Starlet № 3 (1967)

Newsreel №72940, 5 parts, duration: 0:43:20
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V.Popova, G.Eljnickaya, B.Goljdenblank
Screenwriters:B.Trishina, B.Dolin, B.Zahoder, N.Grigorjyanc
Camera operators:S.Arceulova, O.Krasnov, N.Zotov
Text authors:B.Zahoder


1. "in the house of animals" - a story about the corner of V. L. Durov. 2. "About the tit" - a story about a tit that, despite the harsh winters, does not leave its native land. 3. "Peacock's eye" - the story of a caterpillar who dreamed of flying. 4. "carnival of animals" - images inspired by the Saint-Saens Suite "Carnival of animals".

Reel №1

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1. "In the house of animals".

The rooster crow, sitting on a perch.

The pig sleeps near his house.

A dog tied to a tree.

Pelican and porcupine.

Entrance to the corner of V. L. Durov.

The elephant sweeps the enclosure with a broom.

The wolf "takes" the broom from the servant.

A cat in a cage with rats.

An employee combs the monkey's hair.

The elephant's nails are trimmed.

The elephant is bathing in a small bath.

A raccoon climbs out of a wooden house.

The raccoon takes a bucket of water from the well.

Begins to "erase".

A food cart is brought to the elephant enclosure.

The rooster and the fox eat from the same bowl.

The monkey eats with a spoon from a plate.

The beginning of the performance in the Theater of animals.

Performance of the artists of the Theater of animals.

Locations: Moscow [820]


Corner of V. L. Durov

Reel №2

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2. "About the Titmouse".

A crane's wedge in the sky.

Ducks in the sky.

Tits on a tree.

Winter forest.

Tits on a tree near the house.

Frozen chickadee in the snow.

A boy who has returned home takes a tit in his hands.

A chickadee in the house has warmed up and is pecking at the seeds from the plate.

Grandfather and grandson made a large bird feeder.

Tit on the windowsill, on a pot with a flower.

Spring birch grove.

A blooming branch of an apple tree.

Tit on the roof of the hollow.

The chickadee feeds the chicks.

A chickadee in the garden eats caterpillars.

A bully shoots a bird with a slingshot.

Chickadee chicks fly out of the nest.

Collecting apples.

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №3

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1. " Peacock's eye"

The caterpillar eats a leaf.

Grasshopper on a Daisy.

A snail crawls on a leaf.

A tit with a caterpillar in its beak.

Bumblebee on a branch.

Overgrown river.

Animation: caterpillar's dreams of flight.

The transformation of a caterpillar into a chrysalis.

Winter forest.

A butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.

Spring forest.

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №4

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3."The carnival of the animals".

Chickens in the poultry yard.

The cat on the pile of firewood.


A herd of antelopes runs across the steppe.

Slowly crawling turtle.

Meeting of two turtles.

The fish in the aquarium.

A man with a donkey crosses a mountain river on a bridge.

Fluttering butterfly.

Two butterflies in the sky.

Reel №5

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The continuation of the story "Carnival of animals".

Autumn forest, slowly falling leaves.

White swan.

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