Politburo 06/18/1993 (1993)

Telecast №73324, 1 part, duration: 0:24:49
Production: VID
Anchor:Politkovskij Aleksandr

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Information video: continuation of the conflict in the JV "Perestroika" (founder Andrei Stroyev); Case of State Duma deputy Viktor Mironov (interview With Mironov); The reluctance of businessman Konstantin Reznikov (in the frame) to return to Singaporean colleagues the revenue for the sold video tape recorders; Plot about the rendered  Help the Moscow family, an unknown sponsor, who repaired at his own expense an apartment destroyed by fire.

Animated rubric: painted character Dmitry Politburov informs about the past events in a sarcastic ironic manner.

The topic of amending the privatization legislation is touched upon - the issue of privatization of Ostankino.

The plot of the problems of fishing in Arkhangelsk.

Urban buildings.



Describes the creation of Ivan Degtyarev (his photo) independent enterprise "Arkhangelsk base trawling fleet."

According to Valery Poznikov, Degtyarev's enterprise was engaged in illegal resale and leasing of state-owned sea vessels, practically becoming a monopoly of the market.

Fish store in Arkhangelsk region.

The queue in front of the counter.


Dmitry Korin speaks about the failure of JSC "Base trawling fleet" order of the head of the administration to provide fish products in the Arkhangelsk region.




The barge passes along the Moskva River.

Russian flag.

Reconstruction of the Okhotny Ryad.

Documents with the signature of Ruslan Khasbulatov and Alexander Rutskoy in the case with entrepreneur Degtyarev.

Valery Poznikov speaks about the court decision - to withdraw, belonging to the State Property Court, illegally appropriated by Degtyarev.

Travel through the Arkhangelsk region.

Shooting from the car window.

City plans.

Alexey Peshkov, who was engaged in the investigation of the economic activity of the enterprise, said that a criminal case was opened on the fact of concealing income in Norway, where the company's representative office was opened.

Guest studio Dmitry Vasiliev talks about revealing the facts of violation of legislation during privatization.

Introduces the term so-called "pick-up".

Describes the scandal in Chelyabinsk during the holding of check auctions, the cancellation of a number of competitions in connection with the failure to comply with the rules established by law.

Videocards from Abkhazia, where the EMERCOM of Russia participated in the evacuation of civilians from the conflict zone of the city of Tkvarcheli.

Refugees are located in the Krasnodar Territory.


Poznikov Valery - chairman of the State Property Committee of the Arkhangelsk region. Korin Dmitry - the director of Arkhangelsk base "Rybsbyt". Peshkov Alexey - journalist of the newspaper "Vestnik". Vasiliev Dmitry - Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the State Property Committee.

Calendar: 06/18/1993

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