theme (№ 1 ) 10/05/1993 (1993)

Telecast №73570, 1 part, duration: 1:07:33
Production: VID
Anchor:Listev Vlad, Lyubimov Aleksandr

Reel №1

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Theme - storming of Ostankino.

Video of the defense and storming of Ostankino, the burning building of the television center - ASK-3, soldiers with automatic weapons, people are carrying a wounded man, a corpse covered with a cloth lies on the floor.

Journalist Vasily Antipov asks the Captain Special.

Unit "Vityaz" defender Ostankino Andrew.

How many people defended Ostankino?

What was to be done

Journalists during the assault?

Why did the television guard 80 people?

Journalists did not bother you?

Vasily Antipov represents the employees of the ATV television company video engineer Valet Gennady and an employee of the editorial board Keshechev Sergey participants in the events.

Sevastyanov Evgeny speaks about the poor work of the troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the protection of Ostankino.

Tikhomirov Alexander speaks about the influence of the media on these events.

Vlad's leaves ask Vladislav Tikhomirov what kind of people stormed the building of the television center and who was around the White House?

Dmitri Krylov speaks about the professional work of journalists,

Operators, television workers.

Plot: Dm.


Ostankino after the assault, armored personnel carriers near the building of the television center, soldiers with automatic weapons, destroyed offices, riddled glasses, Slipchenko Sergey - journalist, work In television studios, Medvedev Sergey is reporting from the studio, the top view of the building of the ASK-3.

Molchanov Vladimir speaks about the media and independent television and represents Lisnevskaya Irena and Claire Shitman.

Lesnevskaya Irena talks about the events that took place around Ostankino and the Government House.

Shitman Claire talks about his work during the events around the Government House.

Vlad leaves lists Vladislavlev Alexander and Tikhomirov Alexander.

Vladislavlev Alexander and Tikhomirov Alexander talk about the need for the presence of constructive opposition parties.

Vladimir Povolyayev speaks about the role of the press and the work of the Mayak radio station during the putsch.

Evgeny Sevastyanov says that opposition movements and independent media can not be created by the acting authorities, they should appear on their own.

Makarevich Andrew says that he was surprised at the behavior of ordinary people during the coup and political disputes.

The viewer asks Sevastyanov Yevgeny that during the disorganization during the putsch, a third force could come to power.

Sevastyanov Eugene talks about a peaceful solution to the current situation.

Politkovsky Alexander talks about a meeting with Gonchar Nikolai.

Video chronicle of the events of October 1993, Rutskoi, rally and police, shooting at Ostankino, tanks shoot at the White House, people with arms raised go out home government, the government burnt the house, deputies and N. Gonchar V. Zhirinovsky and others talk about the events of October 1993, foreign currency exchange, commercial tents, travel through Moscow, the telephone and the conversation with the residents of Moscow.

Nikolai Gonchar speaks about the forceful resolution of the situation and the deprivation of Viktor Ampilov of the deputy mandate.

Sevastyanov Eugene speaks about the deputies of the Moscow City Council.

Novosad Vadim speaks about his work at the Moscow police headquarters.

Kvantarishvili Atarius talks about the dead people during the putsch and the fault in these deaths of politicians.

Yarmolnik Leonid speaks about the constitution, upcoming elections and journalists.

Nikolai Gonchar speaks about the termination of possible new confrontations between fellow citizens.


Sevastyanov Evgeny Vladimirovich - Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Security of Moscow. Tikhomirov Alexander Nikolayevich - political observer of the Russian state television and radio company "Ostankino". Krylov Dmitry Dmitrievich - Soviet and Russian TV journalist, actor, director. Medvedev Sergey Konstantinovich is a Russian journalist, cinematographer and TV presenter. Molchanov Vladimir Kirillovich - Soviet and Russian television and radio presenter, announcer, journalist. Lesnevskaya Irena Stefanovna - a figure of Soviet and Russian television, a journalist, a producer. Shitman Clare - Correspondent of CNN. Vladislavlev Alexander Pavlovich is the first vice-president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Povolyayev Vladimir Mitrofanovich - director of the radio station "Mayak". Makarevich Andrey Vadimovich - Soviet and Russian musician, singer, poet, bard, composer, artist. Politkovskiy Alexander Vladimirovich is a Soviet and Russian journalist, director and producer. Gonchar Nikolai Nikolaevich - chairman of the Moscow Soviet of People's Deputies of the 21 convocation. Novosad Vadim is a journalist. Otari Vitalyevich Kvantrishvili is the founder of the Russian athletes' party, the chairman of the Lev Yashin Foundation, the USSR Master of Sports in Greco-Roman wrestling, and the Honored Coach of the RSFSR. Yarmolnik Leonid Isaakovich - Soviet and Russian actor of theater and cinema.

Calendar: 10/05/1993

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