Sight 02/16/1996 (1996)

Telecast №73467, 1 part, duration: 0:40:19
Production: VID
Director:Aleksandr Kuprin

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The film "Dreams about the war."

Patient during encephalogram, monitor screen.

Types of streets in Grozny in January 1995, children's photos on the floor.

The child walks down the street, the men in the yard of the house, the burned window openings.

A soldier named Nikolai tells about the fighting in Grozny, participation in military operations, his impressions of them (synchronously).

People on Grozny Street, the face of an elderly woman.

Correspondent with a camera, a child with a gun in his hand.

The face of the child.

Fighting in Chechnya, behind the scenes, there are talks between Russian and Chechen commanders (synchronously).

The gunman takes the corpse of a soldier out from under the fire during the battle on January 1, 1995 in the railway depot of Grozny.

Soldier Denis Fedulov tells a dream about his own funeral (synchronously).

The captured Russian soldiers are led into the building of the Shali prison.

Wedding of a friend Denis Volody in Naro-Fominsk in September 1995.

Captured Russian servicemen in the courtyard of the Shali prison.

Guests at the wedding congratulate the newlyweds.

Meeting of prisoners of war with parents in Shali prison in February 1995.

Denis Fedulov continues to tell his dreams about Chechnya (synchronously).

The return of buses with rescued hostages to Budennovsk on July 22, 1995, their meeting with relatives and friends.

Carrying bodies on a stretcher after the bombing of Grozny on January 15, 1995, a woman finds the body of her deceased son, weeping over him.

Types of destroyed houses in the suburbs of Grozny, smoking ruins.

Armored vehicles are passing along the street.

Internal view of a barracks of the Moscow precinct for servicemen who left their units on their own.

A soldier named Alexei tells his dreams about Chechnya and being in captivity (synchronously).

The operator of Pskov television Valentin Yanov and Major Alexander Osadchy in the courtyard of one of the houses during the battle in Grozny in January 1995.

Promotion of fighters under fire along the city street, the last shooting of Yanov before the death from the sniper bullet.

A soldier named Andrei in the hospital tells his constant dream about the war in Chechnya (synchronously).

Awarding a soldier with the medal "For Courage" in the Naval Hospital.

Captain Mychko was captured in Grozny on January 1, 1995, after questioning Mychko after being taken prisoner.

Mylchko talks about his dreams about the deceased comrade (synchronously).

Wedding of Victor Mychko, the face of the bride, parents bless the young icon.

Wife Michka tells of his acquaintance with him in the hospital, further relations with him (synchronously).

Russian soldiers in Chechnya during the rest between hostilities, one of the soldiers talks about the service in Chechnya.

View of one of the streets of Grozny after the end of the battles for the city.

Soldiers in a destroyed library, reading books.

The soldier is aiming from a grenade launcher.

Unloading the wounded from an armored personnel carrier.

The wounded driver Arzak Mamedov on the hospital bed talks about the events near Pervomaisky, about the wounded and fallen comrades (synchronously).

One of the wounded soldiers during the encephalogram in the hospital.

A soldier named Dmitry tells his dreams about Chechnya (synchronously).

A soldier is staking firewood at the tent, a change of linen by servicemen.

Types of mass burial near Grozny in May 1995, the funeral of the dead.

A requiem for the dead soldiers in Vladimir's cathedral, the parents and relatives of the deceased soldiers at the memorial table after the requiem.

Portraits of soldiers who died in Chechnya.

The faces of soldiers and officers serving in Chechnya.

An elderly woman in a cemetery, next to her son.

People on one of the streets of Grozny.

An elderly woman talks about the end of the war (synchronously).

Calendar: 1995 02/16/1996

Locations: The Chechen Republic [756] Moscow [820]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Autumn [826]

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