How it was 11/27/2002 (2002)

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Anchor:Shklovskij Oleg


Snow avalanche in Sochi in 1998.

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Video footage: convergence of a snow avalanche in the mountains.

The program restores the events of 1989.

In November, a group of students from sports colleges in the Krasnodar Territory conducted a training tour in the mountains of the Sochi region.

Contrary to meteorological forecasts, an avalanche occurred.

Under the snow were 11 people.

The search operation, which lasted several days, was attended by the MES group.

Nine people were saved.

Two people were killed.

One of the students, leaving the hospital, went to work in the Sochi rescue team.

Yuri Otkidach explains the task that was set before the students who carried out the reporting category transition.

All participants were registered in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in the route-collection commission.

Weather conditions were satisfactory.

The length of the route was 120 kilometers.

The first three days were easy for participants.

Then weather conditions changed.

The weather turned bad.

Denis Nosyrev says that the weather soon settled, so they decided to continue the route.

Yuri Otkidach became the first to see an avalanche.

Explains what types of avalanches exist.

In 1998, there was a "field" avalanche.

Its feature is a noiseless approach.

Denis Nosyrev was one of those who was on the path of an avalanche and was covered with snow.

He talks about how to behave in such cases.

Describes how he himself got out from under the dam.

Yuri Otkidach was strangled by a snow cover, he could not get out on his own.

They talk about the dead comrades.

Interview with Peter Fedin, who talks about the dangers of mountain tourism.

About the necessary precautions.

Fragments of the operational survey of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation of November 11, 1998.

Overflight of the mountainous territory of the Sochi region by helicopter.

Disembarkation of rescuers.

They bring a wounded helicopter aboard.

Take climbing equipment.

Yuri Fomin restores the events of November 11.

Describes the rescue operation, about the everyday life of employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The address plan of Gorbolnitsa No. 4 in Sochi, where the wounded were delivered after the avalanche in 1998.

The courtyard of the hospital is littered with construction garbage.

Igor Nozdrin points out the difficulty of delivering the wounded by helicopter to the hospital.

Therefore, they have to be transplanted into ambulances, often missing precious time.


Otkidach Yuri - head of the group of students 1998. Nosyrev Denis is a student, a participant in the campaign of 1998. Fomin Yuri - head of the Krasno-Polyansky search and rescue team of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation in 1998. Fedin Petr is an Honored Master of Sports. Nozdrin Igor - head of the Sochi Search and Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation in 1998.

Calendar: 11/27/2002

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