Foreign intervention and the outbreak of civil war in Russia (1917-1918)

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Scene №1 Foreign intervention and the outbreak of civil war in Russia

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Ships of the Japanese navy in the raid of Vladivostok in April 1918.

A view of the side of the Japanese battle ship's deck with deck and side gun turrets, the artillerymen are standing by the towers.

Japanese officers on the quay of Vladivostok port.

Japanese generals and officers descend the ramp to the dock, they are greeted by representatives of the Japanese colony of Vladivostok.

Meeting of French officers in Georgia.

Menshevik leaders of Georgia and the French military during the solemn event.

Parade of the Georgian troops.

The leader of the Georgian Mensheviks Zhordania NN Among the leaders of Georgia and the French military.

Georgian leaders and French officers go to a buffet table during a "friendly breakfast", talk during breakfast.

General Yudenich N.N. At the desk.

Rodzianko MV, Ataman of the Terek Cossack Army Karaulov MA And the Don Ataman Kaledin AM They talk during a break in the meeting of the State Conference near the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow in August 1917.

General Kornilov LG Among the military stands at the entrance to the Bolshoi Theater during the work of the State Conference, unfolds and enters the theater building.

Admiral Kolchak A.V. On the deck of a warship.

Armored train "General Kornilov" stand on the railway tracks.

Emblem of the White Armored Train "On Moscow".

One of the armored trains of the Volunteer Army on the road, the sight of the passing armored train.


Rodzianko Mikhail Vladimirovich - state and political figure Kaledin Alexei Maksimovich - military commander, Cossack politician Karaulov Mihail Aleksandrovich - Cossack politician Kornilov Lavr Georgievich - military leader Kolchak Alexander Vasilievich - naval, state and political figure, polar explorer Yudenich Nikolai Nikolayevich - military leader Zhordania Noi Nikolaevich is a Georgian state and political figure

Calendar: 08.1917 04.1918

Locations: Vladivostok [951] Georgia [83] Russia [1]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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