Eternal village. (1991)

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Zajceva I., Chaplinskij S.

Script writers: Zajceva I.

Operators: Chaplinskij S.


The film is about the need to return to basics, the revival and preservation of spiritual people. Throughout the picture we nurture the spiritual formation of characters, each of which tells about her path to faith and God.

Religion | Traditions and customs

Reel №1

The priests.

The children at the entrance to the temple.

Clerics go to the temple.


The service at the cemetery Saturday.

Says the priest.

An elderly woman at a cemetery.

A boy carries an icon.

Elderly people telling stories about deceased relatives, adults and children in the cemetery.

Rural house Church behind the trees.

Interview with the blacksmith.

Older women at the cemetery, a commemoration of the dead, exchange food.

Key words

Faith. Christianity. Family.



Reel №2

The people at the cemetery, a commemoration of the dead, exchange food.

A woman walks along the path past the graves.

Says an elderly woman.


The people around the graves.

The passengers in the train.

Animal farm.

The alternation of cows in pens, men talking at the table.

Family in the yard.

Children run around the yard.

Women clean vegetables.

Cow at a watering hole, a passing motor boat.

Says a young woman.

The men are raking hay in the haystack.

Women peeling vegetables, a refugee responds to journalist's questions.

Men talking at the table.

A man lights a cigarette.

Men at the table.

The baby in the barn.

Key words

Faith. Christianity. Family.



Reel №3

The woman driving the cow in the stall, in the aisle a little girl.

Men talking at the table.

The woman expels the cows on the street.

Cows in their stalls.

Daily milking.

A man with a horse next to the barn.

Approaching the ferry, people go to the shore.

A middle-aged woman.

Smith's visiting her dad.

The man takes the horse into the yard.

The people pluck the burrs from the wool of goats.

Lead the horse around the yard.

Smith asks for parents ' blessing.

Farewell to the father.


On the street passing trucks.

The priest melt furnace.

The conversation of the priest with an elderly lady.

The blacksmith at work.

Key words

Faith. Christianity. Family.



Reel №4


Interview with the blacksmith.

The man wears a harness on the horse.


The cart rides on the street, the foal runs after him, the second horse on a leash.

Farewell to relatives before leaving.

Candle in hand.

The faces of the people.

Worship on the river Bank.

The rite of baptism.

Says the priest.

Church service.

The man in the garden.

Flowering trees.

The people at the cemetery.

Funeral procession.

Says the priest.

Traffic on the river, reflections of clouds in water.

Church ceremony.

The priest blesses the congregation.

People walk under the icon.

The priest conducts the rite of the sacrament at home.

Key words

Faith. Christianity. Family.