The Beginning Of the End.. (1973)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Pumpyanskaya S.

Script writers: Drobashenko S.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


The narration of the first months of the war of the Soviet Union with the Hitler-time Germany, about the Battle for Moscow.

World War II | Counter-offensive near Moscow | Starting the Battle of Moscow (Operation "Typhoon")


Reel №1

PNRM. on the obelisk - MS. (With collisions).

The woman's face on a mosaic mural - CU.

Detail of monument - a soldier with a rifle - MS. (From left).

Monument - LS.

Obelisk with a gun - LS.

Eternal flame - MS.

War veteran with medals and orders - MS.

Woman with child - MS.

Looking woman - CU.

The woman at the monument - MS.

Women cry - MS.

Crying woman - MS.

Cries the other woman - CU.

People at the memorial - LS.

Monument - LS.

Newsreel 30's.:

Streets of Moscow - LS., MS. (From the window).

Grand Theatre - LS. (The gate).

Mason lays bricks - MS.

Bricklayer at work - LS.

Moscow Street - LS., PNRM.

Carousel - LS.

The girl on the carousel - MS.

Smiling girl - CU.

Girl with flowers - MS.

Smiling girl - CU.

Smiling boy - CU.

German Chronicle 1930.:

Eagle with a swastika - MS., PNRM.

Fascist at the flag - LS., PNRM.

Nazi parade - LS.

Tanks with a swastika - LS., PNRM.

Shells - LS., PNRM.

German soldiers - LS., PNRM.

City residents welcome the Nazis from the balcony - LS.

Ranks of the Nazis - LS.

Banners with swastikas - CU.

Held by German soldiers, German soldiers push back gate - LS.

Passes a German tank - LS.

Passing wagons with instruments - NPL.

Crying woman - CU.

Cries the other woman - CU.

Women with raised right hand cry - MS.

Fly planes with swastikas - MS.

Newsreel 1939-1941.:

City - LS., PNRM. (The plane).

German soldiers searched civilians - LS.

German soldiers escorting a man - LS.

Appeal to the people of the fascist command - CU. (With collisions).

German kinohronika1939-1941.:

Held with arms soldiers - MS., PNRM., LS.

Paratroopers jump out of an airplane - MS., LS.

Running through the woods, German soldiers - LS.

Passing cars with guns - MS.

Passing tanks - MS.

Arc de Triomphe in Paris, run by German soldiers - LS., PNRM.

German soldiers pass - MS.

Are women - MS.

A woman kisses a boy - MS.

Another woman kissing baby - CU.

Woman serves baby - MS.

Woman with child - MS.

Newsreel 1939-1941.:

The Kremlin, Moscow - LS.

Out of the plane Ribbentrop - LS., MS.

Photo: The Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union - CU., PNRM., Hitting.

Animation: pass Ribbentrop, then freeze.

Hitler and the generals of the army of the card - MS.

German kinohronika1939-1941.:

German generals of the card - MS.

Barbarossa in German - MS. (With collisions).

Animation: turn the page.

Another card - CU. (With collisions).

Barbarossa, turning page - CU.

Animation: Hitler and the general of the card - NPL.

Photo: guidelines for the occupation forces - CU. (With collisions).

Pass the German generals - MS., PNRM.

In an underground bunker with Hitler - MS.

Hitler and the generals of the card - MS.

River - LS., PNRM.

Birch in the field - LS.

German commanders held at the station - LS.

Trees by the river - LS., PNRM.

Reflection of trees in water - LS.

The village at dawn - LS.

Landscape - LS.

German newsreel of 1939-1941.:

German troops before the onset - LS.

German soldiers are sleeping - MS., PNRM.

German soldiers drink - MS.

Passing a column of German tanks - MS., PNRM.

Trees - MS., PNRM.

Newsreel 1939-1941.:

Soviet border guards with a dog - MS.

Border post BSSR - MS.

Soviet border guards looking through binoculars - MS.

Soviet border post - LS.

Chamomile - MS.

Stork in the nest feeding chicks - MS.

Horses drink from the river - LS.

German planes in the air - LS.

German plane flies - CU.

Flying bird - MS.

German planes are flying - MS.

Passing the German tanks - LS.

Passing tanks - MS., PNRM.

German planes fly - MS.

Passing the German tanks - MS.

German newsreel of 1939-1941.:

German soldiers pass - LS., PNRM.

Caterpillar tank runs into thorny fence - MS.

Passing tanks - MS.

German planes fly - MS.

