Life on the Verge (2006)

Documentary №72276, 1 part, duration: 0:52:38
Production: VID
Director:Marat Gajnulin, Igorj Yarcev
Screenwriters:Marat Gajnulin, Igorj Yarcev, Illarion Guliver
Camera operators:Nikolaj Kuzjmin, Aleksej Nesterov, Konstantin Shatov, Halel Eljderra
Anouncers:Andrej Yaroslavcev


The film introduces the viewer to extreme sports and non-standard leisure activities, viewing them from different angles and trying to answer the questions of who such extremals are, how they become and what drives all these people in reality. Scientists-biologists and psychologists, supporters of active rest, representatives of dangerous professions and other fans of thrill take part in the discussion.

Reel №1

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Who are the extremals?

Chemist Lyudmila Baratova talks about the genetic predisposition and nervous organization of a person.

Biologist Tatyana Yemelyanova about adrenaline and other things that cause a person's desire to relive the corresponding sensations again.

Fragments of the interview with skier Maria Dobrokhotova, champion of Russia in 2006 on off-piste skiing freeride; The girl talks about Sports career and suffered injuries, assessing their actions and reactions in terms of various areas of psychology.

Biologist Andrei Kamensky on the differences in motivations on the examples of behavior of people and rats.

M. Dobrokhotova demonstrates riding a mountain bike as an example of the fact that any human activity carries an element of risk.

LA Baratova criticizes television programs that promote extreme types of recreation.

Psychologist Vadim Petrovsky is experimenting with students to illustrate the differences between certain types of people and determine their willingness to set and perform tasks of high or low complexity.

Speleologists-amateurs conduct a tour of the Moscow quarries, life under the earth tells rescuer MES Konstantin Silaev.

AA Kamensky on the behavioral mechanisms of protection in animals, in comparison with humans.

Biologist Alexander Kaplan on the self-realization of man and the role of psychic organization in this.

Winter hikes through the caves, the rules of entry-exit and behavior below.

VA Petrovsky on regression of psychological age in dangerous situations.

K.Silayev and speleologist-amateur Proff about supernumerary situations under the ground and search for additional extreme.

A. Ya.

Kaplan on the causes of "hussar" behavior of people.

VA Petrovsky explains why some people tend to repeat what they have gone through, even if it means repeating the previous mistake.

Speleologists-amateurs Proff and Elena Magdachenko talk with people close in spirit, the role of an underground club on interests in the lives of its participants.

A. Ya.

Kaplan on the correspondence between the external and internal world of man: the imbalance as a path to the splitting of consciousness, disease and death.

T. Emelyanova about the possibility of falling into a state of suspended animation in a critical situation.

Rescuer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Ignat Orlovsky, a part-time industrial climber, knocks down icicles and repairs rainwater pipes.

Video from a personal archive: skydiving.


Kaplan debunks the myth of adrenaline addicts.

The children's dentist Marina, wife of Ignat, talks about her work and the fear of people treating her teeth.

I. Orlovsky on the main rules of the game with the danger and the causes of the death of climbers.

AA Kamensky with new examples of differences in the behavior of people and animals: unlike humans, an animal will never voluntarily leave a place where it is cozy and safe.

The work of stuntmen on the set of the film: the fall of a robber into an ice hole and a fight with a policeman in the water.

Preparing the performers of the tricks to shoot the next take.

Jumps from height and sword fights.

Stuntman Nikolai Sysoev about cowards, brave men and just about those who do not have enough thrills in their lives.

Shots of the feature film "Bread, Gold, Nagan" (1980, directed by S.V. Gasparov).

Equestrian stunt Julia Panarina talks about a sports career, a suffered trauma and a change of profession.

Performing a stunt with burning horseback riding.

Training in the gym, swimming pool, on the playgrounds.

Stuntman Elena Lotanova about the strength of the female spirit and the inability to live without tricks.

Comments A. Ya.

Kaplan on the development in the human body of hormones and other chemicals necessary for rescue in an emergency situation.

Stunts during competitions and filming.

N.P.Sysoev about women-stunt men.

Tragedy of the paralympic-weightlifter Sergei Istomin.

Wedge wedge kicking: fear of heights and skydiving.

Classes at home and in the gym, participation in competitions.

The history of musician Yuri Shapovalov.

Travel and participation in wheelchair wheelchair marathons.

Life completely changes when a person has a goal.

Duet SE Istomin and Yu.

Shapovalov: from singing to climbing Elbrus.

Shooting of Yu.

Shapovalov in the park at VVC.

SEIstomin participates in sports, circus and television shows.

Russian traveler Fedor Konyukhov: all discoveries were made by adventurers.

The ideological inspirer is the traveler Georgy Sedov.

VA Petrovsky on the role of children's values ​​in later life of man.

A. Ya.

Kaplan on the feeling and understanding of freedom.

Video recordings of travels from personal archives of F. F. Konyukhov (on yachts, dog sled, in the northern and southern seas).

Freedom in the understanding of the traveler.

Chapel of St.

Nicholas the Wonderworker, built by FF Konyukhov.

A traveler about faith in the immortality of the soul.

FF Konyukhov and his painting.

An unrealized dream is to overwinter in the deepest bay of Antarctica.

Plans for the expedition to the Arctic and Antarctic.

Captain Vladislav Agapov about the willingness of people to take risks.

Final cutting from the frames of the film.

The eternal question: does a person have limits in the knowledge of himself?


Baratova L.A. - Doctor of Chemistry, Head of the Chromatography Department of the Scientific Research Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology named after ANBelozersky at Moscow State University named after MVLomonosov. Yemelyanova (Tarjimanyants) T. - Doctor of Biological Sciences, leading research associate of the Institute of Chemical Physics RAS named after NN Semenov. Kamensky A.A. - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Faculty of Biophysics, Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. Petrovsky V.A. - Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education (RAO). Kaplan A.Ya. - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Neurophysiology and Neuro-Interfaces of the Faculty of Biophysics at the Moscow State University named after MVLomonosov. Sysoev N.P. - stuntman, actor, master of sports in judo, president of the International Academy of the trick, a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia. Istomin S.E. - master of sports in weightlifting, power juggler, 10-fold champion of Russia in powerlifting, European champion (1996), prize-winner of world championships and Paralympic games. Konyukhov F.F. - Russian traveler, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR in sports tourism, artist, writer, academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, member of the Writers' Union of Russia; Currently a priest.

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] Russia [1] Arctic [941]

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