person of the week 07/15/1995 (1995)

Telecast №74718, 1 part, duration: 0:19:03
Production: VID
Anchor:Sarkisyan Elena

Reel №1

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The decision to bring federal forces into Chechnya was the reason for the question of the constitutional legality of these actions.

Yuri Kalmykov says that such acts should be prescribed by law, and not be implemented on the basis of one-time decrees of the head of state or orders of the heads of law enforcement agencies.

Yelena Sargsyan is a connoisseur.


Session of the Constitutional Court on the introduction of federal troops in Chechnya.

The meeting hall.

Valery Zorkin, Sergei Shakhrai, Yuri Baturin.

Pass the judges.

In the hall, journalists, representatives of the president, deputies of the State Duma.

Interview with Anatoly Lukyanov and Sergei Shakhrai.

Yuri Kalmykov in the courtroom, as a representative of the lower house of the Russian Parliament.

Yury Kalmykov explains the deferral of the request by deputies to the Constitutional Court.


The lobby before the meeting of the Constitutional Court.

Representatives of the President, the State Duma, the Federation Council.


elders perform in the street dhikr (circular round dance with the utterance of prayer).

Armed men in uniform.

Yuri Kalmykov, who officially opposed the use of military force in Chechnya, talks about his meeting with Dzhokhar Dudayev in Grozny.

Explains the reasons for his decision to leave the post of Minister of Justice.

Yuri Kalmykov's photographs of various years.

Yuri Kalmykov talks about his work as the chairman of the Congress of the Kabardian people, as well as the president of the International Circassian Association.

He warns with caution about the consequences of military operations in Chechnya.



Check the cars on the road.

federal troops, armored vehicles.

The peaceful inhabitants of Chechnya; military calls of militants.

The funeral of the deceased child.

The Constitutional Court in Moscow: preparation for the meeting.

Interview with Yuri Baturin, Sergei Shakhrai, Anatoly Lukyanov.

Yuri Kalmykov argues his expectations after the court session.

It tries to predict the situation in Chechnya and the Caucasus as a whole.


Empty hall of the Constitutional Court.


Kalmykov Yury - former Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, a deputy of the State Duma (first convocation).

Calendar: 07/15/1995

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