In the Far East (1929-1938)

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Scene №1 In the Far East

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A border patrol boat runs along the Amur River.

Far Eastern landscapes.

View of a part of the sea shore.

View of the part of Lake Hasan.

Panorama of the section of the Soviet-Japanese border, Red Army soldiers in patrol.

Horse artillery, cavalry and trucks with infantry move along the road.

The cavalry unit is moving.

A bomber squadron is flying.

Launching of the bomber engines.

The planes are flying by.

Types of wing and cockpit bomber, the pilots in the cockpit.

A rupture of the projectile, the planes fly by.

The artillery commander gives command to open fire during the fighting on Lake Khasan in 1938.

Artillery is firing.

The artillery gun is in position.

A light tank is passing by.

The telephone operator speaks into the phone of the field telephone.

The barrel of an artillery gun.

Correctionists at the observation post.

Charge the gun.

A shell exploded on one of the hills.

The artillery calculation fires an ambush, the infantry rises to attack.

Telephonists at the field site of communication.

Tanks are attacking.

The face of the Commander of the First Independent Red Banner Army, Shtern G.M.

Voroshilov K.E. Among the military, listening to explanations.

The face of Blucher V.K.

Crossing of troops through a water obstacle during the exercises, the construction of a pontoon bridge.

A plane carrying the inscription "Siberian builder" is flying aboard.

Type of settlement (top).

Aircraft land.

Types of railroad tracks passing by the rocks.

Types of rocks and taiga from the window of the car.

An airplane is flying by.

The bear pulls the fish out of the stream.

Bear cubs eat prey.

Taiga birds.

Blucher holds a meeting of commanders in Vladivostok.

Performing rituals in a Buddhist temple of one of the datsans.

Feast in honor of the god Chayzhulyat, ritual dances.

The monks perform ritual music.

The image of Chayyulyat.

The ceremonial exit in masks from the temple, one of the priests performs a ritual dance.

The children are ringing bells.

Types of streets and squares in Vladivostok in 1929, people on the streets.

The car pulls away from the sidewalk, the tram is passing by.

Hussein transport in one of the streets.

Trade in the city market.

The Nanai boy performs in the market.

Types of the Chinatown.

Faces of children.

People on the roof of a village house during a flood, a man on a boat swims to them.

Nanaian children are swimming on boats.

The beginning of the chum salmon.

Catch on the shore.

The net in the networks.

The Red Army subdivision passes through the village after the end of the exercises.

The military sailors are visiting the gold fields, talking with people, holding children.

A woman searches for dried skins.

View of the river at sunset, people unload the boat.

Fishermen pull the net to the shore.

Sea surf at sunset.

Types of port in Vladivostok.

Unloading and loading of cargoes on vessels, loaders carry bags on shoulders.

Residents of Vladivostok stand on the streets in anticipation of the passage of parts of the Red Army.

The faces of commanders.

The Red Army unit is walking along Vladivostok Street.

The performance of the actors before the Red Army men of one of the units of the Far Eastern Army in 1929, the Red Army applauded.

The faces of Red Army men and local residents.

Performance of artists in one of the parts of the Far Eastern District in 1938, faces of Red Army men and commanders.

Artists show the number with shooting on the target "blindly."

The actress's face, the Red Army men applaud.


Shtern Grigory Mikhailovich - military leader Blucher Vasily Konstantinovich - military leader Voroshilov Kliment Efremovich - statesman and politician, military leader

Calendar: 1929 1938

Locations: Primorsky Krai [764] USSR [863] Vladivostok [951]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823] Spring [825]

Scene №2

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Party and Soviet leaders on Vladivostok Street during the anniversary of the October Revolution.

A military band is playing.

Parts of the Far Eastern Army in the parade on one of their city streets.

Military parade in Vladivostok, the cavalry unit passes.

Children at the May Day demonstration.

Solemn construction on the occasion of the awarding of the distinguished fighters and commanders of the Far Eastern Army.

Presentation of the Red Army Order of the Red Banner of Battle.

Awarding the order of the pupil of the cavalry brigade Kolya Cherepanov.

Meeting at the station commander of the Independent Red Banner Far Eastern Army Blukher V.K.

General views of the platform filled with people.

Blucher is among the people who meet him in Vladivostok.

Blucher talks with the commanders during the exercises in 1936.

Crossing of tanks and caterpillar vehicles through a water obstacle during exercises.

Guidance of the pontoon bridge.

Loading of vessels in the port of Vladivostok.

A passenger ship approaches Vladivostok, sailing boats pass by.

Passengers aboard the ship, meeting at the pier welcome them.

The staff of the Soviet embassy in China, released from Beijing prison, descends the ladder.

The faces of Soviet diplomats who returned to their homeland.


Blucher Vasily Konstantinovich - military leader

Calendar: 1929 1936

Locations: Vladivostok [951] Primorsky Krai [764]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Scene №3

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Red Army soldiers of one of the parts of the Far Eastern Army in the classes on the elimination of illiteracy in 1929.

Letters from the Red Army family.

Blucher in the spring of 1937 welcomed the tank crew of the Mikheev brothers, greeted each other with the hand.

Blucher at the tank talks with the brothers Mikheevs and their father.

The crew takes places in the tank.

Tank brothers Mikheevs rides through the territory of the military town.

Blucher signals the tank to stop, Blucher's face.

Crew lined up in front of a fighting vehicle.

The text of the order of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR No. 223 on the appropriation of the name "Special" by the Far Eastern Army.

Gorbnik gives a signal.

The infantry division of the Far Eastern army is passing by.

Blucher stands from the rostrum in front of the Red Army men.

Blucher bypasses the military units built to reward the Red Army men and commanders who distinguished themselves in the battles at the KVZhD.

Blucher goes along the line and personally presents awards.

The Red Army man attaches the order to his greatcoat.

Head of Political Administration of the Far Eastern Army Donenko N.E. Gives awards to the Red Army men.

Awarded Red Army men stand in line.

A Soviet military train passes, the face of a young Chinese soldier.


Blucher Vasily Konstantinovich - military leader Donenko Nikolay Efimovich - military-political and economic figure

Calendar: 1929 1937

Locations: Khabarovsk Krai [766] Primorsky Krai [764]

Seasons: Spring [825] Winter [823]

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