How it was 12.10.2001 (2001)

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The parade on Red Square on November 7, 1941.

Reel №1

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Pictures of the German newsreel.

Fascist troops on the territory of the USSR.


Plans for encirclement and capture of Moscow.

Hitler over the map.

Chronicle of Moscow in 1941.

In the city erect anti-aircraft defense.

The state of siege is declared, the Muscovites participate in the preparation of anti-tank and defensive structures.

Gennady Shigun talks about the decision to evacuate Moscow, its residents, and members of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

Stalin allowed the possibility of the capture of the city by fascist troops, in connection with which the preparatory work was carried out to evacuate the head of state from Moscow and partially mine important strategic facilities of the capital.

On November 1, Stalin summoned Georgy Zhukov to the Kremlin.

It was decided to hold a traditional November parade in Moscow, in Kuibyshev and Voronezh.

Sergei Markov tells why he appointed Semyon Budyonny to take the parade.

Interview with Maria Budyonna.

The widow of the marshal talks about Stalin's call to Budyonny, about the organization of the parade, about security issues that had to be solved.

Vladimir Boyarsky was a participant in the meeting dedicated to the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution, which took place at the Mayakovskaya metro station (at that time the deepest station), the Moscow subway.

Describes the content of Stalin's report.

Video chronicle:


November 6, 1941.

Mayakovskaya metro station.

Joseph Stalin, Semyon Budyonny, Georgy Malenkov, Vyacheslav Molotov, Lavrenti Beria.

Stalin's speech.

Interview with Georgi Filippov.

Filippov's subdivision was concerned with ensuring the security of the meeting, which was held at the Mayakovskiy metro station in 1941.

Describes how Joseph Stalin, having used the "coloring", arrived at Mayakovsky.

Sergei Maslov tells what kind of situation was in the capital on the eve of the 1941 parade.

Speaks of anomalously cold weather, because of which the German aircraft could not carry out any sortie.

Interview with Anatoly Mitrokhin.

He recalls his meeting with military commander Pavel Artemyev, commander of the 1941 parade in Moscow.

Gevorg Chobonyan tells how, as a volunteer, he came to the parade in 1941 from Saratov, where he served.

Participants in the parade recall the victorious mood that reigned in the parade.

The presence of Stalin supported and instilled confidence in everyone.

Video chronicle:

Military parade on November 7, 1941 in Moscow.

Voice-over voice of the announcer from the chronicle.

Different types of troops.

Stalin's speech.

The story of the video recording of Stalin's speech is told, which, due to the fact that the time and place of the parade were kept secret, had to be re-recorded after the event, in the studio.

Later, this video produced a lot of sense.

Participants in the parade are restoring the events of 1941.

The details of the parade are recalled in detail.

Praskovya Sergeeva, tells that she became a participant of the parade due to a happy coincidence.

Her division was surrounded by Smolensk at the beginning of the war.

The commander withdrew from their entourage and they were able to catch up with their medical sanitary battalion already on the way to Moscow.

On November 7, at five in the morning, they were raised on alert and none of the participants even suspected that they were being taken to Red Square, not to the front.

But after the parade, the entire medical battalion was sent to the front line.


Shigun Gennady is a colonel, participant of a military parade in Moscow in 1941. Sergeeva Praskovya is a military paramedic, participant of the 1941 parade in Moscow. Mitrokhin Anatoly - writer, participant in the military parade of 1941 in Moscow. Chobonyan Gevorg - tanker, participant in the military parade of 1941 in Moscow. Maslov Sergei - a participant in the military parade in 1941 in Moscow. Markov Sergey - head of personal protection of Marshal Georgy Zhukov, participant of the 1941 parade in Moscow. Budyonna Maria is the widow of the USSR Marshal Semyon Budyonny. Boyarsky Vladimir - Colonel of the State Security Committee, participant in the meeting dedicated to the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution and the 1941 military parade in Moscow. Filippov Georgy - commander of the special regiment's division of the Office of the Commandant of the Moscow Kremlin in 1941.

Calendar: 12.10.2001

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