From Man's Point Of View.. (1973)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Kraskov G.

Script writers: Kraskov G., Morozov D.

Operators: Myakishev G.


A film by order of the Central Television about Soviet woman.

Reel №1

Young girls in cloaks are on the streets of Tallinn - medium, large plans (autumn).

The girl with the briefcase is a bus - a big plan.

Two girls talking, standing on the sidewalk next to them sits a little dog - the average plan.

A guy waiting for a girl - a big plan.

A girl standing at the machine - the average plan.

Women's portraits of various artists - big.

Among the birches are girls with radiolampovogo Kaluga plant - general plan (early autumn).

The girls at the factory for work - the face and hands of girls that hold details of tubes - big plans.

Female checks Tubes - medium, large plans.

An employee looks through a microscope - the average plan.

Competitions female factory teams in basketball - a common, medium, big plans.

Cheerleaders in the gym - a big plan.

The girls train with balls in the gym - a big plan.

Production conference in the office of chief engineer of the plant radiolampovogo Irina Molchanova - medium, large plans.

VI Molchanov in the shop of the plant gives the girls graduated from college at the factory, diplomas, congratulated the girls - medium, large plans.

Female applaud - the general plan.

I. Molchanov home - playing the piano, puts on his coat, leaves home, goes to Autumn Park - the average plan.

Kiev - the general plan.

Street of Kiev - the general plan.

Girls are on the street - the average, the overall plans.

Kiev University - close-up.

Classes of Radio Physics Faculty of the University - the total, average, big plans.

Student at the laser, the laser beam - an outline.

Remote computer; student at the control panel; reading program on punched tape - a big, overall plan.

The sea, seagulls over the sea, on the water on the beach - the general plan.

Photo: an infant - a close-up.

Muscovite Natalia Dabrowa, chemist, doctor of medical sciences in the chemical laboratory at the instruments - a close-up.

Instruments - an outline.

Dobrova colleagues considering they created an artificial valve to correct congenital heart defects in children - an average, large plans.

The girls are engaged in a ballet school - medium, large plans.

The operation on the heart - the person of the surgeon, Dobrova and nurses, bent over the operating table - big plans.

Surgeon and Dobrova talk after the operation - medium, large plans.

Reel №2

Gymnast performs on the Balance Beam - CU.upnye plans.

Group performance gymnasts with the free exercise - MS.edny, CU.upny plans.

Girls go through the streets of Tallinn - CU.upny panorama.

Barber in Tallinn - the girls in front of mirrors - CU.upny plan.

Master Ingrid updo - MS.edny, CU.upny plans.

Autumn trees - CU.upny panorama.

Old Tallinn - LS.y plan.

The walls of the ancient castle, old lamp shade from him on the cobbles - MS.ednie plans.

Figures for Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" - MS.ednie plans.

A young man on the streets of Tallinn waiting girlfriend, walking down the street holding hands - CU.upny, LS.y plans.

Master Ingrid wears a helmet, rides a motorcycle - MS.ednie plans.

The bride and groom walk up the stairs of the Leningrad Wedding Palace - LS.y plan.

The wedding ceremony - a woman with words farewell to the newlyweds - MS.edny plan (synchronous).

The bride and groom wear a ring, congratulating the bride - CU.upnye plans.

Young get in the car, laying flowers at the grave of the unknown soldier - CU.upnye plans.

Near the house of newlyweds presented bread and salt - CU.upny plan.

Bench near the Neva river in autumn landscape - MS.edny, CU.upny plans.

Sea (reflections on the water) - CU.upny plan.

Boy runs along the footbridge - LS.y plan.

Children dancing in the kindergarten of a village in Estonia, play various games - LS.y, MS.edny plans.

Children undress, dresses lie on chairs, children sleep - MS.edny, CU.upny plans.

The teacher closes the door to the bedroom - MS.edny plan.

Panorama of the Children's Town - CU.upno.

Children wash their hands - CU.upny plan.

Dolls in the corner of toys - CU.upny plan.

Reel №3

A woman from the Dagestani village bakes bread - big plans.

Aul - general plan.

A big family dinner table - medium, large plans.

Water Flows from the mountain spring, the girls collect water from a source in silver pitchers, are on the shoulders of pitchers - medium, large plans.

Woman dagestanka ties a scarf - close-up.

The whole family in the yard - big plans.

Young couple (son and daughter) is into the yard, a young father holds a first-born - the average plan.

Grandfather warms his hands over the fire, takes the child in his arms, shows it to all the members of his extended family - medium, large plans.

In honor of the firstborn of Daghestan perform folk dances - close-up (sync).

Photo: mother and child - big plans.

The Autumn Park is a girl, run girl - the general plan.

The young man draws in the park - close-up.

Estonian choir sings (sync) - the average plan.

Dancing boys and girls, played by an orchestra - big plans.

Children ride on a swing - a big plan.

On the balcony of the wooden house sitting young mothers in their national costumes with newborn babies - the general plans.

Kiev - the general plan.