated to the library.

Pashkov House in the scaffolding, near the metro station.

Pashkov's house is an ancient engraving.

Old Moscow houses.

Interview with the contractor about the reconstruction of the library.

Houses given to the Lenin Library.

Sculptures in the building "forests"

Museum of Kalinin.

Wooden piles in the street, concrete slabs.

Synchronous with the director of the library. V.I. Lenina A.Volikom.

Readers in the hall, the employee arranges books.

Shelves with books (vault).

Concert hall, military orchestra.

Competition "Miss bust" - on the podium go naked women with boa.

Synchronization about displaying busts.

Photo correspondents.

Performance of the band "Crossroads".

Lyubimov and Politkovskii show the magazine "Readers Digest".

On the field in the car Zhiguli goes German Sterligov, the owner of the advertising company "Alisa".

Synchro - Herman Sterligov speaks about business.

Church with a chapel.

Field, river (Village).

House on the river bank.

The man at the computer.

Synchrons with the villagers about Herman Sterligov.

Lamp, icons on the wall.

A man plays the accordion, grandmothers listen.

The old TV, on the table - a radio, the mixer doll changes to a modern TV, a tape recorder, a radio tape recorder.


Chebotarevsky Ravkat Zagidulovich - Rear Admiral, submariner, People's Deputy of Russia. Shevardnadze Eduard Amvrosievich is a Soviet and Georgian politician and statesman. Rüütel Arnold - Chairman of the Supreme Council of Estonia. Yeltsin Boris Nikolayevich - First President of the Russian Federation. Gorbachev Mikhail Sergeyevich - President of the USSR. Fedorov Svyatoslav Nikolaevich - Soviet and Russian ophthalmologist. Khasbulatov Ruslan Imranovich - Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation. Baburin Sergey Nikolaevich - People's Deputy of the RSFSR. Ametistov Ernest Mikhailovich is a Russian lawyer.

Calendar: 07/21/1991

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