wait me 03/22/2010 (2010)

Telecast №74749, 1 part, duration: 0:47:47
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Efremov Mihail. Shukshina Mariya.

Reel №1

Igor Kvasha thanked the TV viewers for their support, in connection with the forced absence caused by the deterioration of well-being.

Expresses the hope for a speedy recovery and the resumption of his participation in the filming of the program.


Austria handed over the letters of the Soviet military, which were taken out by the German troops among other trophies after the fascists invaded Ukraine in 1941.

The letters were kept in the museums of Vienna.

Interview with Nadezhda Smolyarchuk.

According to her, more than a thousand letters were handed over to the memorial.

Most of them remained undisclosed and did not have time to register with Soviet mail.

In the studio, the names and addresses of several of them are called:

Epishkin E.N. (Moscow region);

Sukhova Alexandra (Moscow Region);

Noskova A.V. (Moscow region);

Khuziev Muktasim (Estonian SSR);

Hasanova Mastabi (Uzbek SSR);

Shirkov Alvian (Moscow);

Isayev Hasan (Azerbaijan SSR);

Cyclouli S. (Georgia);

Murzich Nikolay (Moscow Region);

Shevchuk Galina (Uzbek SSR);

Potapova AI (Moscow Region);

Uraliev Arpun (Kirghiz SSR);

Zhusov AI (Kirghiz SSR);

Spiak AI (Turkmen SSR);

Halimov G. (Tajik SSR);

Ermolaeva Maria (Kirghiz SSR);

Bukhareva Anisya (Moscow Region);

Chebar Alexander (Moscow region);

Cherpag AG (Moscow region).

In a studio:

Elena at the request of Alexander Ashitkov (born in 1973) is looking for Valentin Mikhnev (presumably 1950-57), mother of Alexander and his brother.

R.Magomedova is looking for Mariam Arslanbekov (born in 1999) from Dagestan.

Mikhail Kuznetsov is looking for relatives of his father - Alexander Kuznetsov (born 1910), his brothers and sisters.

Zakar Sargsian is looking for a friend of student years, who studied together at the Institute of Communications (1983-88) - Oleg Shatilov (born in 1966).

Solopova Tatyana is looking for her daughter Olesya Solopova (born in 1995) from Moscow.

Sister Sergei Morozov is looking for his wife Elena Morozova (born in 1971).



Petersburg: winter landscapes, sights of the city.

Anastasia Melnichenko searches for Anton, whom she met on the train, returning from Arkhangelsk.

Anton was found in the Czech Republic.

City of Prague - streets, a panorama of buildings.

In the studio: meeting Anastasia and Anton, who flew from the Czech Republic, to meet with the girl.

Mikhail Efremov shares the success of the team.

Thanks to the program there were: Valentina Khokhlova, Vasily Cherdintsev, Alyosha Druzik.


Maria Potoky speaks of the disappearance of her son Ivan, who went to work in Moscow from the Transcarpathian region.

Interview with Maria - wife of Ivan.


Builders work on the site of a residential building.

Michael Tupitsa - Ivan's friend, tells how he participated in the search.

Vasily Tricour is a fellow villager.

He sent a request to the program "Wait for me" about helping in the search for Ivan.

Ivan was found by fellow-villagers in Moscow, at the Kiev railway station.

Interview with Ivan.

Native people are looking for:

Hope Pitrovich from Lutsk.

Vladimir Gutsev from Belarus.

Vitaly Seleznev from Moscow.

Artem Kravets.

Ivan Birka from Moldova.

Nikolay Pikalov from the Lipetsk region.

Rusanovsky George from Moldova.

Svetlana Meshkov (disappeared in Moscow).

Roman Grigorenko (disappeared in the Moscow region).


In St.

Petersburg, relatives are looking for Irina Zemchenkova (Kononov).

Interview with her daughter - Catherine.

With Irina's father - Gennady Kononov.

The building of the birth house in St.

Petersburg № 6 - the place of work of Irina.

Interview with the guard Alimzan Malakhov.

Metro station Petrogradskaya St.

Petersburg Metro.

Nelly Varayun - the girlfriend of the missing Irina.

Address of Alexander Zemchenkov - Irina's wife.


On the disappearance of the children of Yaroslav Chepkov and Kenan Mustafafeyli in Bashkortostan.

Interview with Alexei Atimov and Irek Muratov about the course of the investigation.

Chelyabinsk region.

A local resident tells how they found the boy and gave him to the police room.

Vladimir Knyazev on the flight of a child from a local police station.

Interview with Rinat Chernov.

Presentation of the joint project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the program "Wait for me" - "Precinct operation".


Victor Ermakov is looking for his sons.

City of Glazov in Udmurtia.

The building of the Office of Internal Affairs of the city.

Interview with authorized Sergey Kurteev, thanks to which Yuri (a member of the local police department) was found, is one of Victor's sons.

Interview with Viktor Yermakov, who lives in the Volgograd region.

Meeting at the studio of Viktor Yermakov with Sergei.


Smolyarchuk Nadezhda - employee of the memorial complex "National Museum of the History of the Second World War 1941-45". Atimov Aleksey - head of the criminal investigation department of the police department of Iglinsky district. Murat Irek is a senior investigator of the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Knyazev Vladimir - Inspector for the affairs of the juvenile police department of the city of Chelyabinsk region. Chernov Rinat - investigator of the Criminal Investigation Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Kurteev Sergey - district police officer for the city of Glazov.

Calendar: 03/22/2010

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