German pilot in an airplane - CU.

Newsreel 1939-1941.:

Bombs fall - LS.

Explosions on the ground - LS. (The plane).

Pass the German tanks - LS.

German planes are flying - LS.

Explosions on the ground - LS., PNRM. (The plane).

Pass the German tanks - LS.

German planes are flying - LS.

Explosions on the ground - LS., PNRM. (The plane).

The village passes a German tank - MS.

The villagers in burning buildings - MS.

Crying woman with a baby in her arms - CU.

The ashes of the old - LS.

German newsreel of 1939-1945.:

German troops occupied the village - MS.

German soldiers smiling - CU.

Hand puts the revolver for the boots - CU.

German soldiers walk past corpses - MS.

German soldier walks past burning houses - LS., PNRM.

Newsreel 1939-1941.:

People at the poster "The Motherland Calls!» - CU.

Poster - CU.

Muscovites reading a newspaper - MS.

Muscovites buy newspapers at a kiosk - MS.

Hands of the seller of newspapers - CU.

The queue at the newsstand - LS., PNRM.

Rtr - MS.

Speaker - CU.

Muscovites listen - LS., PNRM.

Stalin says (synchronously) - CU.

Listening to - MS.

Listening to an old man - CU.

Listening to - MS., PNRM.

Stalin says (synchronously) - CU.

Listening - LS., PNRM.

A man reading a newspaper "Pravda» - MS., CU.

Is the working (synchronous) - MS.

Listening - LS., MS.

Is the working (synchronous) - MS.

Listening to - MS.

Listen to women - CU.

Listening to a man - CU.

Listening to the old man - CU.

Listen to the man - MS.

Is the working (synchronous) - MS.

Reel №2

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Explosions - LS.

Commander - CU.

Shot - LS.

Explosions - LS.

Commander - CU.

The soldiers have guns - LS.

Shot - LS.

The commander looks through binoculars - MS.

A shot from a gun - MS.

Explosion - LS.

Shooting guns - LS.

Shooting guns - LS., PNRM.

Explosions - LS.

Soldier shoots - CU.

Muzzle guns - MS.

Squadron of German planes - LS.

Explosions on the ground - LS.

Soldier signalman - MS.

The soldier is wounded - LS.

Soldiers signalers - MS., PNRM.

Gunners shoot - MS.

German aircraft in the sky - MS.

Tank attack - LS.

Rush a soldier - LS.

The soldiers have guns - LS.

Shooting in the woods - LS.

Tank attack - LS., PNRM.

German newsreel of 1941-1945.:

German soldiers make dashes - MS., PNRM.

Shooting - LS., PNRM.

NDP on the wall of the Brest Fortress "I am dying, but do not give up 20.V11-41» - CU.

Writing on the wall - CU.

German military equipment - LS., PNRM.

German soldiers in the trenches - LS., PNRM.

Animation: turn pages, photos, turn the pages, text in German - CU.

German soldiers pass - LS.

German soldiers - MS., PNRM., CU.

Passes a German tank - MS., LS.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Soviet naval officer looks through binoculars - MS.

Ship - LS.

Rides - a tram in the city of

Odessa - LS.

A poster on the wall with the NDP "Workers solar Odessa!

Improve productivity!

Strengthen discipline and organization!

All for the front!

Everything for the victory over the hated enemy! »- LS.

Odessans build barricades - MS.

Soviet naval commanders - MS.

The commander gives the command - CU.

Shooting guns - LS.

The ship shoots gun - MS.

Shooting - LS.

Sevastopol, obelisk - LS.

Leningrad, Monument to Peter 1 - LS.

Animation: NPD newspaper "In defense of Leningrad» - CU.

The People's Militia - MS., PNRM.

Soviet soldiers are in the trenches - MS., PNRM.

Leningrad, Neva - LS.

German newsreel of 1941-1945.:

Pass the smiling German soldiers - MS.

The Kremlin, Moscow - MS., LS.

Hitler stands - CU.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Anti-aircraft guns in the square at the Bolshoi Theatre - MS.

Moscow, Red Square - LS.

The soldier at the guns on the roof looking through binoculars - LS.

Balloon on Pushkin Square - LS.

Sentry guns - MS.

Patrol near the Bolshoi Theater - LS.

The military are carrying balloons - LS.

Moscow street military - MS. (With us).

Pass recruits - MS.

Passing freight tram - LS.

PNRM. with a female battalion commander.

Girl with a coat over his shoulder - CU.

