Will, Bravery, Competence. (1974)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Boykov V.

Script writers: Vasina B.

Operators: Kiselev S.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Sarancev A.


The film tells about parachutists sportsmen - members of the All-Union team of the USSR.

Temporary description

Members of the team of the Soviet Union in parachute jumping during training jump: skydivers in free fall, during the execution of acrobatic stunts. Competition for parachute jumping. Award winners.

Reel №1

The Soviet Union national sky-jumping team.

Skydivers jumping.

Free falling sportsmen, then landing with parachutes.

A training in the Tushino training camp.

Training jumps and spot landing.

The coach Dunaev observing the jumps with a special instrument (spyglass).

Ground training.

The exercises being performed.

Spot landing.

The skydivers trying to land on a disk 10 cm in diameter.

National team list: team captain Maschenko, Osipov, Gladilov, Tarasov, Makhnorylov, the chief coach Gurny.

The chief national coach giving a review.

A plane An-2 flying above the snow-covered mountains of North Osetia.

The women’s national team: Starikova, Kerieva, Radionova, Shvachko, Kostina.

The women jumping.

The coach watching.

Khripunova landing poorly, making a second successful jump.

The XIX championship of the USSR.

A plane flying.

Reel №2

A formation jump “changeover”.

Spot landing jumps.

Spot water landing.

The wet parachutes being collected into the boat.

V.Gurny making his 4000 jump, landing.

His friends congratulating him on the ground, chairing him.

A team’s formation jump.

The Yugoslavian resort Portorozh where the Adriatic Cup is held.

Four Soviet skydivers (Osipov, Ushakov, Masherov, Gurny) in the air under one canopy.

The parachutists landing.

Gurny getting on the top of the podium.

The Soviet national skydiving team’s rewarding with gold medals.

Pennants and cups wan by the Soviet skydivers in the international and all-union competitions.

Black-and-white photos of the sportsmen of several generations: Krestyanikov, Tkachenko, Seliverstov, Yachmenev, Eremin, Voinov, Lisov, Starchenko.