theme 10/24/1995 (1995)

Telecast №73923, 1 part, duration: 0:38:55
Production: VID
Anchor:Dmitrij Mendeleev

Reel №1

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The theme of the program is sects.

Visiting Dmitry Mendeleyev, the deacon of the Orthodox Church, Andrei Kuraev, former member of the sect "Church of Christ" Sergei Glushenkov and doctor of historical sciences Andrei Zubov.

What motivates people to join the sects and what can make them leave.

A public opinion poll: why do people join the sects that they expect to find there.

What is a sect and is it easy to get out of it.

The story of the famous religious sects: Mass wedding in Sun Myung Moon sect, "Unification Church", the activities of the sect Shoko Asahara "Aum Shinrikyo" collective self-immolation, along with houses in Luc Zhure sect "Temple of the Sun".

Candidate of theology Alexander Dvorkin on the dishonesty of religious organizations in relation to the flock.

Protestant bibleist Mikhail Kulakov about the suffering of society from pseudo-religious organizations and about the mechanism for protecting citizens from sects.

The plot of the sect "The Church of the Last Testament" in Minusinsk: a fragment of the interview with Torop Vissarion on the rules of the sect and religious beliefs, interviews with members sects about the project "The City of the Sun", the police about the deaths from the exhaustion and suicides of sect members, Ph.D. Lyudmila Grigorieva about the investigation inside the sect.

Why the Orthodox Church and the state do not deal with the problem of "Jehovah's Witnesses".

The attitude of the Orthodox Church towards Dianetics and Scientology.

The plot of the American writer and philosopher Ron Hubbard.

Opinion of viewers about sects and Orthodoxy in Russia.

Responsibilities of the state to protect citizens from the influence of sects.


Kuraev A.V. - Russian religious and public figure, candidate of philosophical sciences, candidate of theology, professor, publicist, missionary, teacher. Zubov A.B. - doctor of historical sciences, professor, political scientist, public, church and political figure. Dvorkin A.L. - Doctor of Philosophy on the history of the Middle Ages, candidate of theology, researcher of modern religious sectarianism, writer, public figure. Kulakov M.P. - Protestant biblical scholar, pastor, translator, public and religious figure, co-founder of the Russian branch of the International Association of Religious Freedom. Vissarion (Torop SA) - the founder and head of the sect "The Church of the Last Covenant." Sun Myung Moon is a South Korean public and religious figure, entrepreneur, founder and leader of the sect "Unification Church". Hakcha Han Mun is a member of the Unification Church sect, the widow and successor of Sun Myung Moon. Shoko Asahara (Tizuo Matsumoto) is the founder and leader of the Japanese totalitarian sect Aum Shinrikyo, a literary, social and political figure, a terrorist.

Locations: Korea [117] Japan [112] Switzerland [212] Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]

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