Civil Defense in the USSR (1970-1979)

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Scene №1 Civil Defense in the USSR

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People with things go to trucks during a training evacuation from a conditionally infected area.

People get into trucks and railway cars.

On the street of the city, trucks with people are passing by.

People get on the plane, bus, suburban train.

Delivery of people to a new place of residence by various means of transport.

A member of the Civil Defense Headquarters of the region reports to the Chief of Staff about the readiness of the mines as shelters from weapons of mass destruction.

Air supply to shelters by hand.

Internal view of one of the premises of the warehouse with a supply of food and drinking water.

Scheme of descent into the mine and placing people in it.

Fragment of the scheme of emergency exits from the mine.

Type of complex of radar stations (radar).

The radar operator transmits information about the threat of an air attack.

Enabling the air alarm.

Workers leave the workshop on the signal of air alarm.

Signal transmission via speakers and factory beeps.

People go down into the shelter.

People leave houses during an air alarm, take necessary things and documents, turn off light and gas.

A woman warns neighbors by knocking at windows and doors.

People run into shelters and mines, the crate with people starts descending.

Walking descent into the shaft along the trunks.

People take places in the shelter.

Providing medical assistance in a specially equipped mine room, a nurse bandages a hand to the boy.

People in the shelter listen to the instructions of the senior civil defense post, the face of the instructor.

The duty officer at the command post of the mine on the radio gives the order to switch to the sealing mode.

Closing of hermetic doors.

Type of outdoor entrance to a separate shelter.

Internal entrances to the shelters with tambours and hermetic doors.

The interior view of one of the shelters, with a ventilation system, the attendant speaks on the phone.

Internal view of the premises of an autonomous diesel power station, water supply and sewerage.

People go down to the shelter during the civil defense exercises.

Sealing the doors of the shelter.

Automatic closing of security doors at the metro station.

People go down into the shelter.

Members of the civil defense headquarters of the facility behind the control panel.

Types of deserted urban quarter, factory shop.

People sit in the shelter.

Burning buildings.

Helicopter air reconnaissance before departure to the source of defeat.

The view of the deck of the vessel going for reconnaissance (from above).

Calendar: 1970s

Locations: USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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