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The economic miracle of Kazakhstan, 1970.

In the early 60's, the economist Ivan Khudenko was given control of the Iliisky State Farm, where the country's first successful experiment to introduce self-financing was put in place.

In record time, the number of employees fell from a few hundred to several dozen people, while labor productivity increased In 20 times, the production of grain increased, its prime cost decreased by 10 times, and the average salary of collective farmers was three times higher than in any other economy of the country.

In the press there were enthusiastic publications, Kazakh documentaries shot about Khudenko the film "Man on Earth", but in 1963 the experiment was closed, explaining this by saying that such a system is far from socialism.

Nevertheless, in 1969 Ivan Khudenko struck a permit for the next experiment.

At an absolutely empty place, the Akchy state farm, specializing in the production of vitamin herbal flour, was built.

They also introduced a system of self-financing, several times increased the productivity of labor, and wages, and the quality of products.

However, in 1970 this experiment was also curtailed, and people were deprived not only of work, but also of housing built on the money earned by the state farm, and The chairman and his assistants were convicted of capitalist attitudes and attempts to steal state property.

Ivan Nikiforovich Khudenko was sentenced to 6 years of reinforced regime and died in prison.

In the same years, the tragic fate of another experimenter, Ivan Snimshchikov, chairman of the Kirov collective farm near Moscow, became the basis for the play "The Thirteenth Chairman", which was held at the E.Vakhtangov Theater.

In 1952, Ivan Snimshchikov was elected the sixteenth in five years chairman of the ruined economy.

Over the next 17 years, he brought the collective farm to the forefront, people returned to the village, the total output was 12 million rubles, and the living standard of the collective farmers So increased that as a result, the chairman was accused of bourgeois sentiment and was brought to trial.

The collective farm stood for its chairman a mountain, but he was still convicted for 6 years with confiscation of property.

Ivan Andreyevich Snimshchikov was released after 5 years of amnesty, soon became blind and died in a tiny apartment.

In the studio, people gathered who knew both the chairmen and details of the trials: the head of the construction site of an experimental farm in Akci Vladislav Filatov, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Tatyana Zaslavskaya, head of the political department of the State Planning Committee of the USSR in the 60s Konstantin Komissarov.

The program includes memoirs of the writer Alexander Volkov and the columnist of the Literary Gazette Alexander Bovin, an excerpt of the feature film "The Kuban Cossacks "(1949, director IA Pyriev), a scene from the television play" The Thirteenth Chairman "based on the play by Azat Abdullin.

Added shots chronicles of different years: field work in the pilot farm "Akchi", the beginning of plowing virgin lands, the process of the chairman of the Belarusian Kolkhoz "Rassvet" Vasily Starovoitov, convicted in 1999 for criticizing the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.


Khudenko I.N. - Soviet economist, innovator of agriculture, author and head of experiments on the development of virgin land in Kazakhstan, chairman of the state farms "Iliysky" and "Akchi." Zaslavskaya TI - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, VASKhNIL, RAS. Borin A.B. - writer, journalist, lawyer, member of the Writers' Union of the USSR. Starovoitov V.K. - a Belarusian economist and statesman, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, Honored Worker of Agriculture of the BSSR, chairman of the Korvet "Rassvet" named after K.Orlovsky.

Calendar: 1970s 1999

Locations: Kazakhstan [114] Belarus [2]

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