Attractions in Paris (2002)

Footage №72270, 1 footage, duration: 0:36:17
Production: VID

Scene №1 Attractions in Paris

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Types of Seine embankment, people ride on bicycles and rollerblading.

House of Veterans (State House of the Disabled), types of houses and cathedrals.

People at the entrance to the museum, in the foreground passing cars.

People in the park play balloons.

Gun on the background of the House of Veterans.

People at the main gate.

View of the entrance to the museum.

Sculpture on the facade of the building.

View of the dome of the cathedral from under the arch.


A gun in the museum hall.

Horse sculpture.

Monument to Napoleon Bonaparte on the facade of the cathedral.

Circular panorama of the street with the transition to the House of Veterans.

Flag of France on the roof.

View of the Eiffel Tower.

Types of the cathedral.

The dome of the cathedral.

A spire with a cross.

Traffic, streets, houses.

Ploshchad Chatelet, the Victory Fountain, in the background the tower of Saint-Jacques.

View of the cafe-restaurant across the road, past the bus passes.

The inscription on the glass.

Plaque on the house.

Views from the bridge across the Seine: the movement of the passenger ship, the passages to the Castle Conciergerie (Palace of Justice).

Types of embankment at sunset (traffic, walking people, buildings along the banks of the Seine).

Views of the Seine from the Conciergerie.

Couples kiss on the bridges.

Vitaly Wolf in the summer cafe.

Cyclist among cars.

Evening, crowds of football fans on the streets.

People walk along the roadway, wave and shout at the camera.

Bathing in the Victory Fountain.

Views of the Conciergerie at night.

There is a steamer on the river.

Views of the Louvre.

Clock with sculptures on the sides.

Youth around the fountains.

The ship sails past the Louvre.

Flag on the tower.

The football fans on the roadway, people shout at the camera, the cars are signaling, the passengers are waving flags.

Notre Dame Cathedral, night views.

Details of the design of the cathedral (sculpture, stucco).

Shooting from the cathedral gate from the bottom up (the camera turns).

Young people dance to the sounds of a tomtama.


Vulf V.Ya. - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Candidate of Law, art critic, theater critic, film critic, literary critic, translator, critic, Honored Artist of Russia, author and presenter of the Silver Ball.

Calendar: 2002

Locations: Paris [850]

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