theme 11/03/1995 (1995)

Telecast №74703, 1 part, duration: 0:39:06
Production: VID
Anchor:Mendeleev Igor

Reel №1

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Theme of the program: "Abortion".

Epigraph: statistics of the number of illegal surgical interventions in Russia to terminate an unwanted pregnancy with a fatal outcome.

Participants of the program express their attitude to this surgical procedure.

Attention is drawn to the forced, in some cases, interruption of pregnancy, in connection with medical indicators.

Igor Guzov, talking about the history of the first mention of this procedure, talks about the moral foundations that prevailed in ancient Greece, and at the time of the birth of Christianity.

Plot: The history of abortion in Russia.

Pre-war chronicle: a bookstall (a poster: "Village Book"), a shopping row on the eve of the New Year, the construction of new residential buildings, Vladimir Lenin on the podium, people in an overloaded public transport, the sale of lingerie on the street, the station, passengers, taxis and equestrian cabmen.

Post-war Moscow: one-story houses on the waterfront, the Garden Ring, Nikita Khrushchev among the people; women's rallies.

Participants in the program on the emergence and use of contraceptive methods in Russia, the need to educate youth on family planning issues.

The issue of the effect of ecology on the fetal development process, the timely detection of genetic changes in the short term of pregnancy is being raised.

Opinion of the audience:

Alexander Sidelnikov (Research Institute of the Family).

Elena Shvetsova is a gynecologist.

Marina Leborakina is the information center of the independent women's forum.


Fertilization of the egg in the laboratory (under a microscope).

Newborn in the hospital.

Pregnant women do wellness exercises.

Ultrasound of a pregnant woman.

Ways to terminate unwanted pregnancies among peoples of different countries.

Factory for the production of condoms and other contraceptives.

Pharmacy with hormonal preparations.

Surgical operation box.

The conveyor for the production of medicines.

Couple with newborn children (twins).

In the hall:

Olga Selekhova, father Maxim Obukhov about the sin of infanticide and the attitude of the church towards abortion.

The story of a 16-year-old teenager, who became pregnant after the rape, is told.

After moral pressure, the girl committed suicide.

Inga Grebesheva and Igor Buzov, commenting on the situation, speak of imposing responsibility on persons whose incompetent interference provoked such a phenomenon.

In the hall:

Marianna Vronskaya on abortions of minors.

Valentina Vasilievna about the abandoned children.


Artificial termination of pregnancy at a later date.

Hospital room, preparation for surgery.

The girl Anya, miraculously appeared after such procedure and left in the House of the baby.

Abandoned children.

Vladimir Kulakov, Inga Grebesheva about economic difficulties and psychological problems that push women to either abortion or other decisions.

Personal opinion of those present in the studio:

Polina Sukholinskaya, Tatyana Konysheva.

Interrogation of men in the street: "Attitude towards abortion".

Opinion of the audience:

Elena Vorobtsova, (Association for Family Planning) about the ways

solutions to the problem of abortion.

Ivan Leshkevich - Department of Health of Moscow.

Inga Grebesheva about the education of responsibility in future parents.

Vladimir Kulakov on the state support program for family planning.

Inga Grebesheva talks about international experience in solving this problem.

Brings statistics to countries where the abortion rate is minimal.


Surgical box.

Operation to terminate the pregnancy.

Mass actions in the US and other countries of activists of the movement for the prohibition of abortion.

Service in the Catholic Church.

Ex-President of Poland Lech Valenza.

Pope John Paul II conducts Mass in the street.

The participants of the program come up with a number of proposals, which, in their opinion, are capable of substantially reducing the number of abortions in Russia.


Guzov Igor - Candidate of Medical Sciences, President of the Association "Support and Maternity". Grebesheva Inga - General Director of the Association "Family Planning". Kulakov Vladimir - Academician, Director of the Institute of Acupuncture and Gynecology.

Calendar: 11/03/1995

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