Air crashes (1903-1934)

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Scene №1 Air crashes

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Tilting the aircraft when landing.

People at the plane, lying with wheels up, the policeman pushes the curious.

The accident and the destruction of the aircraft during takeoff, run through people.

The pilot is at the wreckage of the plane.

Collision of the aircraft with cars standing on the edge of the airfield.

The Italian pilot Francesco De Pinedo closes the cockpit of the Saint Lucia plane, waving his hand before the start of the flight New York - Baghdad on September 3, 1933.

Race and crash of the plane De Pinedo at takeoff.

The plane flips over and lights up.

Burning plane De Pinedo, the charred body of the pilot.

Firefighters extinguish burning pieces of aircraft.

Burnt debris from the plane de Pinedo.

The burning engine of the plane is de Pinedo.

De Pinedo in the cockpit.

The screw rotates, the cameraman rotates the camera's handle.

Race, accident and fire of the plane De Pinedo, the cameraman rotates the camera's handle.

Test aircraft model.

Flying glider.

The pilot falls out of the airframe inverted in flight.

An airship is flying by.

Type of part of the settlement (top).

The locomotives are coming towards each other.

The descending paratrooper, the sky in the parachute domes.

The sinking ship.

The squadron of planes is flying.

Aircraft crash when performing aerobatics during the air show in Europe.

Test homemade aircraft.

The pilot drops out of the overturned airframe.

American pilot Bowl L. checks the engine before the flight, the cameraman is filming.

The crash of the plane of Bowl.

Failure of airframe.

Panorama of the Port of Atlantic City (top).

The plane performs a trick during the air show in Atlantic City, the pilot leaves the cabin, jumping out with a parachute.

Aircraft of naval aviation in flight.

Internal view of the bomb compartment.

Bombardment of a ship.

Domes of parachutes in the sky.

The plane of the Wright brothers is taken out of the hangar in December 1903.

Orville Wright's face.

Wilbur Wright puts under the plane a removable landing gear, prepares the aircraft for flight.

Takeoff of the Wright brothers plane.

Aircraft in flight.

American pilot Curtiss G. before the flight in 1909.

Preparation for the flight, takeoff and landing of the homemade airplane of the original design in 1934.

Demonstration of the work of an aircraft engine with two screws, the aircraft in flight.

Flight of an airplane with a round wing.

The pilots of the brothers Monteverdi by the plane.

The accident of the plane of the Monteverdi brothers during take-off.

Test the model aircraft in the wind tunnel.

The ANT-9 "Krylya Sovetov" aircraft after landing at the airport during a trans-European flight.


De Pinedo Francesco - Italian pilot Wright Orville - American pilot, aircraft designer Wright Wilbur - American pilot, aircraft designer Curtiss Glenn Hammond - American pilot, aircraft designer

Calendar: 12.1903 1909 09/03/1933 1934

Locations: New York [856] USA [851] Western Europe [911]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823] Spring [825] Autumn [826]

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