How it was 27.03.2001 (2001)

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Anchor:Shklovsky Oleg


Terrorist acts in the capital of the USSR city of Moscow. Explosion in the subway in 1977.

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Video chronicle:

A selection of the consequences of terrorist acts that occurred in the world in the 1970s-1980s.

City station, the building of a street cafe after the explosions.

Symbols of the radical organization "Rosse" (Red Brigades) in the print edition.

Police work at the site of the vehicle explosion.

Those who died as a result of terrorist attacks.

The program tells of the sad events of 1977.

January 8 in the capital of the USSR - Moscow, a number of explosions were made.

The two devices worked in a store on Twenty-Fifth October Street and in a trash can near the Architectural Institute.

As a result of the third explosion, which occurred in the metro station between the stations Izmailovskaya and Pervomaiskaya, seven people were killed.

More than forty people were injured.

Dmytry Tyuzhin was with the brother, wife and daughter in the car in which the explosion occurred.

His wife Valentina Tyuzhina, is present in the auditorium, takes part in the program.

In the car was an ownerless bag, which no one paid attention to.

Dmitry tells what happened right after the explosion, describes the destruction, the behavior of other passengers.

Yakov Akhuzin was appointed head of the operational headquarters to investigate the incident.

He tells about single attempts to assassinate Soviet leaders and about the first time when Soviet special services faced such mass terrorist acts.

According to special services, the terrorist attack was prepared by anti-Soviet nationalist organizations.

Yakov Akkhuzin talks about the work of the staff, about how the investigation was conducted.

Video chronicle:

Passengers of the Moscow Metro.

Traffic in the subway.

Photos of the blasted car.

Press room: the work of correspondents.

ZIL is driving up to the KGB building on Lubyanka Square.

Malva Landa, says, as an organization of the Moscow Helsinki Group, at her meeting condemned the terrorist act and signed a corresponding statement.

Jacob Akkhuzin cites material evidence, according to which the KGB officers were restoring events and what caused the "exit" of the special services to the capital of the Armenian SSR - Yerevan.

The participants of the program speak about the National United Party that existed in Armenia, organized by students against the existing regime.

Stepan Zatikyan, one of the founders of the party, together with its members Hakob Stepanyan and Zaven Baghdasaryan, was detained on November 7, 1977, after the events at Kursk railway station, when another explosive device was discovered.

Malva Landa and Yakov Akkhuzin relate to this arrest differently.

Interview with Hakob Demirchyan - a friend of Hakob Stepanyan.

Interview with Vazgen Karakhanyan - a friend of Stepan Zatikyan.

Paruyr Hayrikyan talks about the basis of the party, its main goals.

He does not believe in Zatikyan's guilt.

Interview with Ashot Matevosyan - lawyer of Stepan Zatikyan.

Dmitry Tyuzhin was present in the hall, during the trial of the detainees.

According to Malva Landa, the detention of Zatikyan and his comrades was fabricated by the KGB.

Video chronicle:

Speech of Hakob Stepanyan, Zaven Baghdasaryan and Stepan Zatikyan at the trial.

Interview with Hasmik Chatalyan - Stepan Zatikyan's sister.

Each of the participants of the program have their own point of view about the involvement of the detainees in the explosions that took place in Moscow in 1977.


Tyuzhin Dmitry - passenger of the Moscow underground, who was injured in the explosion in 1977. Landa Malva is a veteran of the human rights movement in the USSR, a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group. Akkhuzin Yakov - Colonel of the KGB of the USSR in the 1970s. Hayrikyan Paruir is a member of the National United Party, which existed in Armenia in 1966 - 1987.

Calendar: 27/03/2001

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