Celebrating the 70th anniversary of IV. Stalin in the USSR and abroad (1949)

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Scene №1 Celebrating the 70th anniversary of IV. Stalin in the USSR and abroad

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The collective farmers are riding in the bodies of trucks decorated with banners with slogans in honor of the 70th anniversary of Stalin.

The Pioneer detachment is going to a rally in honor of Stalin's jubilee.

Workers-participants in the rally in honor of the jubilee of Stalin greet those arriving at the rally of collective farmers.

The faces of the rally participants.

Children at the rally.

He speaks from the rostrum, people listen to him, applaud.

Panorama of part of the rally.

Post Office of the Stalin Collective Farm in the Rostov Region.

People send congratulatory telegrams to Moscow in the name of Stalin, the text of the telegram.

A telegraph tape with congratulations to Stalin.

Telegraphists behind the apparatus, the texts of congratulatory telegrams.

People write on their telegraph forms the congratulations to Stalin, the view of the hall of one of the post offices.

Battle ship of the Northern Fleet in the bay near Murmansk.

A view of the rock with a memorial obelisk installed on it in honor of a visit to Stalin by Murmansk in 1933.

The inscription on the obelisk.

Sailors of the Northern Fleet in the guard of honor at the obelisk.

Faces of sailors.

The officer gives a speech, faces of sailors.

Salute from the side of a fishing boat.

The captain gives a solemn speech in honor of the jubilee of Stalin, the crew members listen to him.

Faces of sailors.

The seaman at the onboard signal floodlight.

General view of the meeting on the deck.

Festive illumination at the sawmill of one of the collective farms.

Workers sawmill during the grand meeting.

People in the collective farm library read newspapers.

The collective farmers sing a song about Stalin at a gala evening.

A view of the streets of Prague, decorated on the occasion of the jubilee of Stalin.

He speaks at a solemn meeting in Prague.

President of Czechoslovakia Gottwald K. opens a memorial in honor of Stalin, the participants applauded.

President of Poland B. Berut opens the memorial of Polish-Soviet friendship.

Turn in the Soviet embassy.

People give Soviet diplomats bouquets of flowers for Stalin.

Festive illumination on the buildings of Moscow.

People with torches during the solemn meeting in honor of Stalin's jubilee, panorama of the rally.

Festive illumination on one of the buildings.

The general view of the hall of the Bolshoi Theater during the Gala Meeting in honor of the 70th anniversary of Stalin, the people in the hall rise.

Kaganovich LM, Mikoyan AI Stalin IV, Mao Zedong, Malenkov GM.

Beria LP, Khrushchev NS, Rakoshi M., Shvernik NM Occupy seats in the presidium of the meeting.

Guests in the boxes applauded standing.

Malenkov, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Voroshilov K.E. And other members of the presidium applauded in return.

Type of part of the hall (from above).

Kaganovich, Bulganin NA, Stalin, Voroshilov, Ibarruri D., continue to applaud.

The faces of the girls in the hall.


Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich - statesman and politician [842] Khrushchev Nikita Sergeevich - state and political figure [882] Kaganovich Lazar Moiseevich - statesman and politician Mikoyan Anastas Ivanovich - statesman and politician Malenkov Georgiy Maximilianovich - statesman and politician Beria Lavrenty Pavlovich - state and political figure Bulganin Nikolai Aleksandrovich - statesman and politician Shvernik Nikolai Mikhailovich - state and political figure Voroshilov Kliment Efremovich - statesman and politician, military leader Gottwald Clement is a Czechoslovak state and political figure Take Boleslav - Polish state and political figure Rakosi Mathias - Romanian statesman and politician Mao Zedong - Chinese statesman and politician Ibarruri Dolores - Spanish revolutionary and political figure

Calendar: 12.1949

Locations: Moscow [820] Rostov region [798] USSR [863] Warsaw [857] Prague [879]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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