one-on-one (1997) 05/25/1997

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Anchorperson: Aleksandr Lyubimov

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The guests of the program are the editor-in-chief of Nezavisimaya gazeta Vitaly Tretyakov and Army General Mahmut Gareyev.

The main topic of the conversation is the signing of a treaty between Russia and NATO on May 27, 1997.

Discussion of NATO's progress to the east.

The right of the member states to veto.

The role of Russia as a buffer zone between the West and the East.

Profile of М.А.Гареева.

The attitude of Europe towards NATO and the logic in building relations with this bloc.

Profile of I. M. Podgorny.

Igor Podgorny with an assessment of NATO's behavior by analogy with the behavior of Germany before the Second World War.

VTtretyakov on the details of the agreement.

Profile of A.V. Surikov.

Anton Surikov gives examples of double interpretation of the document in various countries.

Comments of the guests of the program.

VT Tretyakov's profile.

Profile of В.Б.Кувалдина.

Historical background of Victor Kuvaldin about the western guarantees given to Mikhail Gorbachev in 1990, and an assessment of Russia's current situation in the international geopolitical space.

Comments of VTretyakov on the general expansion of NATO to the east.


Tretyakov V.T. - Russian journalist, political scientist, TV host, entrepreneur, owner and general director of the "Independent Publishing Group" (NIG, 2001-2013), co-founder and general director of the Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Science in Media and Television "Medialogy" (since 2008).
Gareev MA - Russian military leader, retired army general, doctor of military sciences, doctor of historical sciences, professor, president of the Academy of Military Sciences.
Podgorny I.M. - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor, teacher, member of the Advisory Council of the non-factional association of the State Duma deputies "Anti-NATO".
Surikov A.V. - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Expert in Strategic Arms, Defense Industry and Local Conflicts, Colonel, State Councilor of the Russian Federation, 1st class, full member of the Academy of Astronautics.
Kuvaldin V.B. - Doctor of Historical Sciences, political scientist, expert of the International Public Foundation for Socio-Economic and Political Studies (Gorbachev Foundation).

Defense and internal security; Foreign policy; International military organizations