One Hundred Kilometers to the Equator. (1973)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Voroncov A.

Operators: Voroncov A., Serov G.

Composers: Khachaturyan

Text writers: Evseev E.


The film is about a countryof the "Black Continent" - Rwanda, about the social, economic and public achievements of this country.

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Temporary description

Rwanda, Kigali city, the building of post and telegraph, a street bazaar. Tea plantations, pineapples, rice fields. Harvesting coffee, fodder for domestic animals. Preparation of skilled workers in technical schools. Work: mechanic, welder, turner, mechanics. Lessons from the National University. On the territory of the hospital are the doctors. The construction of residential buildings, hotel "Tourist", and roads. Travelers at Lake Kivu: swimming, playing musical instruments. Speech artists Soviet music. Animals in the Kagera National Park. Triumph at the city stadium to celebrate the 10 anniversary of independence of Rwanda, a workers' demonstration, performance of national ensemble "INTOR.

Reel №1

Landscapes Rwanda.


Map of the African state of Rwanda.

People are on the road, carrying the load on his head.


Rwanda's capital - Kigali.

The building where the post and telegraph.

City Square.

Report of the city - pedestrians, cars.

Bazaar in Kigali - selling vegetables, birds and clothes.

Street barber.

Banana trees, bananas on a branch.

A man collects bananas.

Rice et al.


Farmers planting rice.

Tea plantations.

Cleaning sorghum.


Pineapple plantation.

Pineapple on a bed.

Cleaning the coffee plantation.

Peasants youth agricultural cooperative hoes loosen the ground.

A herd of cows with long horns (lunorogih).

A herd of dairy cows.

Social center, established in the municipality for training peasant women - women learn to embroider.

Sleeping baby strapped to the back of the mother.

School of Engineering, established in the vicinity of Kigali.

Youth work-fitters, welder, turner.

The lesson is the teacher Emmanuel Maniroha the specialty in the Soviet Union.

Face and hands of the young worker.

Students work-mechanics.

Layout of the car.

Pupils return to school.

Technical school pupils play football.

Issue in high school, student applauded.

Graduation graduate.

Building national university.

Students at a lecture.

Laboratory of electrical engineering and biochemistry.

Students in a university hospital doctors examine the child.

The surgeon makes an operation Godefrua Gatera.

Doctors in the territory of the hospital.

Reel №2

Building towers.

Construction of the first modern highway to the Indian Ocean.

Powered bulldozer et al.


Watching an old Rwandan.

On the construction of the hotel "Tourist" working masons, fitters.

Lake Kivu.

Resort Giesen, walkway along the lake.

The hotel building.

Holidaymakers at the table.

Children swimming in Lake Kivu.

Hotels stylized African hut.

Peasant thatched hut - inside and out.

Africans in the hut: a girl, a young man smoking a pipe, a man playing a musical instrument.

Samples of folk art Rwanda - wood products.

Performance artists of Soviet music: turns comic Russian dance "Vyatka toy."

See the spectators.

The audience applauded.

National Park of Rwanda - Kagera: run antelope, birds fly.


Monkey on the tree and jumps with him.

Hippos in the water.

Removes animals Soviet cameraman G. Serov.

Buffaloes and birds orderlies.

The elephant in the reserve.

Man looking through binoculars.

Artificially cause a fire in the reserve, burning out dry grass - fire, animals flee from the fire.

Hippos swim.

Bird flies and sits on the ground.

Travel on the reserve.

On the way there is a wedding procession.

Illumination in honor of the 10th anniversary of the independence of Rwanda.

Festively decorated stadium in Kigali.

Guests from different African countries in their national costumes go on holiday.

Demonstration in honor of the 10th anniversary of the opening of Rwanda students.

The participants applauded.

Pass teachers, athletes, soldiers of the National Guard.

Shoot photographers.

Africans playing on tambourines.

Performs folk dances African.

Dancer's feet.

Dances National Ensemble "Intor."

Landscapes Rwanda.

Rwandan workers.

Woman with child in her arms.