Dubossary HPP (1992)

Footage №73258, 1 footage, duration: 0:21:11

Scene №1 Dubossary HPP

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Dubossary HPP. Dubossary.

The general plan is a river, shooting from a bridge.

Departure to the panorama of the bridge.

A run on the middle plan of the checkpoint, the bridge is blocked by reinforced concrete.

Shooting from the car, the cars are moving along the bridge, the machine is shooting

Group stops a few meters from the checkpoint_.

Medium plan - cars pass through the checkpoint, on a concrete slab

There is a man with a gun.

The average plan is a person with an automatic and with an adjusting stick on

Concrete slab.

The average plan is a motorcycle, the cars are passing over the bridge.

Attack on a group of soldiers with machine guns sitting on the camera from

Car, the flag of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika is developing in the wind.

Departure to the general plan of the bridge.

The average plan - a person on a concrete slab adjusts the movement on the bridge.

Close-up of a soldier against a flag background with a gun on his shoulder. (Smiles).

A close-up is the flag of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika.

Departure to the general plan of traffic of cars on the bridge.

The average plan - the soldier checks the documents from the man.

A run on a close-up of the soldier's hands, a passport in his hands.

Departure to the middle plan, soldiers miss the car.

The average plan is that the soldiers at the roadside are carrying a truck.

The middle plan is a monument to Lenin.

Departure to the general plan of the square with the monument to Lenin.

Close-up - in the grass a sign: "Mines!

Life threatening!

The medium plan is a one-story building, on the façade there is a mosaic and the inscription "Dubossary HPP".

Another facade of the same building bearing the inscription "The First on the Dniester",

Buildings are piled with concrete slabs.

A ride on the building, a close-up of potholes on the facade of shells.

Departure to the middle ground.

General plan of the road along the HPP, partitioned by concrete slabs.

A run on a close-up of potholes on the facade.

Panorama of the river bank, behind the trees residential houses, shooting from the bridge.

The average plan is a man in camouflage in barrels with transformer oil.

Zoom into the close-up of the barrel.

Synchronously, a person tells what the transformer oil is for.

The middle plan - on the metal constructions poster: "Communism -

This is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country!

Departure to the general plan of HPP designs.

The middle plan of the power transmission lines.

Impact on the crater from the fall of the land mine.

Close-up - traces of shells on metal tanks.

Panorama of the Dubossary HPP.

Panorama of the river and the opposite shore, impact on the HPP.

Panorama of the river.

The average plan of one of the banks, behind the trees is residential buildings.

Departure to the general plan.

Arrival to the shore, departure, hitting.

The middle plan - on the beach there are armed soldiers, shooting from the back.

A close-up view is through a loophole constructed from bags as a kind of oh-something structure, impact, departure.

Middle plan - armed people are sitting, smoking, talking.

Close-up - a young man reading a newspaper, the title of the article "People and ways."

Departure to the middle plan of the group of seated.

Close-up - a man leaning on the machine tells something.

The middle plan is a building, armed people approach it.

Arrival at the entrance of the building above which a poster with the image of Lenin.

Middle plan - armed people at the bus, get dinner.

An armored personnel carrier on a small street in front of an apartment building, moving along the street.

The column of armored personnel carriers is moving along the road.

The middle plan is the soldiers at the trenches.


A close-up is a young soldier.

Close-up - the helmet lies on the ground.

The average plan is the soldier digging a trench.

A group of soldiers laughing at the camera.

On the road the truck is moving soldiers.

The soldiers jump off the stopped truck.

The soldiers leave the bus, smile, say something in Moldovan to the camera.

Close-up on hands with machine guns.

The average plan of all gathered on the road.

The average plan - the soldiers stopped a car on the road,

Permit to go.

The middle plan - the shells are leaning against concrete slabs

A close-up is an APC gun.

Departure to the general plan of an armored personnel carrier.

The average plan is two soldiers from an armored personnel carrier.

Close-up - a soldier sits on an armored troop-carrier and looks in

Binoculars, an armored troop carrier inscription: "son".

The general plan - the road among the fields is blocked by armored personnel carriers.

The general plan is a field, in the distance one can see apartment buildings.

Hitting the houses through the field.

The average plan is a soldier sitting on an armored troop carrier, a knife in his hands, a driver is selected from the hatch.

The general plan is an armored personnel carrier on the road near the barrier concrete slabs.

The general plan is residential buildings, above them there is a tower crane.

The general plan is in the distance the city.

A young man in civilian clothes is standing near concrete slabs

Leaning on the machine gun.

The middle plan - two soldiers are sitting on the grass, in the hands of machine guns (from the back).

Panorama of the road, residential buildings, the city of Dubossary.

Average plan - people ride water bicycles.

A group of soldiers talking about something (from the back).

General plan of the area, on the left is the railway bridge.

The middle bridge plan.

The soldier is standing over the trench.

There is an officer with an automatic rifle and a helmet in his hands, the soldiers are at the trenches.

A group of soldiers are moving towards the railway line, crossing the railway tracks.

The middle plan is an apartment house, a bridge.

A run on the road under the bridge, the middle plan - on the way the BTR rides

Red flag.

The BTR drives into the bridge, on the armor two soldiers with automatic weapons.

Departure to the panorama of the bridge with a moving armored personnel carrier.

View of the trees from the bridge.

Close-up - two soldiers on an armored troop carrier, one covers his face

Hand, the second wave, the BTR leaves.

The soldier in the trench, close-up - the soldier's hands tie the shoelaces in


Middle plan - soldiers dig trenches.

The general plan is at the intersection of the traffic police post, a car is passing by.

The general plan is the road among the fields, clouds are gathering in the sky, a rumble of thunder.

A leaden sky above the road, thunder roars.

Calendar: 1992

Locations: Dubossary district

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