Another girl - CU.

It takes a column of soldiers - MS.

Street of the city - LS.

Muscovites reading resolution - MS.

Animation: "Pravda" newspaper, the NDP on the newspaper "Enter October 20, 1941 in

Moscow and the surrounding areas of the city siege »- CU. (With collisions).

City Under Siege - LS.

Issuing uniforms recruits - MS.

Soldiers raise gun - MS.

Column militias - MS.

Pass the militia and the girls from the sanitary squad - MS.

Regulator indicates the direction of the column of soldiers - LS.

It takes a column of soldiers - LS.

Pass-girl nurse - MS.

Photo: Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya - CU. (With collisions).

Photo: Zoe before execution - MS.

Photo: gallows - LS.

Photo: Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya in the loop - CU.

Guerrillas - CU., PNRM.

The partisans of the card - MS., PNRM.

PNRM. with those partisans on weapons.

The guerrillas are in the woods - LS.

Photo: General Panfilov - MS. (With collisions).

Photo: Soldier - MS. (With collisions).

Photo: another soldier - CU. (With collisions).

Photo: another soldier - CU. (With collisions).

Moscow - LS.

Photo: V. pilot Talalikhin - MS.

Locators - MS.

Searchlight beams - LS.

Soldiers at the spotlight - MS.

Shooting - LS.

Explosions - MS., LS.

Explosion - LS.

German aircraft in the sky - MS.

Soldiers at the spotlight - LS.

German pilots in the aircraft - MS.

German aircraft in the sky - LS., MS.

Exploding shells - LS.

German aircraft in the sky - MS.

Exploding shells - LS.

Explosions - LS.

Shell bursts, explosions - LS.

Exploding shells - LS.

Overcame girl - CU.

Talalikhin your family talks about the downed plane (synchronous) - MS.

Burning Nazi aircraft - CU.

German tanks and soldiers - LS.

Germans pass - MS.

The barrel of the tank - MS.

Pass the German tanks - LS.

German generals looking through binoculars - MS.

German soldier charges tool - MS.

Soviet soldiers in sight - CU.

Looks Soviet soldier - MS.

Germans looked map - CU.

Animation: Card - CU. (With collisions).

Explosions are tanks - LS.

Watching German soldiers - MS.

German looking through binoculars - CU.

Passes a German tank - MS.

Photo: Nazi diplomat Siegfried Kas - MS.

German ticket - MS.

Moscow, Red Square - LS.

Soviet soldiers pass - MS., LS.

On the mausoleum, Stalin and Budyonny - MS.

Passing through Red Square Soviet tank - MS.

Passing gun - MS.

Passing tanks - LS.

Soviet soldiers pass - LS., MS.

Passing military equipment - LS., PNRM.

Soviet soldiers in a blizzard driven heavy gun - LS.

Soviet soldiers pass - MS.

Race riders - LS.

Army General Zhukov - MS.

Soviet front commanders of the card - MS.

Girls-signaller - MS.

Hands on the telegraph - MS.

A female radio operator - CU.

Telegraph - MS.

Soviet commanders of the card - MS.

Animation: Card - CU.

Soldier with a gun in the post - LS.

Soviet intelligence officer looks through binoculars - MS.

Scouts look through the periscope - LS.

The Soviet commander looks through binoculars - MS.

Soviet advance - LS.

Soviet pilots dismantle job - MS., PNRM.

A mechanic inspects the aircraft - MS.

Passing gun platform - MS.

Passing a column of tanks - LS.

Commander - CU.

Other teams - CU., MS.

The commanders of the card - MS.

Muzzle guns - LS., MS.

Reel №3

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

The gun in the shop of the plant - LS.

Shop factory - LS.

The workers at the furnace - LS.

Worker welds a tank - LS.

Welder at work - MS., CU.

Worker sharpens shells - MS.

Machinist - MS.

Another worker - MS.

Tank in the shop schavoda - MS.

Tanks go from shop - LS.

Aiming the gun shot - MS.

Explosion - LS.

Soldiers have guns - MS.

Explosion - LS.

The soldiers, the soldiers have guns - LS.

Shooting guns - LS.

Aircraft in the sky - LS.

Passing tanks - MS., PNRM.

Spruce - MS.

Gun barrel - MS.

Flying airplanes - LS.

Tank moves through the barbed wire - MS., PNRM.

Army commanders - MS.

Pass soldiers in camouflage and passing tanks - LS.

Flying airplanes - MS.

