How it was 12/06/1997 (1997)

Telecast №73391, 1 part, duration: 0:35:58
Production: VID
Anchor:Shklovskij Oleg

Reel №1

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The theme of the program is "Multi-party".

Video - Meeting on Pushkin Square on June 25, 1988.

In the frame of Listyev Vladislav interviews the policeman and participants of the rally.

Isaev Andrey speaks about participation in the rally on June 25, 1988 and his arrest.

Shubin Alexander talks about the objectives of the rallies in 1988.

Alexander Yakovlev speaks of a letter to President Mikhail Gorbachev suggesting the introduction of a multiparty system in the USSR.

Shubin Alexander speaks of a true multi-party system.

Homyakov Valery says the restructuring in the ranks of the Communist Party in 80 years and the abolition of the sixth article of the constitution.

Personnel chronicles - the police, congresses of the CPSU, demonstrations.

Nikitina Alevtina speaks about the first congress of people's deputies.

Popov Gavriil speaks of the liquidation of the monopoly of the CPSU.

Nikitina Alevtina speaks about the speech of Academician Sakharov Andrei Dmitrievich at the first congress of People's Deputies of the USSR.

Newsreel - Sergei Chervonopisky's speech at the congress with condemnation of Andrei Sakharov's statement regarding the war in Afghanistan.

Newsreel - speech Sakharov Andrew and Mikhail Gorbachev at the first congress of People's Deputies of the USSR.

Shubin Alexander talks about Andrei Sakharov.

Personnel chronicles - congresses of the CPSU, demonstrations, Andrei Sakharov.

Halitov Ahmet talks about the attempt of the police to arrest him and about the decision to create a party of the LDPR.

Fragment of the television program "Time" - journalist Kiselev Eugene presents the plot of correspondent Dmitry Kiselev on the first congress of the LDPR.

Dmitry Kiselev interviewed Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Vladimir Bogachev.

Zhirinovsky Vladimir and Bogachev Vladimir talk about the goals of the LDPR, the mechanism for joining the LDPR, the relationship with the CPSU and other parties.

Participants of the LDPR Congress in the hall.

Journalist Kiselev Evgeny speaks about the congress of the LDPR.

Khalitov Ahmet speaks about the work of the first congress of the LDPR and Zhirinovsky Vladimir.

Vladimir Bogachev said the creation of the LDPR, the first congress of the LDPR and Zhirinovsky Vladimir.

Fragment of the TV program of the meeting by the deputies of the new year in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses in December 1993, in the frame of Maximova Tamara, Anatoly Chubais, Shifrin Efim, Zyuganov Ghenadiy, Babkin Nadezhda, Alibaslev Bari, Zhirinovsky Vladimir.


Isaev Andrey Konstantinovich - Secretary of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia. Shubin Alexander Vladlenovich - advisor to the first deputy prime minister of the Russian Federation. Yakovlev Alexander Nikolaevich - Chairman of the Russian Party of Social Democracy. Khomyakov Valery Alekseevich is a political scientist. Nikitina Alevtina Anatolievna - Deputy of the Moscow City Duma. Popov Gavriil Kharitonovich is a Soviet economist and Russian politician. Chervonopisky Sergei Vasilievich - People's Deputy of the USSR from the Komsomol. Sakharov Andrey Dmitrievich - Soviet theoretical physicist, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, People's Deputy of the USSR. Khalitov Ahmet Harisovich is one of the founders of the LDPR. Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich - chairman of the political party of the LDPR. Bogachev Vladimir Valentinovich - Soviet and Russian politician, composer and songwriter. Maksimova Tamara Veniaminovna - Soviet and Russian TV presenter, TV journalist, actress.

Calendar: 12/06/1997

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