theme 03/15/1996 (1996)

Telecast №74710, 1 part, duration: 0:38:01
Production: VID
Anchor:Mendeleev Dmitry

Reel №1

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Theme of the program: car theft.

In the studio, viewers share stories from life - tell cases of hijacking cars that happened to them and their loved ones.

Dmitry Tynkov and Vasily Peredereev provide statistical data on the theft and return of stolen cars in Russia and Moscow.

They talk about various types of unlawful possession of vehicles: stealing, theft, robbery, robbery, attacks on drivers, and others.

On the legal difficulties that hinder the detention of hijackers.

Video: theft of vehicles.

The flow of vehicles in the city (spring).

Road sign STOP at the traffic police station.

A broken car in a snowdrift.

Cars Zaporozhets brand in the snowdrift, in the courtyard of the house.

Parking of cars.

The traffic police post.

The traffic controller.

Signs of road junctions.

Shooting at the checkpoint of the State Automobile Inspection.

The road inspector inspects the car.

Employee of the road police patrol service.

Men's colony with prisoners.

In the studio, Dmitry Tynkov talks about the penalties that await car hijackers.

According to Vasily Peredereev, such an "auto business" is profitable and ranks second in terms of profitability, after the illegal distribution of drugs.

Participants tell us what they do with stolen cars and how their sales are going on.

Fragment of the feature film "Accelerator".

Scene "at the car wash."

According to Dmitry Tynkov, avtougon is a well-organized type of criminal activity, in which there is an exact scheme of division of duties.

Indicates the shortcomings in the Criminal Code, referred to by criminals, when they go to investigative authorities.

Head of the Department of the Main Directorate of Executive Punishment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexei Asmetkin (in the studio) names the number of convicts serving prison sentences for crimes related to car theft.

For many, this is not the first term of punishment.

A video about minors hijackers.

Folder "Personal file of the prisoner".

Copy of the verdict.

Building's facade.

Sign: "Step room.

No entry for Unauthorised people".

Male colony.

Convicted on a walk in the dining room.

Interviews with convicts: they talk about the incomes they received for their activities, about the different methods of hijacking.


The man is at the open hood of the car.

Talon TO on the windshield.

Security device: lock on the handlebars.

Shooting TV MVD: finding a shop for the conversion of stolen cars.

Inspector GAI checks the car.

Men's colony: building for dinner.

The participants of the program cite statistics on thefts in the regions of Russia.

Vasily Peredereev talks about the detention in Moscow of several organized groups engaged in serial car rides.

Describes where, when and how frequent hijacks are committed.

Gives advice on how to protect a car from hacking.

Fragment of the feature film "Beware of the car."

In a studio:

Journalist Ilya Schwarzburg on toughening penalties for criminals.

Journalist Valery Yakov on tightening control over the situation by the state.

Alexei Belov, Head of the Department for Combating theft and Stealing of Motor Vehicles of the MUR, points out the need for an integrated approach as legislative and the executive power to develop measures to curb crimes related to car theft.

Vasily Peredereev talks about the permitted methods of defense and protection of his own vehicle.

Fragment of the feature film "Promised Heaven".

Participants of the program advise how not to buy a stolen car and to check the foreign car properly.

What to do in case of buying a stolen car.

Plot: car thefts abroad.

European Highway.

Car stream on the highway.

Passage of the border control point.

Electronic scheme of road interchanges in France.

City highways of various European cities.

The market for the sale of supported foreign cars.

Passport of a former USSR citizen.

Recount the money.

The European Bank.

Factory for the production of foreign cars.

Conveyor assembly.

Dispatching point for monitoring traffic cameras in the city.

The participants of the program are mistrustful of private firms offering services for tracing stolen vehicles.

They talk about the development and implementation of a number of measures aimed at the disclosure and prevention of crimes related to theft.

Predict deterioration of the situation in the future.


Tynkov Dmitry - head of the department for the disclosure of crimes related to the illegal possession of vehicles of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Peredereev Vasily - deputy head of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department.

Calendar: 15/03/1996

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