Horizon № 1 (1965)

Newsreel №72996, 6 parts, duration: 0:54:43
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:F.Tyapkin, E.Ostashenko, G.Eljnickaya, S.Rajtburt
Screenwriters:A. Gasteva, O.Osetinskij, E.Ostashenko,N.Argunova I.Vasiljkova
Camera operators:A.Aljvares, B.Slomyanskij, E.Ezov, Yu.Berenshtejn
Composers:V.Smirnov, B.Trocyuk, E.Tumanyan, A.Zacepin


1. The bridge. About the design and forms of one of the oldest engineering structures. 2. Dock-about the work of the ship's dock in the port of Odessa. 3. Blue bee-about one of the rare insects-xylocope violet. 4.I repeat. One day in the life of a curious little colt.

Reel №1

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A felled tree is thrown across a small river.

A man crosses a river on a log.

The log is suspended by a rope from a tree.

Lion Bridge in Leningrad.

Big bridge over the river

A log across the river is propped up with a wooden "shoulder".

Driving the pile.

Steel bridge verticals.

The train passes over the bridge.

Making a construction of playing cards.

The bridge truss, reinforced with a backbone of triangles.

A system of four elements.

One of the main forms of construction is a triangle.

Paper folded in a certain way keeps its shape.

The paper construction can support the weight of several books.

The structure of the bridge is made of I-beams.

Stone bridge supports.

Stone columns.

Locations: Leningrad [848]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

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Continuation of the story "Bridge".

Folding structures made of stone blocks.

Construction of an arch made of stone blocks.

In the center of the arch is a wedge.

Mascarons on the Central fragment of the arch.

The twig is bent into an arch and strengthened with stones.

The arched bridge rests against the rocks.

Hands process the stone with a chisel.

Molten metal is poured into the bucket.

A red-hot steel beam.

The metal is pulled into thin strings.

Steel arch bridges.

Scrap metal in the landfill.

The stone powder is mixed with water.

Various forms are made from this mass.

Reinforced concrete structure.

Bridge construction.

Reel №3

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Dock one of the ports.

The hull of an old ship, pitted with rust, covered with shells.

Interior of the vessel.

Ship at sea.

A worker cleans the ship's hull.

People meet the ships.

Night, ship in Dock.

Silhouettes of port cranes.

Snow-white ship at sea at night.

Repair work in the Dock.

Part of the body is cut out.

Welding work.

Cleaning the case.

Priming the ship's hull.

On Board the ship, its name is printed in paint.

Workers use a hose to wash the deck.

The updated ship leaves the DOCK.

Locations: Odessa [960]

Reel №4

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The Blue Bee.

A man with a net walks through a flowery meadow.

A bee on a clover.

A dark blue bee on a flower.

A man with a net runs around the meadow, trying to catch an insect.

A man watches a blue bee flying around a dry stalk.

The blue bee builds a nest in a dry stalk.

A man in an old suit with a net catches insects (reconstruction).

Various insects on the flowers.

A young man and an elderly man look at a stalk with a blue bee nest.

The bee shortens the stem and closes the hole with a cork.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Continuation of the plot "Blue Bee".

A bee on a clover flower.

The bee makes a "honey loaf".

A transparent egg on a loaf of bread.

A larva emerged from the egg.

Along the entire length of the stem - cells with larvae.

The larvae turn into pupae.

The bees were hatched from the pupae.


Evening landscape of a horse in a fog.

The colt runs down the hill.

Boat at the bank of the river.

The forester's hut.

Horses drink water from a wooden drinking trough.

Foal and calf in the meadow.


The colt sees the turkey for the first time.

The colt accidentally pushes the bucket into the well.

The forester and his grandson get into the cart and drive away.

The colt runs after them.

The forester and the boy arrive at the field where the hay is being harvested.

Tractor in the field.

The colt runs after the tractor.

I put the hay in stacks.

A calf chews a branch of a tree.

The calf and the moose run off into the forest, and the foal runs after them.

A colt and a calf eat branches from the same tree.

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Continuation of the plot of "Brass".

A moose runs through the forest, followed by a calf and a foal.

The moose ran across the highway, and the calf and foal fell behind and got lost.

An owl on a tree.

A calf and a foal lie side by side.

A hare jumps out into the clearing.

A hedgehog runs by.

The colt is asleep.

The colt dreams of crossing a river, running across a meadow.

The foal climbs up on the stogometatel.

The forester and his grandson are looking at him from below.

A moose comes out of the forest.

The calf scents its mother and runs to her.

The colt was left alone in the forest.

Morning, the colt wanders along the forest road.

The colt goes out to the forester's house.

There are horses at the watering hole.

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