Starlet № 38 (1984)

Newsreel №72968, 5 parts, duration: 0:46:21
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Reel №1

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Kinoalmanah consists of three plots.

1 part


About the writer A.P. Gaidar.

Photograph of the writer A.P. Gaidar.

The city of Arkhangelsk.

Ships at the shore in a frozen river.

Buildings on the waterfront.

The house, a plaque with the inscription: "In this house in 1929-30 gg.

Lived a famous Soviet writer Arkady Gaidar. "

Photos of A.P. Gaidar in his youth.

Articles, satirical articles, poems of AP Gaydar, published in the newspapers "Volna", "Pravda Severa" in 1929-1930. The cover of the Moscow magazine "October", in which the novel "School" was first published under the title "Ordinary biography".

Nizhny Novgorod region, Arzamas.

The building of the Arzamas-II railway station. 9-storey apartment buildings, shop building.

Old city district.

Church on the river bank.

Wooden outbuildings.

A wooden, squinting house.

The cat sits on the porch of the house.

Sorochinsky pond.

View of the river.


Ensemble of the Ascension Cathedral, bell tower.

A wooden house rumpled over the ravine.

The railway bridge over the river.

Old wooden houses.

The house in which the Golikov family lived since 1912. The furnishings of rooms in the house.

Photographs of the parents of AP Gaidar - NAI PI Golikov.

An ancient mansion in which the hero of the story "School" lived 15-year-old Boris Gorikov.

The garden around the pond.

Willow over the river.

Reel №2

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Part 2


Plot 1 (continued).

The house on Karl Marx Street (formerly.

Salnikova), d.12, where the father of AP Gaydar lived in 1924 (this house is described in the story "School").

The streets of Arzamas.


The cart is driving along the street.

Movement of transport.

The house, a plaque with the inscription: "In this house in 1899-1918 lived Maria Valerianovna Goppius member of the CPSU (b) since 1904, one of the leaders of the Arzamas Bolshevik organization."

The building of the former real school, where he studied A. Gaidar.

Entrance hall of the school, stairs.

The building of Arzamas-I station.

Photos of A.P. Gaidar (Golikova) for different years.

A signboard of the Arzamas State Pedagogical Institute named after AP Gaydar.

Bust of AP Gaidar near the school building.

Sculpture of a young AP Gaidar near the library building.

Plot 2. "In Search of the Golden Fleece".

A game story in which the hero of ancient Greek mythology Jason travels through the sheep breeding farms of the USSR in search of a golden fleece.

Yason first visits the Georgian state farm "Golden Fleece".

Reel №3

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Part 3

Plot 2 (continued).

Road sign with the inscription: "State Farm" Golden Fleece ".

Celebration of the delivery of sheep's wool at the state farm "Golden Fleece".

Folklore children's dance group performs Georgian folk dance.

People in the square.

On the machine hangs a banner with the inscription: "Take home our homeland - the golden fleece".

Children and adults applaud.

A herd of sheep on a mountain pasture.

Jason examines the herd, but does not find the sheep he needs.

Jason visits a sheep farm in the Yaroslavl region, where the sheep of the Romanov breed are bred.

The workers of the state farm in the sheepfold feed lambs.

The vet examines the sheep that gave birth to the lambs.

A herd of Romanov sheep in the meadow.

Jason does not find in the flock the sheep he needs.

Fishermen on the river.

Jason visits Samarkand.

Architectural monuments of Samarkand.

Jason visits the sheep farm, where lambs of the Karakul breed are bred.

Jason does not find in the flock the sheep he needs.

Reel №4

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Part 4

Plot 2 (continued).


Alma-Ata reg.

A herd of fine-fleeced sheep on a mountain pasture.

A shepherd drives a herd of sheep.

Sheep at the trough.



Sheep flee to the yurts.

Shepherds disperse sheep.

Jason finds a lamb, gives it to the shepherds and visits their yurt.

Children in a yurt.

Women prepare food.

The mountain river.

Shepherds on horseback drive the herd.

Celebration of shearing sheep.

Women carry a samovar.

A female folklore ensemble performs.

A competition of shearers in shearing.

The pioneer puts the wool in a bag.

The trimmed sheep run out of the room.

Workers of the Uzunbulak sheep farm visit the wool.

A banner with the inscription: "Workers of Uzunbulak!

Let's give the Motherland a fine, fine wool of arharomerinos! "Jason examines the wool.

Samples of garments made of wool.

Jason raises a lamb over his head.


A game story about the production of paper.

Schoolboy Seryozha Solovyov in the classroom reviews his dictation, for which he received a deuce.

On the blackboard is drawn a caricature of S. Solovyov, under the drawing the signature: "Shame on Solovyov!".

In the classroom there is an "old-timer" who tells Seryozha about how the paper is made. "The old-timer" and S. Solovyov run to the forest.

Reel №5

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Part 5

Plot 3 (continued).

Logging: cutting down, removal of wood; An alloy of wood along the river.

A brown bear runs along the clearing.

The fox is in the hole.

Beaver in the water.

Production processes of paper making at a paper mill.

Production of notebooks, printing of the textbook "Zoology" and the book "If you knew" in the shop printing company.

Pioneers in the classroom at their desks write in notebooks.

Students collect waste paper.

Spilled trees are returned to their place (reverse cinematography).

Pioneers plant trees.

Fish in the aquarium.

Owl on a tree branch.

The hare on the glade.


Cranberry in the swamp.

Mushrooms in the clearing.

Reflection of trees in the water.

Branch of blooming cherry. "The old-timer" goes into the forest.

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