Conquerors of the cosmos (1960-1999)

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Scene №1 Conquerors of the cosmos

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Types of the model of the Soviet space station Salyut-6.

Dummy cosmonaut in the spacesuit inside the station.

Launch of the launch vehicle from Baikonur in 1977.

Scheme of putting into orbit of the Soviet orbital station and landing of the descent vehicle (animation).

Astronaut Tereshkova V.V. Rises aboard the spaceship No.

Vostok-6 on June 16, 1963.

Tereshkova before landing in a spaceship.

"Vostok-6" before the start, the last check of the astronaut.

The launch of the spacecraft.

Faces of astronauts before the start.

The staff of the Mission Control Center are monitoring the data of the instruments.

Helicopters and ancillary equipment at the landing site of the descent vehicle, panorama of the landing site.

Officers keep in touch the place of landing, the descent vehicle on a parachute.

Landing of the descent vehicle.

The officers help cosmonaut Kubasov VN. To get out of the descent vehicle after the end of the flight in 1975.

Cosmonauts Kubasov V.N. And Leonov AA After landing, the faces of the astronauts.

Leonov gives an interview at the landing site.

General view of the hall of the press conference, Leonov answers the journalists' question, the participants of the press conference applaud.


Tereshkova Valentina Vladimirovna - the pilot-cosmonaut Leonov Alexey Arkhipovich - the pilot-cosmonaut Kubasov Valery Nikolayevich - the pilot-cosmonaut

Calendar: 06/16/1963 1975 1977

Locations: Kazakhstan [114] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №2

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Internal view of the design office, employees in white coats at the drawing tables.

View of the part of the factory workshop.

Engineers-designers at work.

A message in the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda about the launch of Sputnik-5 on May 19, 1960.

Dog Squirrel and Arrow before the flight.

View of the starry sky.

The scheme of the Soviet artificial satellite in orbit (animation).

Installation of the bow of the spaceship Vostok.

Employees of the Mission Control Center monitor the data of the instruments before the launch of the spacecraft.

The explosion of the device at the start.

Types of rally and demonstration on Red Square after the return of the next cosmonaut.

Training cosmonauts on gymnastics simulators.

Engineers in the design office for drawing boards.

Training cosmonauts on simulator-simulator, taking medical indications before flying into space.

The cosmonaut's landing on the bus for delivery to the launch site.

Tereshkova V.V. Before landing in a spaceship on June 16, 1963.

The technique of space tracking at the cosmodrome.

Employees of the Mission Control Center monitor the readings of the instruments.

Clock on the Spassky Tower of the Kremlin.

People are applauding the faces of the people gathered in Red Square.

Tereshkova after landing of the descent vehicle.

Tereshkova in orbit.

Solemn rallies in Moscow in honor of the flights of Tereshkova and Titov GS.

Helicopter at the landing site of the descent vehicle.

Tereshkova sits on the ground, surrounded by people, after landing.

The motorcade is moving along Moscow (from above).

General view of Red Square during the demonstration (from above).

The faces of demonstrators, people carry red flags.

Employees of the editorial office of one of the European newspapers with a portrait of Gagarin Yu.A.

People have a newspaper stand in one of the cities in Europe.

Physical training in the detachment of cosmonauts, gymnastics and simulators.

Tereshkova during training and everyday life in a detachment of astronauts.

Telephones on the international switchboard.

People on the streets of Paris and Berlin read news in the newspapers about the launch of the Vostok-4 spaceship.

Portraits of Soviet cosmonauts in foreign newspapers, residents of European cities buy and read newspapers, discuss another space flight of Soviet cosmonauts.

The faces of people listening to the message on the flight on the radio, rejoicing at the success of Soviet cosmonauts.

Residents of the Union republics of the USSR read in the newspapers about the next space flight.

Participants in the solemn meeting on Red Square welcome the announcement of another successful space flight.

Testing a new capsule for baptizing a person in the air.

Capsule induction.

Engineers-designers at work.

Cosmonaut Bykovsky V.F. Trains in conditions of weightlessness.

Training of female cosmonauts in conditions of overload.

The work of the center for tracking space objects, employees are monitoring the readings of the instruments.

Citizens of the USSR welcome the announcement of another space flight.

Kinds of demonstration in Red Square.


Tereshkova Valentina Vladimirovna - the pilot-cosmonaut Bykovsky Valery Fedorovich - the pilot-cosmonaut

Calendar: 06/16/1963

Locations: Moscow [820] USSR [863] Kazakhstan [114] Western Europe [911] Paris [850] Berlin [821]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №3

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Attachment of sensors to the cosmonaut's head during preflight studies.

Medical testing of astronauts with the help of special instruments and simulators.

Training cosmonauts to survive in the winter forest, cosmonauts put a tent, equip a temporary camp.

Construction of a hut.

The faces of the astronauts sitting by the fire.

General view of the camp, broken at the capsule of the descent vehicle.

Drying shoes over the fire.

Astronauts break camp after a conditional landing in the forest in the summer.

List of necessary medicines from the emergency medicine chest, the person of the astronaut.

Astronauts determine their coordinates.

View of a part of the forest (from above), the astronaut's rise on a cable to the helicopter.

Training on watering.

The astronauts sail to the shore.

View of the lake (from above).

Ascension of a cosmonaut on a cable in a helicopter.

Members of the international space crew fry shish kebabs during the rest.

Preparation of the international space crew for departure.

The cosmonaut's escape to outer space.

Conducting medical research aboard a spaceship.

Assembling the TV antenna.

Meeting with the crew of the Mir space station.

Carrying out research work aboard the Mir station.

Type of capsule landing device.

Calendar: 1992-1999

Locations: Kazakhstan [114] Space [204] Russia [1]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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