Politburo (1993) 04/16/1993

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Aleksandr Politkovskij

Reel №1

Progress Report:

Following the plot of the squandering of the property of the armed forces of the former USSR by the leadership of the Northwest Group of Forces: several generals were dismissed.

The first deputy commander of the OGSP, Lieutenant-General Melnichuk, got off with reprimand for organizing a housing scam related to the construction of housing for military families in Krasnodar.

Foreign bank accounts of business officers.

The investigation of the plot of 1992 on the detention of the party of video recorders "Funai" is continuing: the technique is sold, the foreign exporter of money has not received, Ratmir Zolotarev talks about the cost of cargo and bank accounts of the former employer Reznikov, the Russian contractor.

In the building of the business center "Margo-Bank" a pass-through regime was introduced, the employees of the federal center undertook another attempt of assault with the involvement of the private security service "Sob".

Alexander Politkovskiy reports on the removal of the program "Hit-conveyor" from the air.

Politburo news, cartoon.

Report of Mikhail Markelov from Yugoslavia, evaluation of current events.

Movement of troops, destroyed settlements, skirmishes.

The life of refugees, wounded in hospitals.

Fragments of the interview with the assistant commandant of the Serbian army in Khovatia Kosta Novakovich on the right of the people to self-determination and the error of Russia, which supported the UN sanctions against Serbia.

A fragment of a public speech by Franjo Tudjman.

The Chronicle of 1941: Ante Paulic's treatment of the people, Pavelitch shaking hands with Hitler.

The handshake of F. Tudjman.

Interview with the head of the press center of the First Serbian Corps Milovan Milutinovic on the activities of the Mujahideen in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Father Ephraim, the lord of the Orthodox church in the city of Banja Luka, about the religious and political aspects of the war.

Ruined houses, soldiers, village under mortar fire.

The representative of the UN police force in the former Yugoslavia, Boris Rakitin, about the revival of the ideas of A.Pavich.

Correspondents in the location of troops, Mikhail Markelov on Russia's international policy.

On a visit to Alexander Politovsky, the chairman of the subcommittee of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation for International Security and Intelligence Evgeny Kozhokin.

A conversation about the reasons for the reduction in the rigidity of Russia's political course.

The illusory nature of the fight against corruption in the ranks of power.

Political and economic interests of Russia in relations with the West and the East.

A.Politkovsky answers the phone calls of spectators.

The final song of Vadim Dabuzhsky.



Markelov M.Yu. - journalist, TV presenter, politician.
Tudjman F. - Croatian state, political and military leader, Marshal of Croatia, Major-General of Yugoslavia, writer and publicist, President of Croatia (1990-1999).
Pavelic A. - Croatian state, political and military leader, founder and leader of the fascist organization Ustashy (1929-1945), dictator (1941-1945).
Hitler A. - the founder of the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich, the Reich Chancellor and Führer of Germany, the Supreme Commander of the German Armed Forces in World War II.
Kozhokin E.M. - doctor of historical sciences, professor, public and political figure.
Dabuzhsky V.A. - Variety artist, parodist, writer-satirist.


05/28/1991 1941


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Wars, conflicts and disasters; Policy; Army