God Bless You. (1973)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of 4 GU pri minzdrave SSSR

Director: Rybakova A.

Script writers: Rybakova A., Kasatkin P.

Operators: Kasatkin P.

Composers: Krylatov E.

Text writers: Lvovskiy M.


The film tells about the sanatoriums and rest homes Fourth Main Department of the Ministry of Health SSCR.

Health | Life and leisure

Social life

Reel №1

Crohn's birch.

Views of the Kremlin from the trees.

Blooming tulips, the track is a person.

People sit on benches in the park.

A woman reading a book.

Visitors summer cafe, a man with a book.

The movement of vehicles, ambulance rides to the challenge. E.I.Chazov colleague examined the patient.

Tells E.I.Chazov.

Views of Moscow.

Plane takes off.

People on the streets of the city.

The transport stream.

A woman stands at the junction.

People run across the road.

Top view of a crosswalk.

Continued interview with E.I.Chazovym.

The operator works on a computer.

People and vehicles in the streets.

Plane takes off.

Fans at the stadium.

People running at a pedestrian crossing.

Hand with a cigarette.

Wagon train.

City street.

Blooming roses.

Woman photographing family on a background of roses.

Flowering plants on the lawns.

Autumn natural scenery.

With trees showered snow.

Spring flowering of garden trees.

Snow-covered branches over the road.

Mountain View.

Flowering mountain herbs.

Three-masted barque in the sea.

People are standing on the shore, the boat on hangers.

Panoramic views of the Black Sea coast.

The streets of Sochi.

Panorama coast.

Matsesta Spa, garden and the main building.

Sea view from the hill.

Holiday in Gagra.

Women climb the stairs, go down the hall.

People at the tables in the lobby.

Holiday Cjurupy name.

Holiday House "Small Akhun".

Panorama of the sanatorium "Sochi".

The fountain in the courtyard.

The house is at the end of the alley.

Overgrown with creepers gallery.

The guide leads the group through the alley of the park.

Vacationers playing volleyball.

Those viewers.

People swim in the pool.

People bathe in the sea.

People relax on the beach.

View of the coast.

People ride on a catamaran.

Riding on the boat.

The foam and spray over the trail tail boat.

The sanatorium "Seaside."

Furnishing rooms.

The chef in the kitchen.

A dietician takes the sample.

Vacationers have dinner in the dining room.

Men go fishing boats.

Participants hike pass the river on a wooden bridge.

River rapids.

Wild bushes in the mountains.

Tourists walk on the trail along the river.

Go river over the stones.

People admire the mountain waterfall.

Mountain road in the rocks.

Passengers on the bus.

Holidaymakers on the shore of Lake Riza.

View of the holiday home.

Panorama of the lake.

On the lake boat ride.

Water Skiing.

Splashes of water.

Horse threes winter.

Winter forest.


Chazov EI - Cardiologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, USSR Ministry of Health, General Director of NPK FGBU Cardiology.


Moscow Sochi USSR


Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Valdai, winter landscape around the holiday home.

People ski in the park.

Those girls.

People ride with skiing and sledding.

Skiers in the forest.

People around the campfire.

He lit the fire.

Men remove pot from heat.

People eat soup from the pot.

A man with a cigarette.

People talk around the campfire.

Fishermen on the lake Uzhim.

Uzhimskie natural scenery.

Rybak approaches the shore.

The passengers on the upper deck-trip.

Church of the trees.

Passenger ship.

Beach on the coast (shooting with water).

People swimming in the lake.

On the shore, vacationers playing chess.

Cyclists riding on a park path.

People playing cards, doing working drawings, smoke.

Mushroom pickers in the autumn forest.

A man puts a mushroom in a basket.

Lake View, a table and a woman the girl clean the mushrooms.

Girl cleans fungus.

Harvest mushrooms.

Woman stringing mushrooms on a skewer.

A man lays skewers on the stove to dry.

Birch Grove.

Autumn natural scenery.

Moscow region, sanatorium "Moscow", a view of the building because of the branches.

The resort in the summer.

Hall nursing home is decorated with many plants.

People walk through the hall.

Flower arrangements.

Situation Room.

Model of the new building of the sanatorium "Moscow".

