Sight 06/28/1996 (1996)

Telecast №73658, 1 part, duration: 0:42:14
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov

Reel №1

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Victor Astafiev in the cabin of the plane, the writer flies to his homeland, to the village of Ovsyanka.

The steward announces the award of the State Prize to the writer, the applause of the passengers.

V.P. Astafyev descends the ladder.

Opening of the cycle of acquaintances with the inhabitants of Ovsyanka village.

First acquaintance: elections and potatoes.

Former military Polycarp Jaskevich talks about his farm.

Opinion of PA Yaskevich on presidential elections.

Visiting the program, Major Vyacheslav Izmailov.

The problems of the Chechen war: the investigation of shelling of villages with rockets (meetings of the major with the civilian population, the disappearance of the report to the higher command, articles in the press).

The general military situation in Chechnya.

Shooting January 19, 1996: captured by terrorists ferry Avrasiya, recording a telephone conversation with the Russian embassy in Ankara.

Chronicle of seizing the ferry.

Former hostage Larisa Le, excerpts of the interview about the trip to "Avrasia".

Consul General of the Russian Federation in Trabzon Sohrab Ibrahimov on the preparation of an operation for the release of hostages.

Shooting June 19, 1996 in Istanbul: the public security court, the beginning of the trial of terrorists.

Sohrab Ibrahimov and Russian Consul in Trabzon Vasily Korchmar on monitoring terrorists during the seizure of the ferry.

Comments of the chairman of the committee of the Caucasian-Chechen solidarity Fazil Ozen.

Diplomat Yuri Zaitsev on trade and economic relations between Russia and Turkey.

Istanbul, Aksaray district: Turkish musicians play Russian music in the restaurant.

Aksaray merchants on the collection of money in support of the election campaign of Boris Yeltsin.

Discussion of the resignation of Mikhail Barsukov from the post of director of the FSB after the terrorist act in the village of Pervomaiskoye.

The problems of finding, releasing and returning home the people who disappeared in Chechnya.

Shooting in February 1996 on the defense line of the 205th Brigade in Khankala: the work of the film crew "Vzglyada" in the location of troops, the speech of Andrei Makarevich in the hospital.

V. Ya.

Ismaylov on the withdrawal from Chechnya of the 245th Regiment of the Moscow Military District, about the remaining hostages and the presidential decree on the terms of service of soldiers.

Mikhail and Alexander Yezhikov built a farm in the Gavrilov-Yamsky region of the Yaroslavl region and employ former pupils of orphanages.

Alexander Yezhikov talks about the problems of orphans in adult life and the statistics of their lives.

Former director of the school and head of the children's home, Mikhail Yozhikov, about teenagers falling into hot spots.

Pupil Gennady Kosher about life on the farm, in comparison with the life of city children.

Shooting June 25: the daily routine on the farm, the beginning of the morning work.

Mikhail Yezhikov remembers his work at the school.

Opinion about wars and how a free man can and should live.

Comments of V.I. Izmailov.

Is there any truth in the war.


Izmailov V.Ya. - Major, member of the Commission under the President of Russia for prisoners of war, interned and missing, military correspondent. Astafyev V.P. - front-line soldier, writer, Hero of Socialist Labor. Kirisenko A.V. - director of television and documentary films, author and director of TV programs, Master of Sports of International Class (MSMK) in practical shooting, adviser to the general director of the concern "Kalashnikov". Makarevich A.V. - musical and public figure, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of Russia.

Calendar: 01.1996-02.1996 06.1996

Locations: Turkey [224] Krasnoyarsk Territory [762] Yaroslavl region [812]

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