The Second Life of Tutankhamen. (1974)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Maksimov L.

Script writers: Nikanorov A.

Operators: Maksimov L.

Anouncers: Trunina G.

Text writers: Nikanorov A.


About the Exhibition of riches of Tutankhamen's tomb in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

Museums and exhibitions

Culture and Arts

Temporary description

Landscapes of Egypt. General view of the tomb of Tutankhamen, a museum in Cairo, which houses the mummy of Tutankhamun's tomb and treasures. The exhibition of the treasures of Tutankhamen's tomb in the Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin in Moscow. Customers visiting the exhibits of the exhibition: sarcophagi, statues, the figure of Tutankhamen, various small figures of the pharaoh Tutankhamen, clay tablets with hieroglyphics, things belonging to Tutankhamun, gold jewelry.

Reel №1

According to the Egyptian desert camels - MS.

The desert and the rocks in the "Valley of Kings" - the burial place of the Egyptian pharaohs - CU., MS., LS.

Entrance to the cave, where in 1922 the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen - LS.

Figures of gods and animals in the cave - MS., CU.

Mask and the mummy in the tomb - MS.

The building of the Egyptian Museum in

Cairo, which holds the treasures of Tutankhamen - CU.

The building of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Pushkin in Moscow - LS.

Visitors to the exhibition are the treasures of Tutankhamen's tomb, all near the museum - LS., MS. (Winter).

Hall Museum - LS.

Visitors to the museum hall - MS., CU.

Figurine "Ka" - double the deceased, which moves the soul of the deceased - different. (Via on-Swim).

A wooden sculpture of Tutankhamun as a mummy lying on the funeral bed - MS., CU.

Sarcophagus of gold - CU., PNRM.

Statuette of Amenhotep III - Various.

Effigy of Tutankhamen - MS., LS.

Naos - box intended for the statue of the god - CU.

Drawings on the walls of the naos, depicting scenes from the life of King Tutankhamun - CU.

Tutankhamun figure with a staff and a whip - MS., LS.

Genuine staff and whip - symbols of power of the pharaoh - in the window - CU.

Figures of Tutankhamun on a panther, on a boat - MS., CU.

Rook in the window - LS., CU.

Egyptian writing on clay tablets - MS., CU.

Pharaoh's Dagger - MS., CU.

Casket inlaid with ivory - MS., CU.

The mask in the form of the head of the pharaoh - CU.

Child seat Pharaoh stool decorated with elegant ornamentation folding chair made of ebony inlaid with ivory, a gaming table with a ten-figure E, chest of red cedar - Pharaoh's personal items found in the tomb - MS., CU.

Reel №2

Headrest ivory depicting the god Shu air, lifting the sky - LS., CU.

Alabaster vase, bowl for washing in the form of a lotus, a vase in the form of a lion - MS., CU.

Magic figure "Ushabti" with tools in hand - MS., CU.

Figure of the god "Birdy" - patron of the arts and crafts - MS., CU.

Pharaoh's gold jewelry with enamel - MS., CU.

Gold jewelry Pharaoh gold fan - MS., CU.

Gold Mask of Tutankhamun - CU., MS.

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