Serve my Homeland 10/28/2012 (2012)

Telecast №74949, 1 part, duration: 0:26:04
Production: VID
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Anchor:Boris Galkin

Reel №1

Our report: "Every commander learns how to manage people, trains his subordinate and studies himself."

This principle of combat training of the troops of the rear of the armed forces was confirmed in practice during special exercises on the organization of rear support for the groups of aviation, ground forces and the fleet.

Within a week, these units worked out counteraction to enemy subversive and reconnaissance groups.

Sergey Gubanov's report from the inter-service polygon of the South-Eastern Military District and the military base of the Black Sea Fleet in Novorossiysk;

in the plot the deputy minister of defense was removed Dmitry Bulgakov, Chief Technical Specialist of the Spetstekhnika Plant Matvey Kazakov, Head of the Engineering and Technical Department of NPO Politekhnika Igor Zavyrylin, the head of the information center Leonid Dubina, the deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet on material and technical support Andrey Shishkin, the operator of washing machines Olesya Bondarenko.

Focus on the effectiveness of the logistics service.

Our report: in Moscow, the Moscow International Exhibition "Arms and Hunting", which brought together over 200 participants from 20 countries of the world, completed its work.

For the ninth year in a row, the event is of great interest not only to professionals, but also to weapons lovers, since it is the only one in Russia An exhibition where those who are interested in small arms can communicate with manufacturers and get acquainted with the latest samples.

Fragments of the interview: the general designer of the Molot plant Sergei Urzhumtsev, acting general director of the plant Alexander Spirin, technical consultants Pavel Novichkov and Alexander Sidorov, the general director of the manufacturing company "Johann Fanzoj" Daniela Fanzoy.

On a visit to the program director of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Alexander Nikonov.

A report about the exposition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812, comments by the head of the scientific and exposition department of Vladimir Semchenko.

A conversation about the history of the museum, exhibitions and individual exhibits.


Bulgakov D.V. - Army General, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation (since 2008), Hero of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Economics, Member of the Academy of Military Sciences RF, professor of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law and Order, Honored Military Specialist of the Russian Federation. Nikonov A.K. - Candidate of Historical Sciences, Colonel, Director of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Calendar: 09.2012-10.2012

Locations: Volgograd region [773] Krasnodar region [761]

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