Breaks in the ground - LS., PNRM. (The plane).

The commander of the troops in the attack raises - MS.

The Warriors are going to attack - LS., MS., PNRM.

Soldiers in camouflage riding on a tank - MS.

A soldier takes shells - CU.

Passing skiers and tanks - LS.

The commander looks through binoculars - CU.

Passing tanks, fleeing soldiers - LS., PNRM.

Battlefield - LS., PNRM.

Soviet soldiers are fleeing the attack - MS., LS.

A soldier fires a rifle - CU.

Another soldier shoots - CU.

Flying airplanes - MS.

Soviet cavalry - LS., PNRM.

Passing skiers - LS., PNRM.

Soviet soldiers are fleeing - MS., PNRM., LS.

Soviet soldier ran up, lies down and starts shooting - MS.

Soldiers fired a machine gun - MS., PNRM.

Soviet soldiers fought house - MS., PNRM., CU.

Capture the Germans - MS., PNRM.

Hand drop weapons - MS., PNRM.

Soviet soldiers taken prisoner by the Germans - MS., PNRM.

Feet down the stairs - MS.

German prisoners - MS., PNRM. (Top to bottom).

Held German prisoners - MS.

Women carrying boxes - LS.

The dog ran into the house - LS., PNRM.

At home on a sled import parts and bags - LS.

Are women with bags - LS., PNRM.

Pass warriors militia - MS.

Woman kissing a man - CU.

Man kisses a child - CU.

Are women and a man - MS.

On the wall plate with the NDP "Solnechnogorsk city Soviets, Moscow Region.» - LS.

PNRM. at the man.

A man washes a window - MS.

Women bear card - MS., PNRM.

A man washes a plate with the NDP "Ostaszewski district Soviets» - MS.

Woman includes electric lamp - MS.

Family drinking tea - MS., PNRM.

Transporting a gun on horseback - LS.

Soldiers rifle knocks plate with the NDP in German - LS.

Smiling girl - CU.

Smiling woman - CU.

On the bridge are Soviet soldiers - LS.

PNRM. on the wall at the train station with the NDP "Wedge."

Passing trains - LS.

Are people - MS.

The old woman kissing Soviet soldiers - MS.

Animation: German book, turn the pages - CU.

Soviet soldiers are fleeing - LS.

Drove a Soviet tank, rear fleeing soldiers - LS.

Plate with the NDP in German - CU.

A woman with a child in the ashes - MS.

Another woman with children - MS.

Soviet soldiers took off their hats - MS.

PNRM. the weeping woman in the dead boy.

Tortured corpses of Soviet people - LS., PNRM.

Looking men - MS.

Corpses in the church - LS.

Icon - MS.

Soviet soldiers endure bodies of a woman and a child - MS., PNRM.

PNRM. the faces of the Soviet soldiers.

Boy kisses the body of a woman - MS.

Cries the old man - MS., PNRM.

Crying woman - CU.

Corpses - CU.

See the man - CU.

Passing Soviet tanks - MS.

Behind the tanks go skiers - LS., PNRM.

Animation: newspaper, NPL, photo Zhukov in the newspaper - CU., Hitting.

Photo: Colonel-General Eremenko - CU.

Photo: Lt.


Rokossovsky - CU.

Photo: Lt.


Smiths - CU.

Photo: Lt.


Golikov - CU.

Photo: Lieutenant General Boldin - CU.

Photo: Major General Lelyushenko - CU.

Photo: Major General Belov - CU.

Photo: Lieutenant-General of Artillery Govorov - CU.

Animation: photo in the newspaper - CU.

Banner - CU.

Performs general says (synchronously) - MS.

Listening to - MS.

Says General says (synchronously) - MS.

Earth - LS., PNRM. (The plane).

The destruction of military equipment - LS., PNRM., MS.

Broken Gun, crosses the German cemetery - LS., PNRM.

Birch cross with a swastika - CU.

German prisoners - CU., PNRM.

Are escorted German prisoners - LS.

Plate with the NDP in German - CU.

German prisoners - MS., PNRM., LS.

Pass the Soviet troops and military equipment - MS., PNRM., LS.

The Kremlin, Moscow - LS.

Passage of German prisoners on the streets of Moscow - LS.

Looking woman - CU.

Held captive German generals - MS., PNRM.

Looking women - CU.

German prisoners spend in Moscow - MS., PNRM., LS.

German prisoners spend on the bridge - LS.

Broken German military equipment - MS., PNRM., LS. (The plane).


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