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The catastrophe of the ship "Alexander Suvorov" June 5, 1983.

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Reconstruction of events on June 5, 1983.

At 21.40 the passenger liner "Alexander Suvorov" collided with the farm of the Ulyanovsk railway bridge.

The farm cut off the upper deck of the ship, which housed a cinema and dance floor.

The main number of passengers at that time were there.

Victor Bekh tells his feelings after the collision of the ship.

He was at that moment in the cabin.

Interview with a doctor Rostislav Vasitsky was one of the first who started to provide assistance to the victims.

He remembers the events, points out that there was a ban on the dissemination of any information about what happened.

Nadezhda Kuzenna, who helped the wounded, tells about the scale of the disaster.

Vladimir Mironov was the first to receive a report on the collision at the police station.

He talks about the evacuation of the wounded and those who ended up in the water.

When there was a collision, the bridge passed the freight train.

The cars of the train turned upside down and the grain began to pour out of them (and according to some logs), falling asleep people falling from the ship.

Alexander Maslov talks about the organization of the evacuation of the wounded.

What problems the district authorities had to face.

Photo of the ship "Alexander Suvorov" before the disaster and after - there is no upper deck.

Photo of the railway bridge and the overturned wagons.

Photographs of the dead.

Graphic reconstruction of events.

Victor Bekh demonstrates photos made with a tourist group - participants of the excursion on the ship before the catastrophe.

Most of them died.

Vladimir Mironov says that the exact number of wounded could not be established, since many were on the boat not officially - without tourist vouchers.

Interview with Tamara Sorokina, a patient of one of the Ulyanovsk hospitals.

Tells about the history of one of the victims, miraculously survived.

The man descended from the upper deck behind the cigarettes into the cabin.

The ship's helmsman and the ship's foreman were guilty of the accident.

It is noted that in 1983 the water level in the Volga was the highest.

An interview with Gregory Botsoula, who lost his wife in a catastrophe and never found her remains.

Video footage: mourning events of 2000 on the bank of the Volga River in the Ulyanovsk Region, on the site of the disaster for the dead in 1983.


Beh Victor - passenger of the ship "Alexander Suvorov" flight 1983. Vasilsky Rostislav is an ambulance doctor in Ulyanovsk. Kuzennaya Nadezhda is the paramedic of the ambulance in Ulyanovsk. Mironov Vladimir is an operative in the police department of the city of Ulyanovsk. Maslov Alexander - head of the department of the Ulyanovsk regional committee of the CPSU.

Calendar: 04/03/2001

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