The Victory of Socialism in the USSR.. (1973)

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Reel №1

Newsreel 1925 .: Red Square.

Manezh Square.

Movement of trams.

Boy newsboy the tram.


Chimes of the Spassky Tower show 12 hours.

Meeting 14 Congress of the CPSU (b).

Newsreel 1928-1932 gg .: The procession with the slogan "At the storming of Mount Magnet".

Kuzbass mines.

Construction Turksib.

Shop metallurgical plant.

Persons working.

The first tractor in the factory shop.

Tractor enters the gates of the Kremlin.

Newsreel 1927 .: Meeting of 15 Congress of the CPSU (b) act Stalin, Ordzhonikidze, Nadezhda Krupskaia.

Meeting in the village.

Farmers vote.

Twenty-five-thousander workers in the countryside.

Farmers consider tractor.

The workers and peasants at their desks in the classroom.

Feet in sandals.

Writer Maxim Gorky in his office Portrait KATimiryazev.

Academician V.M.Behterev acts.

Academician IVMichurin.



1933: The steamship "Chelyuskin" in the ice.

OY Schmidt with the pilots of the plane.

Plane in the sky. 1930s.: V.Chkalov et al.

Pilots of the plane.

Crumbling building in Moscow.

Work metrostroevtsev.

Subway train, the people at the station. 1932: Rally to mark the opening of the Dnieper.

Industrial landscape (with the upper point).

Works excavator.

Harvesters in the field.

Locomotive rides (From the top).

Shop textile mill.

Shoe factory.

Working in open-hearth shop.

A.Stahanov miner in the mine. A.Stahanov after shock watches.

P.Angelina. M.Demchenko.

P.Krivonos driver.

Weaver sister Vinogradov.

Order of Lenin. 1934: Meeting of the 17 Congress of the CPSU (b).

V.Kuybyshev acts.

Budyonny looking through binoculars.

Passing tanks on maneuvers.

Skydivers jump from an airplane wing.

Planes fly over Red Square.

Festivities in the village.

Poster "Children of all peoples are one family."

Sports parade on Red Square.

Key words

The enthusiasm of the first five Collectivization Industrialization




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