How it was (2001) 05/29/2001

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Anchorperson: Oleg Shklovskij

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"Dissidents in Red Square."

August 25, 1968, Moscow, Red Square.

Eight people - philologist Larisa Bogoraz, poet Natalia Gorbanevskaya, linguist Konstantin Babitsky, physicist Pavel Litvinov, poet Vadim Delone, worker Vladimir Dremlyuga, art critic Viktor Feinberg and student Tatyana Baeva - unfolded near the Execution Ground posters with the slogans "Long live the free and Independent Czechoslovakia! "," Shame on the invaders! "," For your and our freedom! "In a few minutes, eight were pushed into cars and taken to Lubyanka.

After a while Tatiana Bayev was released.

The others on October 9, 1968 were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.

Today Litvinov and Dremlyuga live in the USA, Gorbanevskaya and Feinberg in France, Delaunay died in Paris, only Larisa Bogoraz remained in Russia.

Their exit to Red Square was the only collective organized protest against the invasion of the USSR into Czechoslovakia.

The guests of the program exchange memories of the events that have occurred and are trying to figure out which trace in the history of Russia and Czechoslovakia left this day.

The program involves the consultant of the international department of the CPSU Central Committee in 1968, Georgy Shakhnazarov, the participant of the protest Larisa Bogoraz, the widow of KIBybitsky Tatyana Velikanova and the former Czechoslovakian ambassador in Moscow Lubosh Dobrovsky.

The story is supplemented by fragments of an interview with witness Nadezhda Yastreb, investigator Nina Gnevkovskaya, participant of the protest Natalia Gorbanevskaya, poet Julius Kim.

Included footage chronicles: the entry of Soviet troops in Prague on August 21, 1968, a meeting at the factory "Trekhgornaya manufactory" in the framework of the propaganda campaign.


Shakhnazarov G.K. - Doctor of Law, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, science fiction writer, social and political activist.
Bogoraz LI - Russian human rights activist, linguist, publicist, chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group (1989-1996).
Velikanova Т.М. - Soviet dissident, human rights activist, one of the founders of the human rights organization "Initiative Group for the Protection of Human Rights in the USSR."
Kim Yu.C. - poet, composer, playwright, screenwriter, bard, member of the Union of Cinematographers and the Writers' Union of the USSR, participant in the dissident movement.
Gorbanevskaya N.E. - poet, translator, human rights activist, participant in the dissident movement in the USSR,
Dobrovski L. - Czech journalist, public and political figure, Minister of Defense of Czechoslovakia (1990-1992), Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Russia (1996-2000).





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