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The case of doctors in 1953. The struggle against cosmopolitanism.

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Video chronicle:

Funeral of Andrei Zhdanov in 1948.

Funeral farewell ceremony in Moscow with the Soviet party leader.

At the coffin: Joseph Stalin, Lavreny Beria, Georgy Malenkov, Vyacheslav Molotov, Lazar Kaganovich and others.

The presenter reads a letter from the doctor of the electrocardiography cabinet of the Kremlin hospital Lydia Timashuk, addressed to the head of the security department of the NSA Nikolay Vlasik.

Having read the contents, Stalin ordered to deliver this letter to the archive.

It is unveiled four years later, at the height of another ideological company known as the "struggle against cosmopolitanism."

Studio guest Jacob Etinger, the son of cardiologist Etinger, who was arrested in 1950, names the names of his father's senior patients, including Kirov, Ordzhonikidze, Tukhachevsky, and others.

This arrest became a reference point, the so-called "Doctors' Doctrine of 1953".

Among the numerous charges, Etinger, along with Vinogradov, attributed the wrong treatment of Alexander Shcherbakov.

Interrogated Etinger personally by the Minister of State Security of the USSR Viktor Abakumov.

Video chronicle:

In the Kremlin, Mikhail Kalinin awards the Minister of State Security of the USSR Viktor Abakumov in 1946.

A rare video document, preserved after the resignation of the minister in 1951.

Academician Vladimir Vinogradov - therapeutist, cardiologist.

Inspects the patient.

With students of the 2 nd Medical Institute.

He meets with a team of doctors.

Oleg Shklovsky read out the accusatory articles from the print media of that time.

The names of the "gang of pests" are named, among which are professors: Vose, Vinogradov, Kogan, Egorov, Etinger, and others.

Galina Radygina says that none of the medical workers believed in the accusations against Vinogradov and other doctors.

But the patients began to be treated with distrust.

The surgeon recalls how after the publication, she had to persuade a patient with a serious diagnosis, to conduct an emergency operation.

Marina Feigina, whose mother was one of the figurants of this case, shares her memories of how they destroyed the family library because of fear of being suspected of anti-Soviet activities.

Tells the story of the family of the arrested Gelshtein, with whom they were friends.

The participants of the program emphasize that the doctors' case was anti-Semitic and was only one of the stages of the large-scale company that was developing in the country.

Video chronicle:

Stalin at the funeral ceremony Zhdanov.

Aviation parade in Tushino.

Arrival of Lavrenty Beria, Stalin on the podium.

A group of planes in the sky line up, displaying the name "Stalin".

Anastas Mikoyan, also was among Vinogradov's patients.

Stepan Mikoyan, his son, tells how the family reacted to the arrest of doctors.

He names the names of prominent political figures, who could yet comprehend opals.

Jacob Etinger cites the memories of Svetlana Alliluyeva, who witnessed a telephone conversation of Stalin, who was informed of the death of director Solomon Mikhoels.

Participants in the program agree that the cause of the death of the director was murder.

Video chronicle:

Belorussian station on January 14, 1948.

From the train arriving from Minsk the coffin with the body of the theater director Solomon Mikhoels is taken out.

Vladimir Naumov speaks about more global plans of the company.

The doctors' case was only the beginning.

Jacques Etinger talks about his meeting with Nikolai Bulganin, according to which, according to Stalin's order, he prepared railway echelons in all major cities of the USSR, intended for the deportation of Jews from the country.

Arrested doctors, within the framework of this company, were supposed to be executed publicly.

Video chronicle:

The announcement in the newspaper "Pravda" about the death of Stalin.

People at the kiosk dismantle the newspaper.

The participants of the program remember how their friends - the defendants of the case about doctors - returned home after the rehabilitation that followed the funeral of Stalin.

Video chronicle:

Academician Vladimir Vinogradov in the Kremlin receives a state award from Leonid Brezhnev.


Etinger Yakov - a student of the historical faculty of Moscow State University in 1950, the son of a professor, cardiologist Yakov Etinger. Radygina Galina is a surgeon of the first Grad hospital in 1953. Feigina Marina is the daughter of the head of the department of neurology at the 1st Grad Hospital in Myra Malkina. Mikoyan Stepan is the son of Anastas Mikoyan. Naumov Vladimir - Doctor of Historical Sciences, one of the compilers of the book "The Unfair Court. The Last Stalin's Execution ".

Calendar: 11/21/1999

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