Construction site.

View of the resort under construction in the Zhiguli from the river.

View of the Volga shore.

People discuss the project.

View of housing under construction.

Waves lapping on the shore.

Crimean natural scenery.

Unfinished building of sanatorium "Ai-Danil".

The south coast of Crimea.

Sea waves.

Panorama of the coast.

The sanatorium "Oreanda".

People talk at a table on the terrace.

The courtyard with a fountain sanatorium.

Resting near the fountain.

Girl in rocking chair.

The lantern on the wall of the building.

Furnishing rooms.

People dine outdoors, cook pours tea.

The waves splashing on the rocks.

Courtyard resort.

Pool Map.

Tourist bus.

The passengers of the bus.

Livadia Palace.

View of the courtyard from behind bars.

Tea House on the bank of the pond.

Visitors to the table.

Behind bars are people working fountain.

Panorama of Yalta.

City streets, blooming flowerbeds, fountains.

House of Anton Chekhov.

The man in the sunglasses.

Tour group on the observation deck.

View of the coast, Ayu-Dag on the horizon.

Waves lapping on the shore.

Garden over the precipice.

Vacationers are on the rocks, the child jumps into the water.

Adults and children bathe in the sea.

View of the beach.

The fountain in the courtyard of sanatorium Pushkin.

A plaque at the entrance.

The new building of the sanatorium.

Vacationers are sitting at tables on the street.


Novgorod region Kirov region Samara region Stavropol region Moscow region Crimea


Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Reel №3


Reel №4

Housing physiotherapy.

People sit in chairs, doctor invites the patient to the ward.

The patient on the procedure.

Doctor preparing a bath.

The patient takes a bath procedure.

Sharko shower.

People walk in the park.

Natural scenery and resort of Kislovodsk.

Clusters of mountain ash on the branches.

North Caucasus, the tourists up the mountain trail.

Mountain waterfall, people coming down.

Rowan branches over the water.

Mountain View.

A bee sits on a flower.

After clearing running deer.

Deer looking into the camera.

A family of deer in the woods.

A family of wild boars.

A child wearing glasses.

River mountains in the background.

Lodge "Arkhyz" at dusk.

Silhouette in the window.

People sit in the chairs in the lobby.

The staircase to the second floor.

People coming down the stairs.

Fixtures on the ceiling.

Holidaymakers in the common room.

The child puts the wood in the fireplace.

Men play chess.

Evening talk.

He lit the fire.

View of the house at dusk.

Ski resort Dombay, people go down the path with skis in hand.

Icicles on the edge of the roof.

In the snow there are ski and ski sticks on sticks mittens and hats.

Woman talking with a man.

Passengers cableway.

The view from the cable car down.

Woman in sunglasses.

Man photographing skiers.

The man in the sunglasses.

People skiing on the mountain slopes.

Panorama Mountains.

Winter forest.

Sanatorium "Barvikha" views.

By the window is a grand piano.

General view of the hall.

In the lobby, people sitting at the table.

The game of dominoes.

An elderly man with a newspaper.

People talking in the lobby.

Aquarium fish.

Flower pots.

Corridor resort.

The doctor looks through a microscope and record observations.

Group Health is engaged in a sports hall.

Billiard balls on the table.

Men play a game of billiards.

Winter around the resort.

Sanatorium near Moscow Herzen, Spring flowering garden.

View of the river because of the trees, the river floating boats.

The house is at the end of the park paths.

People walking down the stairs, the view through the stair railing in the hall.

Bottom view on the ceiling vault.

Hall on the first floor.

View from the hallway to the entrance to the common room.

Vacationers are drinking tea.

People at the tables in the hall, an employee of the resort carries the dishes.

A man reading a book in the room.

Group Health is engaged in a park (view from the window).

The doctor walks down the hallway.

The doctor talks to a patient.

People are standing on the balcony.

View from the balcony.

River landscape.

Birch Grove.

A woman gathers a bouquet of tulips.

Flowering mountain herbs.

Movement on the river channels.

Mountain waterfall.

The branches of the trees bend in the wind.

River flows.

Branches of a mountain bush.

Sunset over the sea.


Stavropol region Karachay-Cherkessia Moscow region


Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]