Japan in wars (1905-1939)

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Scene №1 Japan in wars

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The parade of the Japanese army in 1904.

Japanese tanks and infantry break through the Chinese positions during the war of 1931-1937.

Japanese soldiers plant a banner above the gates of the palace in Beijing.

Japanese artillery calculation fires at the enemy.

Japanese planes are flying.

Episode of air battle.

Officers at the observation post.

Soviet tankmen surrendered (staged).

Episodes of air battle.

Japanese youth marching in the ranks during military training classes.

Japanese pilots are instructed before the combat flight.

The pilots take places in the cockpits of the aircraft.

Calendar: 1904 1931-1937

Locations: Japan [112] China [46]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №2

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Japanese tank at the training ground during the exercises.

The face of the commander of the tank.

Infantry with the support of tanks takes a fighting position, preparing to fire.

The tank takes a position, the arrows lead fire from rifles and machine guns.

The tank is moving.

The officer podpet command subordinates, infantrymen are running into the attack.

Attacking Japanese tanks overcome wire obstacles during maneuvers.

The tank commander in the tower gives commands.

Tanks with caterpillars destroy wire barriers.

The Japanese infantry during the exercises, the calculation of the machine gun fire.

The officer raises the soldiers into the attack.

Infantry attacks with the support of tanks.

Episode of air battle.

Calendar: 1930s

Locations: China [46] Japan [112]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №3

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Japanese aircraft dive on the target during the fighting in the Pacific Ocean in 1941-1943.

Japanese pilots are discussing tactics of combat between combat sorties.

The pilot sits down in the cockpit of the plane, the screws rotate.

A flying plane.

The Japanese army on the march during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905.

Panorama of the Japanese fortified area in Manchuria.

Preparation of heavy guns for shooting.

Calculation of a heavy gun is firing.

Russian officers in one of the Manchurian villages during negotiations with the Japanese.

The captured Russian soldiers.

A Japanese military band is playing.

Japanese ships in a combat campaign.

Deck guns and torpedo tubes fire.

Explosions on enemy ships.

Awarding one of the Japanese generals.

Parade of the Japanese cavalry.

Calendar: 1904-1905 1941-1943

Locations: Japan [112] China [46] At Sea [14]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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