A USA Farmer in the USSR.. (1974)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Kiselev A.

Script writers: Stepunin A.


The film tells about a trip to the Soviet Union D.Makberrena American farmer, his acquaintance with the world of socialism.

Foreign policy


Reel №1

Leningrad, St.

Isaac's Cathedral.

Sculpture of a lion.

Statue in the park.

Fallen leaves on the pavement.

The sculpture at the foot of a rostral column.

Bridges over the Neva.

View of the canal.

The gate at the entrance to the Summer Garden.

Via is a boat.

People are switching the channel on the foot bridge.

From the bridge moves down the bus.

People on the streets of the city.

View of the port.

The port comes liner "Alexander Pushkin."

Passengers on the deck.

Tug at the side of the liner.

American businessman D.Makberrena meeting with representatives of the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations.

View of the bridges across the Neva. D.Makberren city tours.

Palace Square.

Alexander Column.

General Staff Building, Arch of Fame.

Cruiser Aurora".

D.Makberren with accompanying on the deck of the cruiser.

The meeting with the captain of the crew of the cruiser-museum.

The barrel nose gun cruiser, view of the river from the deck. D.Makberren farewell to the sentry.

The flag of the RSFSR on the roof of the building.

People are talking, visiting the Palace Square.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral.

Monument to Peter I. D.Makberren with a movie camera.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin.

Granite descent to Neva near the stock exchange building, the river is a pleasure boat. D.Makberren with the camera.

Corner of the Winter Palace and the Palace Embankment.

American businessman on excursions to the Hermitage.

Museum exhibits.

Peterhof, fragments cascade of fountains in front of the Grand Palace.

American guests fountains shoot at the camera.

People near the fountain-crackers.

Tour group in the park alleys.

Visit Piskaryovsky Memorial Cemetery.

Alternation: flowers on the tombs, people go through the alleys of the memorial.

The bas-reliefs on the memorial wall.

The delegation raised the Eternal Flame.

The statue "Motherland".

Children run and ride bikes on the park paths.

Child lead hand.

People go fishing on the waterfront.

On the steps of a young couple sitting at the foot of the stairs splashing water.

Seagulls over the waterfront.

People on the streets of the city.

View of the top prospect.

Meeting with employees D.Makberrena Economic Institute. D.Makberren at a business meeting in Lesintorge. D.Makberren examines export timber.

Loading timber ship.

View of the port.

Views of Moscow. D.Makberren in the Moscow Kremlin.


Basil's Cathedral, Red Square and the State Historical Museum.

Monument to Minin and Pozharsky.

The queue at the Lenin Mausoleum.

Entrance to the mausoleum.

People come out of the mausoleum.

View of the CMEA the waterfront.

Parking under the overpass.

House of Friendship with Foreign Countries (Arseny Morozov mansion, now the Reception House of the Russian Government).

Chairman of the Presidium of the USSF N.V.Popova meets delegation.

The ceremonial tea.

Panorama of Moscow. D.Makberren passes the bridge.

The main building of Moscow State University.

The streets of the capital, residents of the city, the movement of vehicles. D.Makberren on foot.

Forms of the park.

A child runs past the fountain.


Popova NV - Soviet party and public figure.


Moscow [820] Leningrad [848]


Autumn [826]

Reel №2

People in the lobby.

The spectators in the stands.

Fragments of the circus program. D.Makberren with his son on the podium.

Blooming lawn in the middle of the road. D.Makberren visits the exhibition "Lesdrevmash."

Business meeting in Lesintorge.

A visit to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Photo. D.Makberren talks about his farm.

Haystacks in the fields.

Cows returning from the pasture.

Sow with piglets.

Cows in their stalls. D.Makberren away on breeding plant in the suburbs.

Cows graze in the meadow.

Natural scenery. D.Makberren visit the center of the Russian Orthodox Church in Zagorsk.

The procession of priests.

Near Moscow temples.

Vintage Church in the museum of wooden architecture.

Girl with a bouquet of wildflowers.

Flowering herbs.

The girl's face.

Tea House. D.Makberren with her son out of the house.

Examples of modern wooden architecture.

Laughing girl.

Wooden house "Fairy Tale".

Evening Moscow.

The building of the Bolshoi Theater. D.Makberren held in the hall.

Chandeliers in the room.

A fragment of the ballet of Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty", soloist E.S.Maksimova.

Black Sea coast, views along the road, D.Makberren the bus window.

View of the railway with a hill.

View of the beach.

Natural scenery along the way (shooting from the car).

The forest thickets. D.Makberren examines tea plantation, talking with experts.

Farmers harvesting tea.

Fruit of the lemon trees.

People at the entrance of the building.

The sign in the Georgian language at the entrance.

The delegation at the meeting with students.

Meet Centenarians, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War.

People climb the stairs.


Veteran receives guests in his home.

Panorama settlement. D.Makberren vineyard.

Grape brush on the branches.

People gather grapes. D.Makberren goes through the ranks.

Bunches of grapes. D.Makberren a bunch in his hand.

From the decanter into a glass poured grape juice.

Guests at the dinner.

Residents of Tbilisi city views. D.Makberren a walk. D.Makberren I.Ochauri visited the artist's studio.

Art Georgian coinage.

The streets of Tbilisi.


View the city from the hill.


Morozov PI - Soviet party and state leader, 1st Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the USSR. ES Maximova - Dancer, choreographer, choreographer, teacher, People's Artist of the USSR.


Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] Tbilisi [859] Georgia [83]


Autumn [826]

Reel №3

The wing of the aircraft.

View of the earth from the window. D.Makberren the plane.

The streets of Tashkent.

Meeting with D.Makberrenom the city council.

Chairman of the republican branch of the USSF, D.Sc. H.Shuhunova.

Ceremonial Tea Party, sharing symbolic gifts.

The streets of Tashkent, D.Makberren walks around the city.

American guest at the Tashkent bazaar.

Rural landscape (type of vehicle).

Cotton harvesting. D.Makberren visited cotton fields. D.Makberren with a movie camera.

Guests visiting the historic and cultural monuments of Samarkand.

Airplane in the clouds.

In the cabin there is a flight attendant. D.Makberren the plane.

View of the earth from the window.

Boiling water. D.Makberren visiting Irkutsk hydroelectric station.


View of the river.

D.Makberren on the waterfront, on a bench near the water are people.

The streets of Irkutsk.

Monument to Yermak.

Panorama of Lake Baikal. D.Makberren sitting on a rock.

View of the lake from the moving boat.

D.Makberren down the boardwalk to the lake and the water tries.

Family in a motorboat.

Trees leaning over the water.

A man fishes.

A child carries wood to the fire.

D.Makberren fire.

Fisherman guts a fish.

The child breaks the leaves of bushes.

Boats on the beach. D.Makberren inspects a wooden structure near the lake.

D.Makberren in the car.

Natural scenery along the way (shooting from the car).

The car on a forest road. D.Makberren on the Siberian logging.

Lumberjacks sawing trees.

Removal of the felled trees from the forest.

Preparing forests for rafting.

Lifting trunks of piped water. D.Makberren inspects construction materials.

The man at the helm of the boat.

Water view.

The crew of the boat.

The boat is on the river.

River natural scenery (shooting from the water).

Alternation: views from the window of a moving train, D.Makberren dictates recording on tape.

Ships in the Bay.

People escort ship sails. D.Makberren on board.

Natural landscapes of Siberia.


Uzbekistan [236] Tashkent [860] Samarkand [906] Siberia [926] Irkutsk region [777] Republic of Buryatia [740]


Autumn [826]

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